Grand Strategy Podcast: Stephen Krasner on the Future of American Global Leadership


One of my favorite guests on our Hoover Institution podcasts is Stephen Krasner, the Graham H. Stuart Chair in International Relations at Stanford and the Chairman of Hoover’s Working Group on Foreign Policy and Grand Strategy. On this show, we discuss America’s role in shaping international order: how we’ve done since World War II, whether our days at the top are coming to a close, and which threats to our preeminence our most acute.

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  1. user_82762 Inactive


    Summing up.

    Scenario #

    1.) China continues its rapid growth and moves into a position of global dominance both financially and militarily.

    2.) China starts to have massive internal political conflict as the Free Market does not synergize with the unFree State.

    3.) China’s growth is unsustainable and the economy experiences a large rapid contraction.

    4.) Both 2 and 3.

    Stay tuned there’s more in store.



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  2. viruscop Member

    Like I said in the past on Ricochet again, again, and again, the radical Islam or whatever that Conservatives obsess over is really nothing compared to China.

    And the best way to combat China is to boost our own economy. The best way for the government to do that is to improve our existing infrastructure (which is not the same thing as engaging in “megaprojects”) through upgrades and modernizations of existing transportation, water, and IT systems.

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