This episode features the address Steve Hayward delivered this week to the Friends of Ronald Reagan at the California Club in Los Angeles, reflecting back on how Reagan weathered two tough mid-term elections and what lessons it might hold for Trump and Republicans this November. Dennis Quaid, who has signed recently to star as Reagan in an upcoming biopic, was in the audience, which prompted some conversation about one of Quaid’s early breakout roles in “Breaking Away” (1979). No refund if you don’t like this episode!

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  1. Goldwaterwoman Thatcher

    Love his speech!  Those of you who often refer to the sainted Reagan would do  well to listen to Hayward’s words.

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  2. MattSchoenfeldt Inactive

    Enjoyed the use of light hearted quotes to get your points across. I posted a few weeks back on the members forum about new sites I use a lot and I referred to Powerline as “Ricochet’s own Powerline” and was ‘corrected’ fairly impolitely by a longtime Powerline reader. Guess all is fair with live wires and yes I concede the other member was technically correct, though really glad to see the Powerline podcast as a Ricochet podcast. Thanks to Ricochet I was able to attend the AEI podcast summit prior to shipping out to South Korea and even had the good fortune of sharing a table with you for an afternoon. Keep up the good work.

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  3. Tedley Member

    Loved this episode!  Always like hearing the historical details that don’t adhere to what we all expect. 

    For @mattschoenfeldt, where will you be stationed?  I was in Yongsan Garrison in the early 2000s.  From what I’ve seen, it looks like many commands should be at the new hubs in Osan/Pyeongtaek and Daegu. 

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  4. MattSchoenfeldt Inactive

    @tedley stationed at Camp Humphreys, the base has grown massively because the move of 8A down here and USFK. Spend time bouncing up to Osan too, to meet with our Air Force friends to talk targeting. Thank you for listening and do please share.

    We are preparing a show where I recount some of my ‘war stories’ from Iraq. Next week we have an Electronic Warfare Warrent Officer lined up, then will record the tactical ground combat shie. Outlining some engagements now. Some of these stories have not even told family. 

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