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Two Must-Reads: Politics at Health Agencies and the Emerging Democratic Train Wreck


Remember when the Democratic partisans and the media (but I repeat myself) complained that President Trump and his Administration were politicizing important health agencies, like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Good times!

“’I’ve been following health regulatory decisions for decades and have never seen this amount of White House arm twisting to force agencies like FDA and CDC to make decisions based on political pressure, rather than the best science,’” said Jerome Avorn, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, who decried the ‘routine policy distortions we now see nearly every week,’” exclaimed in an August 2020 op-ed in the Washington Post (also appearing in other newspapers) during the Covid pandemic.

Then there’s Dr. Richard Besser, a former CDC director who now is CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in New Jersey. Here’s what he told the taxpayer-funded Public Broadcasting System (PBS) “News Hour” two years ago (July 14, 2020):

Join Greg and Ricochet.com Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel as they welcome fundraising and polling news that significantly contradicts the idea that overturning Roe v. Wade will move midterm momentum to the Democrats. They also shudder at reports the CDC as tracking our movements through our cell phones to make sure we were complying with lockdown orders. And they take aim at the Lincoln Project and others who pretended to be conservatives for many years but are now supposedly appalled at the idea of Roe being struck down. Of course it’s all just part of their ongoing efforts to fleece liberal donors in the name of opposing the political right.

Join Jim and Greg as they implore Missouri primary voters to pick another Republican as more allegations of abuse emerge about Senate candidate Eric Greitens. They also grimace as Vice President Harris offers up another nonsensical word salad in public comments. And the CDC retroactively changes COVID death totals, reducing the total for children by 24%.


CDC: Healthy Lifestyle No Substitute For Booster Shot


CDC director Rochelle Wallensky announced today that when it comes to reducing the threat from COVID-19, exercise, a well-rounded diet rich in nutrients and a generally healthy lifestyle are no substitutes for receiving a vaccine booster every seven months.

“So by all means avoid direct sunlight, runny eggs and more than one alcoholic beverage per day” said the CDC director, “but the main thing is to get that BioNTech in your arm like it’s going out of style.”

Wallensky backed up her claim by citing the nation’s chief immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci who, in turn, cited the same CDC press release issued by Wallensky. Wallensky further elaborated that “The science has spoken – directly to Dr. Fauci” as the latter stood behind her waving his doctorate.

Young Professional Athlete’s Reaction to Vaccine


I watched the following video posted by Kyle Warner, a professional mountain bike racer from Utah who has won numerous races and awards. He is obviously very physically fit, and displays a very positive outlook and spirit. He makes his living in the racing world, as well as providing instruction through online videos. He describes, in the following video, not feeling right after the second COVID vaccination injection. About two weeks after, he began to experience heart issues that sent him to the emergency room. The doctor on staff told him he was not having heart issues, but an anxiety attack. He was made to sit in the waiting room for several hours and also told to make an appointment with a psychiatrist.

He left, and continued to have the same heart issues, along with other symptoms that he did not have before, such as arthritic pain.  He is 29 years old.  He was in a grocery store when he had another episode and went to a different hospital, where he was indeed diagnosed with myocarditis.  This is one reaction that has been reported by many.  He decided to get the vaccine in order to be able to travel, both domestically and internationally to compete, and now he struggles with an escalating heart rate with little movement, arthritic-like pain concentrated on past injury areas, and has had to stop competing for now.  Interestingly, he was given Ivermectin, one of the anti-viral drugs that have been discouraged by the medical profession due to pressure from the CDC, and the government. He said that medicine brought his symptoms down almost immediately.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer on the resolve of Taiwan’s president and people in the face of growing Chinese threats. They also have questions as Attorney General Merrick Garland announces the FBI will start investigating alleged threats made against school officials in highly charged debates around the country. And they sigh as Dr. Fauci gives contradictory answers on whether he recommends people visit with family over the holidays and the CDC comes out with absurd guidelines for celebrating Thanksgiving.


Peter’s out this week, so it’s a Lileks and Long show. But we wouldn’t want to be without a Hoover man. Our guest is Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, whose decades of service in the Middle East make him the perfect man to help us make what little sense we can of the hurried withdrawal from Afghanistan. (And be sure to check out his piece in the Wall Street Journal.) The guys also wonder about what will come of Andrew Cuomo, the “probably-illegal-but who-knows?” eviction moratorium and the overall lunacy of bureaucrats.

Music from this week’s podcast: Lost Cause by Beck

Join Jim and Greg cheer Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for giving parents the power to decide whether their kids will wear masks to school in the coming weeks and shudder as Washington, D.C, allows kids as young as 11 years old to make a decision on getting the vaccine without telling their parents. They also fire back as CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky admits there is discussion in the Biden administration about issuing a federal mandate to vaccine all Americans. And they chronicle the obvious mask mandate hypocrisy of D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the bravery of people in Hong Kong publicly booing the Chinese national anthem, which can now land you in big trouble under Chinese control. They also turn a scrutinizing eye on the latest leaks from the CDC that supposedly suggest the Delta variant is much worse than previously thought. And they’re not exactly surprised that the federal government – and government at other levels – has botched a program designed to provide rent relief.

