Civil Rights Attorney and Legal Analyst
Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell joins Larry O’Connor to discuss his concerns over the charges levied in the Derek Chauvin case, how the jury will approach the trial, the strategies for the prosecution and the defense, plus how the public will react after being riled up by Ben Crump and Al Sharpton.

Robert J. Contee III
DC Police Chief
The carjacking-turned-homicide of an uber eats driver in Washington DC at the hands of two teenage girls became a shocking, national story. The DC Police Chief joins us to discuss the rising crime rates in Washington.

Surgeon and Public Health Policy Expert at Johns Hopkins University
What’s the truth behind a “Vaccine Passport” and how close are we to “Herd Immunity” so the passports won’t even be needed? Dr. Makary answers may surprise you. Spoiler: We’re closer to “normal” than the government and media would have you believe. Dr. Makary is a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health.. he knows what he’s talking about.

Trial Attorney & Founder of The Center For American Liberty
From a legal perspective, how dangerous is the idea of a “Vaccine Passport” and what will the eventual legal battles with the government and corporations who move to impose this policy look like?

Host of SPicer & Co. on Newsmax
The former White House Press Secretary comments on Joe Biden’s first formal press conference. How did the President do? How did the media do?

Rev. Andy Bales
President & CEO of Union Rescue Mission
The homeless crisis in California has gotten exponentially worse and government solutions aren’t helping. Rev. Bales discusses how his mission is addressing the problem and the problem with government solutions.

CEO, Young Americas Foundation
Governor Walker joins the podcast to discuss his new initiative at YAF, The Long Game. A strategy to go on offense to inspire young conservatives on college campuses to not only resist leftist ideology but to confirm and promulgate conservative values to win the debate in America.

Manhattan Institute
Author: The War on Cops
MacDonald discusses the recent shootings in Atlanta and Boulder and the rush to judgment by the media and liberal activists.

Fox News Host
Friend of the show Shannon Bream stops by to talk with larry about her brand new book THE WOMEN OF THE BIBLE SPEAK: The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today.  From the shepherdesses of ancient Israel who helped raise the future leaders of the people of God, to the courageous early Christians, the narrative of the Bible offers us many vivid and fascinating female characters. In their lives we can see common struggles to resist bitterness, despair, and pride, and to instead find their true selves in faith, hope, and love. In studying these heroes of the faith, we can find wisdom and warnings for how to better navigate our own faith journeys.

Center for Immigration Studies
The latest on the growing crisis at the border and how President Biden’s strategy to undo every Trump immigration policy led to this debacle.

Candidate for California Governor
As the recall effort for Gavin Newsom reaches its first milestone with apparently more than enough petition signatures to qualify for a special recall election, John Cox makes his case for why he should be elected to replace the politically vulnerable Democrat.

The Federalist / Real Clear Investigations
Hemingway dissects and discusses the erroneous Washington Post article that misquoted and misreported a phone call between President Trump and a Georgia election official.

Chairman, National Guard Association of the US
Gen. McGuire thinks it’s time for the national guard to come home from their Washington DC deployment. He explains to Larry O’Connor that he thinks the mission is no longer legal and he questions the current directives from Congress for their indefinite deployment. 

Exec. Dir. Center for Immigration Studies
The crisis at the border and Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary’s mixed messages to migrants and children. 

Election Transparency Initiative
The former Attorney General of Virginia and former Homeland Security official is now the Executive Director of the Election Transparency Institute. The organization has been formed by the Susan B. Anthony List and the American Principles Project for the specific goal to end HR 1 and further the goal of reforming and solidifying sound and fair election laws and oppose groups who look to undermine them.

Director of Policy Studies, Center for Immigration Studies
We continue our examination of the border crisis and the out-of-control influx of illegal alien crossings including the plight of thousands of unaccompanied minors.

Senior Writer, Washington Examiner
From McIntyre’s Daily on Defense at Washington Examiner: SOUNDING THE ALARM ON CHINA: As Adm. Philip Davidson wraps up his time as head of the U.S. Indo-Pacific command, he has a singular focus on what he sees as “the greatest danger the United States and our allies face in the region,” namely the erosion of U.S. military power in the Pacific, and the threat of an undeterred China bent on remaking the region in its favor.

