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On this episode of Take Back Our Schools, Beth and Andrew welcome Ramona Bessinger, a teacher who bravely spoke out about the racialized curriculum in her school district. Ramona talks about what prompted her to speak up and the push back she got from her school, other teachers, parents and students. She discusses the article she wrote for Legal Insurrection exposing her school’s divisive CRT based curriculum and the retaliation she received for writing it. Ramona also shares her views on why it is so difficult for other teachers to come forward and oppose the ideological takeover of our nation’s schools.

Ramona Bessinger is a 23-year veteran public school teacher, currently teaching English at Classical High School in Providence, RI. Ramona has extensive experience developing curriculum and has served as a school base model classroom. As a teacher of American Literature, World Literature, Multicultural Literature, Ramona brings a diverse understanding of English instruction for K-12 learners. Ramona is also a mother, patriot and active in restoring truthful pro-American K-12 Education and Curriculum Standards for all children.

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  1. Blondie Thatcher

    I appreciate this podcast so much. I don’t have kids, but this stuff worries me. I am always talking to my siblings and in-laws with kids to please be active in my nieces’ and nephews’ education. 

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