The Libertarian Podcast: The Way Forward with Cuba


Regular listeners to The Libertarian podcast are in for a bit of a surprise this week. Professor Epstein hasn’t pulled any punches in past episodes about his unhappiness with President Obama’s foreign policy positions. In this episode, however, Richard is sounding a slightly more optimistic note in regards to American attempts to establish a more open relationship with Cuba. Listen in below (or by subscribing to The Libertarian via iTunes or your favorite podcasting app) and tell us whether you agree in the comments.

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  1. Misthiocracy Member

    I recently read that a recent global survey showed that people in Vietnam have some of the highest regard for the United States of any country on the planet.

    That surprised me a bit.

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  2. Ricochet Inactive

    If real change is to come to Cuba it must come from within. If trade and American tourism is re-established with Cuba it will soon become apparent that the rest of the world has left them behind. When we punish Cuba for being communist the lashes fall upon the backs of the people, not the politboro. Open the doors and let the Cuban people decide. Let America lead by example, not by punitive measures that only build resentment.

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  3. Ricochet Contributor

    Should not you rather prepare to invade Cuba? Get it right this time? No libertarian seems to mind advertising impotence & a continuous foreign policy failure going back to a time so remote, so caveman-like, so prehistorical that Dems fought fights even without sending the IRS to do the dirty work!

    Shall libertarian America’s advertisement be: We’ll fail miserably & help deliver you to awful tyranny, but your grand kids will serve our tourists & love it! & your tyrants will live long & prosper, & that’s the future–the few insane who dare to quarrel with them will die bloody deaths or live to see the champions of morality laugh gaily with the murderers. Say hello to negotiations, say goodby to whatever you have left in you…

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