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More Senate Filibuster Silliness


Lefty Law Professors Want VP Harris to Declare the Filibuster “Unconstitutional”

Give the Left its due. They are relentless. Not just progressive election “reformers,” or “critical theory” proponents. But law professors and legislative strategists are on a never-ending quest to eliminate the single biggest barrier to their legislative utopia – the United States Senate’s filibuster rule.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss even more revelations from the New York nursing home scandal and former Cuomo staffers admitting that working for the governor was like being in a cult. Jim fumes as Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan refuses to accept the Johnson & Johnson vaccines and also because many states and school districts are not keeping track of how many teachers are getting vaccinated. They react to revelations that Barack Obama tried to talk Joe Biden out of running for president in 2020 and they get a kick out of learning the candidate Obama seems to have preferred.

Quote of the Day: That Sense of Freedom


“There are aspects of my life that I can’t get back. But there are things that I can do now. When we were in Martha’s Vineyard this summer, Michelle and I would ride bikes. And now that we have masks on, we could ride through town and people wouldn’t know who we were. It felt pretty close to what I imagined — that sense of freedom, of being able to go wherever you wanted.” – Barack Obama, People Magazine Interview, Dec. 7, 2020

I confess that I subscribed to “People” magazine as part of a free offer from a bookstore and, despite having canceled the subscription, I keep receiving new issues. I usually don’t read beyond the cover, since the cover conveys pretty much all I need to know about who and what People thinks is interesting and important. The most recent issue features Barack Obama in “His Most Revealing Interview!” I actually read this article because of the cover’s claim that “the White House nearly wrecked his marriage.” I have been thinking a lot lately about the portrayal of marriage in literature and in culture, as well as its importance in my own life. But after reading the whole article, I wanted to focus on “that sense of freedom.”

The quote above closes out the article, which emphasizes the modern celebrity magazine’s motto of “Celebrities: They’re Just Like Us!” We’re left with the poignant reflection that what Barack Obama most wants is to reclaim the freedom that his previous anonymity permitted him and his family. Let’s pretend we don’t notice that Barack Obama has just released his third memoir and has encouraged a friendly and fawning cover story on the impact of politics on his personal life, and just appreciate that Obama has found some measure of elusive freedom via the hottest fashion trend of 2020: face masks.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss Attorney General Bill Barr stating there is not enough evidence of fraud to overturn the presidential election and the very different opinion many Trump supporters now have of Barr. They also cringe as Minneapolis reports a 537 percent rise in carjackings compared to this time last year following this year’s riots and anti-police attitudes from local politicians. And they get a kick out of Barack Obama telling progressives that “catchy slogans” are not the path to political progress.

President Trump versus Democrats on Hostage Rescue: They are who we thought they were: Part 3


Ballot boxVote for your life. Vote Trump and every Republican below him on your ballot if you care for safety and the lives of your fellow Americans. That message came through again the last weekend of this momentous election. The contrast is stark between the risk President Trump is willing to take on our behalf and the self-serving risk deferment of Biden and his party, going back to President Clinton or perhaps Carter.  They are who we thought they were; will we let them win anyway?

This weekend was very bad for Islamic terrorists in Africa and very good for an American hostage and all Americans. Our elite hostage rescue forces struck out of the darkness and snatched an American hostage, alive and well, from the dead hands of his captors in Nigeria:

Statement From the President On Last Night’s Hostage Rescue
NATIONAL SECURITY & DEFENSE |  Issued on: October 31, 2020

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the news that Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris is having very little impact on the presidential race. They also roll their eyes as Hillary Clinton suggests to the convention yet again that she really won the election and Barack Obama, of all people, says we need a president who will faithfully defend the Constitution.  And they react to the news that former White House official and Trump 2016 campaign honcho Steve Bannon is under indictment for allegedly defrauding a charity supposedly funding a border wall.

Listen and Believe When Your Enemies Speak


Ballot boxWhen the enemies of our constitutional republic speak, we must listen and believe they intend what their words betray. Accordingly, everyone should read former President Barack Obama’s political speech at the funeral of Congressman John Lewis. Here is the speech in full, with the politically potent leftist agenda bolded. Understand that Barack Obama has no god but himself, but he quotes Scripture as well as Satan. At the height of his rhetorical power, Obama’s tongue is as smooth as the great Serpent’s. Remember that he devoted his entire presidency to dividing and stoking separation between ethnic groups, amplifying grievances at every turn. Make no mistake. This is a campaign speech, aimed at producing socialist rule after the 2020 election. I inject my opinion in square brackets. You read and you decide.

James wrote to the believers, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.”

It is a great honor to be back in Ebenezer Baptist Church, in the pulpit of its greatest pastor, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to pay my respects to perhaps his finest disciple – an American whose faith was tested again and again to produce a man of pure joy and unbreakable perseverance – John Robert Lewis.

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This Tuesday, June 23, 2020, Joe Biden held a virtual fundraiser which featured former President Barack Obama. The event included a discussion or conversation between Biden and Obama and, in that conversation, Obama made an assertion that stunned me. Let me post a video which includes the assertion in question. The video is about 2 […]

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As the country is rocked by the death of Mr. George Floyd and the resulting civil disorder, Dave hears from two people with crucial front row seats.  First, Ricochet Co-Founder Rob Long calls in from New York City to share what he’s seen downtown and what he sees in the country at large. Then, Ricochet Member Duke Powell calls in from Minneapolis to talk about what happened to George Floyd. Mr. Powell has 36 years of EMS experience, and he retired from the same agency that responded to Mr. Floyd on that awful day. Mr. Powell shares with Dave what protocols should have been followed and where he believes events took a fatal turn.

Finally, if you’re listening to Dave’s show, but you’re not a Ricochet member, there is a way you can get a 30 day free trial membership . Tune in to learn more!

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Our Chief Historian Sam Jacobs had the fortunate opportunity to speak with author and former ATF agent, Vincent Cefalu. For those of you that might not know — Vincent Cefalu is best known as the primary whistleblower who exposed Operation Fast and Furious and Project Gunrunner to the American public. Cefalu is a curious figure, […]

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Conservatism & Progress: A Tale of Two Commencement Speeches


If you’re looking to learn rhetoric, I’m your huckleberry. Here’s a comparison of the varieties of rhetoric in American politics–two speeches by men who are and were respectively senators. Each talk is about the same length — seven minutes and change is a short speech — and with the same purpose, apparently, to congratulate and exhort America’s callow youth. Sen. Sasse of Nebraska is first. He gave this speech, which is alright, not very good, the sort of mediocrity we expect in politics and celebrity culture, broadly speaking. He seems to be a good man, wears his successes lightly, and he’s handsome, so it’s likely to go over well:

The Obamagate Reckoning Has Begun


Mollie Hemingway has a great piece up today encouraging journalists to do the right thing. We are still at the beginning of the Obamagate revelations. They have a chance to report it honestly. But the window won’t stay open forever. Soon the historical opportunity to be among the brave truth-tellers of our era will be lost, and anyone who didn’t take it will be left twisting in the wind, their professional reputation in tatters.

It’s not a question of “if” anymore, but “when.”

Roman Genn arrived in America in 1991, fresh after departing his native Soviet Union, where his caricatures resulted in what he refers to as, “many unpleasant encounters with police officials.” He sat down with our own Dave Carter for a freewheeling exchange about life in the US, where his immense talent and sense of mischief have flourished on the cover of National Review and many other publications. The conversation crosses continents and covers everything from the reaction of various public personalities and US presidents to Roman’s art, to his deployments with US Marines to the middle east, and much more. Dave reports that the only thing that caught him off guard was Roman’s irrepressible sense of humor, which caused face cramps on the part of our host from all the laughing.

Ricochet Member Lois Lane was kind enough to drop by and talk about her recent post, “Eating Out in a Restaurant in the Age of COVID-19,” and share her experience as college professor, teaching history and English. It’s a captivating discussion that you’re sure to enjoy.

Warren Wasn’t Sanders Lite™ – She Was Hillary


Barry Goldwater famously said that voters deserve a choice, not an echo. Democrats are getting a stark choice, though an unenviable one: a 78-year-old Democratic Socialist and a relatively fresh-faced 77-year-old Swamp Creature.

Having seen the writing on the wall, Bloomberg, Klobuchar, and Buttigieg dropped out of the race and endorsed Biden. But former Native American Elizabeth Warren was, characteristically, the last one in the room to get the joke. Playing to type, Warren has also refrained from endorsing either of the two remaining candidates.

Maybe she has a plan for that.

The 9th Circuit Sides with Constitution and Trump


We are used to leftist opinions from the often derisively labeled Ninth Circus Court of Appeals. However, President Trump with the support of Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has seized the opportunity to firm up the Supreme Court, making wacky rulings from lower courts more difficult within the rules of the judicial game. He has steadily placed relatively reliable constitutionalist judges in lower courts, including the Ninth Circuit. This is starting to pay off in better decisions, like the latest on Title X funds and abortion. The latest Ninth Circuit decision also reflects the willingness of President Trump to actually uphold the laws passed by Congress, a refreshing change from both parties’ norms. 

Statement from the Press Secretary
LAW & JUSTICE | Issued on: February 25, 2020

President Trump’s commitment to protecting the most vulnerable is unwavering, and we applaud yesterday’s Ninth Circuit decision upholding our Title X regulation. This regulation protects the unborn by ensuring Title X grants are allocated as Congress intended – and not as abortion providers or abortion advocacy organizations would prefer. By law, Title X prohibits grant funds from going to programs where abortion is considered a method of family planning. This ruling upholds the Title X regulation that will ensure compliance with that law. The President and his Administration remain committed to advancing pro-life policies.

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Via Ace of Spades, this headline from the Washington Post is unintentionally hilarious: “It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president.” If it were truly honest, it would say, “It’s time to give the elites back their bigger say in choosing the president.” For a couple of centuries now we’ve been […]

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