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Keep up the good work, Progressives!


I’ve been watching the Women’s March television coverage this morning with equal parts amusement, irritation, and confusion. I find myself thinking that the rioters of yesterday and this sea of pink “Pussyhats” today are doing more for the Conservative cause than any amount of campaigning ever could.

I personally know (and like) at least a dozen women at the march in Washington and at least twice that many at the march in Indianapolis, and I’ve had many conversations about why they’re attending these marches. The main reason given is that they’re “scared” of Trump, his policies, and his presidency. Many of them seem to believe that we’re only days away from the forced childbearing of “The Handmaid’s Tale”. The actual cause for which these women are marching is amorphous…abortion (or, as Progressives nowadays like to term it, “reproductive rights”), LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, BLM, etc. Basically, they seem to want to send the President and all of us cretins in the red states the message that we’re on the wrong side of history and that we’ll have to peel their abortion implements from their cold, dead hands