Naked Shorts and Other Suspicious Things

Something smells out on the street – and we’re talking Wall Street.

While others dismiss it, there’s something rotten going on around the merger of Torchlight Energy Resources and MetaMaterials and the short selling of stock shares that were never meant to hit the market. Investment houses such as Fidelity and Black Rock walked away whole while thousands of ordinary investors got hosed.

Dennis Kneale takes you on a deep dive into the story as we talk to those leading the charge to right the wrongs – including former Torchlight CEO John Brda.

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Published in: Business, Finance

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  1. RickLeur Member

    Dennis, that was a great episode with John Brda covering the MMTLP fiasco. I appreciate you helping spread the word. Would love to see another in the future on MMTLP to check our progress unraveling the mysteries of who the actual players were shorting, who signed paperwork to allow MMTLP to trade, and if regulators are FINALLY doing something about the situation they themselves created. 

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  2. EJHill Staff

    @rickleur  Welcome to Ricochet! We’d love to hear more from you on this topic and anything else you’re interested in!

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