Life is for living.


During this pandemic, I feel like a willing subset of people forgot how life is supposed to work.

You are supposed to LIVE…every single second.

You are supposed to wake up and appreciate that very act. Go outside, breathe fresh air, and thank God for another day.

You are supposed to appreciate good food. Appreciate that smell from a freshly cooked meal. Go to restaurants and sit and wait. Fast food isn’t food, it’s an excuse to hurry more.

You are supposed to meet new people, talk to people, appreciate cultures. Texting has taken our ability away to pay attention to what’s important. How are we supposed to know what’s really important if the face is buried in a phone? How do we know what’s hateful, racist, xenophobic, or any of the other boogeyman buzzwords when you don’t TALK to people, or understand the story? That’s where the media can insert themselves.

You are supposed to take care of the one body God gave you. Get a good sweat, work out, learn to breathe properly.

You are supposed to read, learn, absorb information. What is real and what is fake? How does anyone know when we’re on Twitter listening to someone tell us what is real or fake. Either side will say the other is fake.

We’re not meant to lock down, but a huge subset listened willingly. They listened to the idea of “you will die if you don’t stay in, if you don’t stay six feet away”. The same people that said stay six feet from one another also said you can go into places as long as your temperature isn’t 100.4, as if 100.3 is perfectly fine.

Yes, COVID can do damage, but it’s nowhere close to even five percent. A lot more are suffering from depression and are suicidal from being locked down. That’s giving way too much power to the wrong individuals who won’t willingly give it back.

It’s time to make your choice on how you handle your life, and I hope you choose to live your life. One thing though. If you do get it, and are sick, quit saying “I should have done this or that, gotten the vaccine, etc…” No, own your choice. If we are one of the unlucky people to catch this, then let’s own it and know we lived every minute, no matter what.

That’s the only way we’re going to survive this.

Our rules, our lives, our freedom.

Not theirs.

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  1. Douglas Pratt Coolidge
    Douglas Pratt

    Hear, hear!


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  2. Henry Racette Member
    Henry Racette

    We will all enjoy a permanent six foot separation when we’re on the other side of the grass. A lot of people seem to see a virtue in practicing for the long sleep now.

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  3. CarolJoy, Not So Easy To Kill Coolidge
    CarolJoy, Not So Easy To Kill

    Interesting you posted this.

    I am sitting here streaming “COVIDLAND” a film montage of all the many reprehensible totally man-made creations occuring during the COVID charade. One of the tragic and inhumane  aspects of the COVID charade  includes the imprisonment of the dying, who once hospitalized simply and i9n a draconian fashion, were no longer allowed to be taken home by their families -even when they have only 3 or 4 days to live. (How dumb is that – if you are dying, does it matter if you become infected with COVID by your family members?)

    My 89 yr old and very dear friend Ivenka died somehow or other, last year after she made it clear to me that her caregivers were abusing her.

    The strict quarantine LA was under last Spring, 2020, meant I could not visit to help her out.

    So when the above film began to detail specific stories of the elderly dying from loneliness, dying despite the requests of family to release the individual from the “protective quarantine” I felt a sense of release.

    It was astounding to hear one bereaved relative describe how the nursing homes and hospitals are “making bank” out of this imprisonment. Over 3.5 billion dollars was tucked into the original CARES Act, so that the nursing home clinic operators and administrators were monetarily incentivized to “protect” the elderly in their care. These poor elderly clients were “protected” right into their graves.

    (BTW “COVIDLAND” is a film produced by Alex Jones, but he only makes the introduction. All of the film footage is of people other than Alex.)

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