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With the Stroke of a Pen


The Attorney General of the United States just declared that 40 million firearms must be either

  1. Registered
  2. Altered
  3. Destroyed
  4. Or Surrendered

…to the Federal Government. Frankly, I am shocked that I am the first writing about it on Ricochet.

Young Professional Athlete’s Reaction to Vaccine


I watched the following video posted by Kyle Warner, a professional mountain bike racer from Utah who has won numerous races and awards. He is obviously very physically fit, and displays a very positive outlook and spirit. He makes his living in the racing world, as well as providing instruction through online videos. He describes, in the following video, not feeling right after the second COVID vaccination injection. About two weeks after, he began to experience heart issues that sent him to the emergency room. The doctor on staff told him he was not having heart issues, but an anxiety attack. He was made to sit in the waiting room for several hours and also told to make an appointment with a psychiatrist.

He left, and continued to have the same heart issues, along with other symptoms that he did not have before, such as arthritic pain.  He is 29 years old.  He was in a grocery store when he had another episode and went to a different hospital, where he was indeed diagnosed with myocarditis.  This is one reaction that has been reported by many.  He decided to get the vaccine in order to be able to travel, both domestically and internationally to compete, and now he struggles with an escalating heart rate with little movement, arthritic-like pain concentrated on past injury areas, and has had to stop competing for now.  Interestingly, he was given Ivermectin, one of the anti-viral drugs that have been discouraged by the medical profession due to pressure from the CDC, and the government. He said that medicine brought his symptoms down almost immediately.

Member Post


In about a month, I will be unable to board a commercial aircraft or enter a federal facility (except to obtain entitlement benefits). Why? Because my Pennsylvania driver’s license is not in compliance with the federal Real ID Act. The latter is an(other) expensive, unfunded mandate foisted on the states by our overlords in Washington. […]

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