Young Professional Athlete’s Reaction to Vaccine


I watched the following video posted by Kyle Warner, a professional mountain bike racer from Utah who has won numerous races and awards. He is obviously very physically fit, and displays a very positive outlook and spirit. He makes his living in the racing world, as well as providing instruction through online videos. He describes, in the following video, not feeling right after the second COVID vaccination injection. About two weeks after, he began to experience heart issues that sent him to the emergency room. The doctor on staff told him he was not having heart issues, but an anxiety attack. He was made to sit in the waiting room for several hours and also told to make an appointment with a psychiatrist.

He left, and continued to have the same heart issues, along with other symptoms that he did not have before, such as arthritic pain.  He is 29 years old.  He was in a grocery store when he had another episode and went to a different hospital, where he was indeed diagnosed with myocarditis.  This is one reaction that has been reported by many.  He decided to get the vaccine in order to be able to travel, both domestically and internationally to compete, and now he struggles with an escalating heart rate with little movement, arthritic-like pain concentrated on past injury areas, and has had to stop competing for now.  Interestingly, he was given Ivermectin, one of the anti-viral drugs that have been discouraged by the medical profession due to pressure from the CDC, and the government. He said that medicine brought his symptoms down almost immediately.


When he shared his story online, others shared their stories, with some remedies that have helped them, which he has tried and he talks about.  He remains positive, amazingly, and is trying to regain his health and life back.  The Biden administration’s vaccine mandates have caused many to lose their employment, including front-line workers in law enforcement, the medical profession, border patrol, and pressure on large companies to demand vaccination.  My sister-in-law, a home healthcare nurse, was encouraged, but declined the shot. It was still an option.  It’s been two years since COVID hit the world, and she has remained healthy, even while treating COVID patients. She is tested weekly and there have been no issues. Now they have to be vaccinated – no longer a choice.

I write this because people are being forced to do something they do not want to do with their own bodies.  The side effects are not being tracked, alternative thought and certain medications have been withheld in some cases, and never before has any drug been ordered by any government, especially in a free society, under these conditions.  The side effects are not fully known, but they are coming to light.  Yet, these drug companies are not held responsible if someone has a reaction.  You cannot sue, like with other medications that have caused reactions, and have even been removed from the market, due to even less side effects.

Tracking and health passes are another story that carries as much concern as these adverse reactions that are going un-reported or banned.  Those who have had COVID, and now carry natural immunity, are also being forced to get the shot in some circumstances. This information is all the more troubling now that the new goal is to inoculate children, who hold the lowest risk of all.  It’s a terrible virus, and the treatments that have been discovered to work, are not being given priority.  The U.K. has even had success with a COVID pill that is given as treatment.

It is beyond bizarre when we hear world leaders say that the only way we can feel “safe” is for the entire world to be inoculated. Most people are not anti-vaxxers, a stupid label that has been slapped on those who question this particular vaccine, and this false label has caused division in our country and the world.  Most have received many vaccines throughout their lives, including starting at the grade-school level.   We should be able to talk about this and have a national, civil discussion on any forum without censorship, and a reliable side-effects tracking system should be in place by now.

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  1. Front Seat Cat Member
    Front Seat Cat

    DrewInWisconsin, Oaf (View Comment):

    Front Seat Cat (View Comment):

    UPDATE: 11-9-21 The WH is telling companies to ignore the courts and continue with his mandate:

    We need a critical mass of companies to tell the White House to pound sand.

    This White House is deliberately destroying the country and harming the people, physically, economically, materially, and psychologically. No matter how unpopular it is they forge ahead. A million dollars each for immigrant families? That’s sure to anger every citizen, but nope, China Joe says he’s all on board. Shutting down more pipelines up north just when we need heating oil for the winter? Who cares if people can’t afford to heat their homes and they freeze to death. China Joe says shut ‘er down!

    Systematic destruction of the country. Even China Joe isn’t so stupid. So obviously whoever is actually running the country wants every left-wing wish granted regardless of what the citizens thinks, and whoever it is knows they’ll never face consequences.

    He’s getting his marching orders from Klaus Schwab – the Great Reset is the blueprint.

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  2. DrewInWisconsin, Oaf Member
    DrewInWisconsin, Oaf

    Front Seat Cat (View Comment):

    He’s getting his marching orders from Klaus Schwab – the Great Reset is the blueprint.

    They’ve renamed it to “The Great Narrative,” by the way.

    Let’s all go to Dubai this weekend and find out what the global .0001% have planned for us.

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  3. Skyler Coolidge

    Front Seat Cat (View Comment):

    UPDATE: 11-9-21 The WH is telling companies to ignore the courts and continue with his mandate:


    It will work.  The contractors know which side their bread is buttered on.  The court can’t stop them from acting on their own to do this, and the government will skew contracts to those who toe the line.

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