Center for Immigration Studies
Bensman reports from Texas where the Biden Border Crisis is reaching emergency status and Gov. Greg Abbott has called in the Texas National Guard to help control the flow of thousands of illegal alien migrants flooding the border as a result of President Biden’s relaxing of immigration enforcement.

Rep. Mike Garcia:  “To me in my opinion, and I mean this as gracefully and tactfully as I can, I think we are seeing nationally one of the most grievous examples of elderly abuse in our nation. This president is not fit for office.  I don’t really believe he understands what he’s doing” 

Representing California’s 25th congressional district.
Rep. Garcia comments on the ongoing fencing and military presence in Washington DC, the $2 trillion spending bill and how little of it has nothing to do with covid-19, and he has remarkably candid remarks regarding President Joe Biden’s current mental capacity and ability to perform the duties of his office.

American Enterprise Institute, Author: The War on Cops
Heather MacDonald breaks down the “George Floyd” legislation that just passed the House of Representatives and what it would mean, if enacted, for law enforcement in America. 

Alliance Defending Freedom
Kristen Waggoner talks about today’s 8-1 decision in the Supreme Court for her client, a college student who w2as punished for handing out Christian pamphlets on a college campus in Georgia. 

Larry breaks down the Biden Administration’s policies regarding unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border and the Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli’s report that the detention centers will now be labeled: “Reception Centers”

Fox News Senior Meteorologist
Janice Dean discusses the latest revelations in the ongoing saga of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his deadly mismanagement of the Coronavirus pandemic in New York and the growing pressure connected to the sexual harassment allegations against him. 

The Transformer Man of Georgetown!

Dr. Newton Howard wanted to bring joy to the children of his Georgetown neighborhood so he brought two of his hand-made specialty statues of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime from the hit film series Transformers.  That kind gesture has turned into neighborhood drama as MSNBC journalist and son of the late Tim Russert, Luke Russert has declared the statues to be an eyesore and is fighting to have them removed. 

Congressman from California’s 22nd District
Nunes reveals that Speaker Nancy Pelosi still has not agreed to the partisan make-up and divide of the House Select Committee on Intelligence. Nunes also has choice critiques of the current legislative agenda in the House and the continued presence of the military and razor-wired fencing in the nation’s capital. 

Federalist, Fox News
Hemingway compares and contrasts the media’s coverage of sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the much less credible, uncorroborated and unverified charges made against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Spicer & Co., 
Spicer gives his prediction on what Donald Trump’s speech might include at CPAC this Sunday (and he should know). He also discusses the series of religious liberty segments he’s featuring on his Newsmax show this week. 

Independent Women’s Forum
Stepman provides in-depth analysis of the “Equality Act” and how the deference to transgender rights will infringe on women’s rights.

Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Makary’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today offers optimism and hope for those suffering under the covid-19 lockdowns. His opinion is that we are nearing herd immunity should be in a “normal” place by April, despite public announcements from elected officials to the contrary. So, why aren’t we hearing this from public policy professionals? Makary explains the politics behind it all. 

Maryland Congressman
Rep. Harris, also a medical doctor, offers his opinion on the two-dose versus one-dose vaccination policies and explains why he has asked Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to prioritize the one-dose vaccine for the widest reach policy in the state. Harris also comments on the ongoing military presence in Washington DC and calls on Speaker Pelosi to reveal the information she claims to have of an imminent threat that justifies the current use of the national guard.

Former San Diego Mayor is California Dreaming about replacing Gavin Newsom as the next governor of the Golden State. 
Who’s (or what’s) really to blame for the catastrophic power crisis in Texas?

Former Mayor of San Diego and Candidate for Governor of California
As the recall effort of Governor Gavin Newsom in California gains insurmountable momentum, the potential candidates vying to replace the embattled Democrat are beginning their campaigns in earnest. Falconer, the former mayor of San Diego, has catapulted to the lead of the current candidates and he joins Larry O’Connor today to make the case against Newsom and for his own record and vision for the Golden State.

Remembering Rush

A special podcast dedicated to the legacy and impact of America’s greatest radio broadcaster, Rush Limbaugh.


Fox News’ Janice Dean brings the heat against Andrew Cuomo and CNN’s neglect in the way they covered (or didn’t cover) the New York governor’s conduct during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rep. Waltz calls for US boycott of 2022 Olympics in Beijing
Mike Netter, the man who leads the effort to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom

Congressman from Florida