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Federalist Staff Writer Jordan Davidson joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s flip-flop on masks, the Biden administration’s endorsement of the new guidelines, and how fed-up Americans are pushing back.

Join Jim and Greg as they credit Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for tapping the brakes on the effort of Senate Dems to ram through $3.5 trillion in lefty spending priorities without any GOP votes. They also shake their heads as American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten says she will try to get schools open in the fall while adding the new CDC mask guidelines still make her concerned about teacher safety in the classroom. And they throw up their hands as a lot of Senate Republicans vote to advance an infrastructure bill that spends less than a tenth of the price tag on roads and bridges.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the great story of an Iranian defector dedicating his silver medal to Israel. They also fume as the CDC and the Biden administration force vaccinated people to wear masks again. And they slam President Biden for nominating someone who doesn’t believe in prosecuting drug dealers and other crimes to be a federal prosecutor.

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Who doesn’t remember the public reactions some 13 months ago as mask mandates were imposed in response to the then-raging Coronavirus pandemic? It was a reversal of course. Dr. Anthony Fauci and others demanded, even ridiculed people not to wear masks. Then they changed their minds. Preview Open

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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the CDC finally telling vaccinated people they can stop with all the restrictions – a decision millions of Americans had already made. They also hammer President Biden for tweeting out people have to get vaccinated or stay masked and react to the “trust the science” crowd suddenly very mad at the scientists. And they discuss the implications of cyberterrorists attacking the Colonial Pipeline and Colonial agreeing to pay the $5 million ransom to restart operations.

The CDC Is a Dangerous Group of Idiots


Many of us have thought that the risk of outdoor transmission of COVID have been wildly exaggerated. Thus, we’ve been skeptical of the mask madness. Now there is a huge oops.

The New York Times is reporting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was relying on a faulty study in declaring a 10 percent chance of the transmission of Covid-19 outdoors. After using the “miscalculation” to support outdoor mask mandates for over 300 million Americans, the CDC now says that it is more like one percent. It is astonishing that such a key and controversial component of our Covid policies was not just based on a miscalculation but never actively questioned or reexamined to discover the error……..

Eviction Moratorium Bends Both Facts and Law


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that it “works 24/7 to protect America from health, safety, and security threats, both foreign and in the US.” But as with other government agencies with ambitious missions, it’s not always clear whether its legitimate ends justify its choice of means. This came into stark relief last week in Alabama Association of Realtors v. HHS, in which District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich held that the CDC exceeded its statutory authority by ordering a nationwide moratorium against all evictions from residential rental properties. The Justice Department promptly announced that it would appeal her decision because “scientific evidence shows that evictions exacerbate the spread of COVID-19 . . . and the harm to the public that would result from unchecked evictions cannot be undone.”

The saga began in March 2020, when Congress passed the CARES Act at the start of the COVID pandemic. That act included a 120-day ban on evictions for the nonpayment of rent by tenants who lived in federally subsidized housing. When that prohibition expired, the CDC, acting on its own authority, extended its new “halt order” through December 31, 2020, expanding coverage to those not housed in federally financed properties. These parties were protected so long as they met at least one of several generous tests, including an anticipated income of less than $99,000, a decline in income, or a substantial loss of household income or wages and salaries. Criminal penalties for violation of the halt order could reach $100,000 if the eviction didn’t result in death, and $250,000 if it did.

The moratorium did not release tenants from obligations under the lease, but instead allowed landlords to recoup their losses, but only after the moratorium expired by “charging or collecting of fees, penalties, or interest” for nonpayment of rent. When that second moratorium expired, Congress promptly extended it for another month, until January 31, on the same terms. It wasn’t until its next expiration on February 1 that the CDC again relied on its own statutory authority to extend the moratorium further.

Jim and Greg discuss Glenn Youngkin winning the GOP nomination for governor in Virginia and whether the GOP can still win there. They also react to gas stations along the east coast running out of fuel due to the Colonial Pipeline shutdown and the weak response from the White House. And they throw up their hands as the New York Times points out what many knew intuitively – that outdoor transmission of COVID is extremely unlikely. So was the CDC very wrong or hiding the truth?

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three crazy martinis! First, they shake their heads as Charlie Crist runs for governor in Florida for the third time, the second time as a Democrat. They also unload on the CDC’s absurd mask and distancing guidelines for outdoor summer camps for kids. And they react to Facebook’s convoluted decision to keep Donald Trump off its platform.

Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy watching the Dems’ case for killing the filibuster wither away. They also discuss the House GOP fight over Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney and the impact it’s having on the party. And they shake their heads as Brookline, Massachusetts, insists on requiring masks outside despite he CDC easing those restrictions.

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Initial statement of my relevant biases: I instinctively react negatively when authorities tell me what to do. I find masks extremely uncomfortable and highly disruptive to my ability to communicate with other people. I believe widespread use of masks and other physical barriers between people and mandatory physical distancing between people have caused enormous damage […]

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