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A funny thing happened to America’s libertarian movement – it expected a champion to emerge in the 2016 election; it may or may not have one in Donald Trump. Richard Epstein, the Hoover Institution’s Peter and Kirsten Bedford Senior Fellow and the voice behind “The Libertarian” podcast, grades the Trump presidency from a libertarian vantage.

The Libertarian Podcast with Richard Epstein: “Responding to the ISIS Threat”


This week on The Libertarian podcast, Professor Epstein considers the public policy questions stemming from the San Bernardino attack: do gun control efforts have a new currency after yet another mass shooting? Does the US need to seriously constrict immigration? Did the USA Freedom Act’s restrictions on the collection of metadata leave the country needlessly vulnerable? Find out Richard’s take on those questions and more below or by subscribing to The Libertarian via iTunes.

The Libertarian Podcast, with Richard Epstein: “New York, ExxonMobil, and Global Warming”


New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has issued subpoenas to ExxonMobil because of a suspicion that the company’s internal research on the potential impacts of climate change tells a different story than its public actions. Is this political grandstanding or a legitimate fraud investigation? How can you face legal suspicion over studies that are inherently speculative? Is this the prelude to a prosecutorial offensive against energy companies modeled after the attack on the tobacco industry? Those are just some of the questions Professor Epstein addresses in the latest issue of The Libertarian, available below or when you subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

The Libertarian Podcast, with Richard Epstein: “US Global Leadership and the Refugee Crisis”


How much of the responsibility for the refugee crisis currently roiling Europe falls on the United States? What kind of legal and moral obligations do we have to international populations that have suffered as a result of decisions we have (or haven’t) made? And what lessons ought we to take for American foreign policy from the present chaos in the Middle East? Those are some of the questions I take up with Professor Epstein on this week’s installment of The Libertarian, which you can listen to below or by subscribing to the series via iTunes.

The Libertarian Podcast, with Richard Epstein: “The Uses and Abuses of the Clean Water Act”


I know what you’re thinking: “I’ve just read this terrific Richard Epstein post on the Clean Water Act (see below), but where I can get some sweet Epstein environmental protection podcast action?” Well, friends, look no further. In this episode of The Libertarian podcast we endeavor to give a layman’s explanation of the Clean Water Act and explain how a well-intended law has obstructed genuine environmental protection while snagging innocent landowners in a needless regulatory morass. Listen in below or subscribe to The Libertarian podcast via iTunes so that you never miss an episode.

The Libertarian Podcast, with Richard Epstein: How to Choose a Federal Judge


shutterstock_159118949As a matter of probability, the next president is likely going to get several cracks at Supreme Court appointments. As a matter of certainty, he or she is going to have scores of appointments to make to lower federal courts. All of which raises a question: how exactly do you pick the right person?

In this episode of The Libertarian podcast, Professor Epstein identifies the hallmarks of good and bad judges, considers whether the confirmation process in Washington has become too political, and lays out the structural reforms that he believes could help the federal judiciary. You can take this podcast on the go by subscribing to The Libertarian via iTunes or you can listen in via the embed after the jump.

The Libertarian Podcast: Reforming Higher Education


Hillary Clinton has a plan to make it easier for American kids to get a college education. Richard Epstein thinks it’s nuts.

That’s the point of departure for this week’s discussion on The Libertarian podcast. From there, we discuss the shortcomings of the “everyone should go to college” mindset, debate whether students should take on investors rather than take out loans, and consider whether higher ed is about to face major disruption. As ever, you can subscribe to The Libertarian podcast via iTunes or listen in here after the jump.

The Libertarian Podcast, with Richard Epstein: Coal, Energy, and the Environment


This week, President Obama unveiled his new EPA regulations to combat global warming, a plan that includes mandatory reductions in carbon emissions by the states as well as quotas for the use of renewable energy sources. On this episode of The Libertarian, Professor Epstein looks at both the legal and policy implications of this plan, explains how a classical liberal should approach energy and environmental policy, and warns about the dangers that stem from the growing power of the administrative state.

Want to listen on the go? Subscribe to The Libertarian via iTunes or your favorite podcasting app. Or listen here by using the SoundCloud player after the jump:

The Libertarian Podcast, with Richard Epstein: Uber and Innovation


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio — brace yourself for this one — is trying to make it harder for Uber to do business in the Big Apple. This comes on the heels, of course, of California trying to upend the company’s classification of its drivers as independent contractors and protests from French cabbies who are upset about the competition.

Can innovative companies like Uber overcome the political power of the incumbent companies they’re disrupting? Is it inevitable that even the most dynamic startups will have to eventually assimilate to the culture of lobbyists and rent-seeking? Those are some of the topics I take up with Professor Epstein in this week’s installment of The Libertarian. Listen in below or subscribe to the show via iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

The Libertarian Podcast, with Richard Epstein: “The Iran Deal”


Is President Obama out of his mind? That’s more or less the question that animates this installment of The Libertarian podcast.

In addition to considering the security implications of our diplomatic agreement with Iran, Professor Epstein also digs into the convoluted legal structure: How is it that President Obama can essentially invert the traditional treaty power so that it’s a heavier lift for Congress to reject the deal than for the president to get it passed? And do challenges to that innovation have a chance in court? Find out by listening below or by subscribing to The Libertarian via iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

The Libertarian Podcast: The Supreme Court and Gay Marriage


Still hungry for more razor-sharp constitutional analysis after yesterday’s Law TalkYou’re in luck. We’ve got a double-shot this week, as Professor Epstein also weighs in on the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision in Obergefell v. Hodges in the new episode of The Libertarian. And the conversation here is a little different — for instance, Richard discusses whether Chief Justice Roberts has any discernible judicial philosophy and whether Rand Paul’s suggestion that we get government out of marriage altogether is practical. It’s all available by listening in below or by subscribing to The Libertarian via iTunes or your favorite podcasting app.

The Libertarian Podcast: The Obamacare Decision


If yesterday’s appearance by Richard Epstein on the Ricochet Podcast wasn’t enough for you, we’ve got a special episode of The Libertarian podcast focused entirely on the court’s ruling yesterday in the Obamacare case. We cover some different ground than the boys did on the flagship, scrutinizing the analytical methods of Chief Justice Roberts, looking at the threat to the opinions’ legitimacy coming from Justice Scalia’s dissent, and trying to place this ruling in the broader historical context of modern Supreme Court jurisprudence. You can listen in below or subscribe to The Libertarian through iTunes or your favorite podcast service.

The Libertarian Podcast: The Fight Over Free Trade


In this week’s episode of The Libertarian podcast from the Hoover Institution, I lead our own Richard Epstein through a discussion of the many controversies birthed by the debate over the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Do trade deals put the screws to American workers? Is the quest for fast-track authority another example of presidential overreach? Should the public be worried about the secrecy around the TPP? Does this deal present threats to American sovereignty? All those topics and more will be addressed when you listen to the show below or subscribe to The Libertarian via iTunes.

The Libertarian Podcast: Epstein on Abortion


This week’s installment of The Libertarian podcast is sure to get people talking. Our topic: abortion — specifically the legal challenges being posed to new regulations on the practice being imposed at the state level. Professor Epstein surveys the legal landscape in the aftermath of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, theorizes on possible causes for declining abortion rates, and examines whether a libertarian philosophy ought to naturally incline someone to take up the pro-life or pro-choice causes. Listen in below or subscribe to The Libertarian via iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

The Libertarian Podcast: The Way Forward with Cuba


Regular listeners to The Libertarian podcast are in for a bit of a surprise this week. Professor Epstein hasn’t pulled any punches in past episodes about his unhappiness with President Obama’s foreign policy positions. In this episode, however, Richard is sounding a slightly more optimistic note in regards to American attempts to establish a more open relationship with Cuba. Listen in below (or by subscribing to The Libertarian via iTunes or your favorite podcasting app) and tell us whether you agree in the comments.

The Libertarian Podcast: Uber, Lyft, and the Future of Independent Contractors


The left, increasingly unwilling to tolerate any social arrangements not tailored to the exact specifications of the state, has recently set its sights on dramatically narrowing businesses’ abilities to classify workers as independent contractors. In this week’s episode of The Libertarian Podcast, Professor Epstein looks at how a pair of California lawsuits against car services Uber and Lyft are advancing that goal — and what it might mean for the broader economy. Come for the legal and economic analysis, stay to hear Richard try his hardest to restrain his contempt at the mention of Robert Reich’s name.

The Libertarian Podcast: Understanding Property Rights


In the latest installment of The Libertarian podcast, Professor Epstein takes us through a thorough consideration of the issue of property rights: how the Founders thought about them, when the courts started distorting them, and what can be done to restore them to reasonable strength. Take a listen: