Woke SciFi Group Eating Their Own


Mercedes Lackey

Most on the Right know that as the Woke have driven the knuckle-dragging wrong-thinkers from their precious institutions, eventually they would turn on the only ones remaining to harangue — themselves.

To whit, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) this past week turned on one of the most reliably liberal and accepting members, who had just received the prestigious award of Grand Master status at their Nebulas convention, and kicked her, and her husband who wasn’t even present, out of the convention.

A Genteel Barbarian?


“If I had it to do over again, I’d study philosophy and play drums in a rock band.” 

That phrase, rolled so trippingly off my tongue over several decades, has been doing so with greater frequency in recent years while serving as a sort of mental ejection button. Feeling stressed at the entirely preventable catastrophes unfolding across the country? Me too. Working a soul-sucking job that you positively dread? What a coincidence!  Feeling bogged down in, …well, you get the idea. 

That’s when the mind takes a vacation to distant places and circumstances, some of which are attainable and some of which are the stuff of pipe dreams. Like settling down to play drums in a thunderous rock band and studying philosophy, for example. After all, ear-splitting iconoclasm mixed with cerebral contemplation might be an entertaining and fun mix, but there is some real cognitive dissonance there, no?  

Are We Caving in to the Mob–or Not?


Last week I was delighted to hear that Charles Negy, an Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida won his job back in an arbitration battle with the university, including back pay and benefits. His “crime?” A tweet he posted about African Americans:

Sincere question: If Afr. Americans as a group, had the same behavioral profile as Asian Americans (on average, performing the best academically, having the highest income, committing the lowest crime, etc.), would we still be proclaiming ‘systematic racism’ exists?

As a result, he became the subject of a petition signed by 28,000 people, and 300 people were interviewed for the university’s investigation, yet the arbitrator made the following points:

Old Cars and Old Men


In 1956, we lived on the main drag of the south Bronx, 138th Street between Brook and Cypress Avenues. I was four years old. From the fire escape, I’d call out the names of cars that drove by. “Ford. Chevy. Dodge. Kaiser.” The cars were so vivid, distinctive, and beautiful that even a little kid could tell them apart. That’s one reason why they called it the Fabulous Fifties. America was car crazy, even the little kids. Even inner-city kids.

As new cars went, I had favorites, and over time, they turned out to be nearly everyone’s favorites. 1956 and beyond Corvettes, the timeless 1953-’55 Studebakers, the two-seater ’55-‘57 Thunderbird, in fact just about any ’55-’56-’57 Ford, Chevrolet, or Plymouth. For decades to come, the design of many items of American life were influenced by the colorful, exuberant looks of that era, from chrome diners, to plastic portable radios, to neon signs and electric guitars.

William Barr: Knave or Fool


barr durhamCount me among the many conservatives conned by Attorney General William Barr. I praised and promoted his public performance more than once. As evidence drips out too late, or conveniently delayed, it appears Barr was an old fool, a duplicitous knave, or both. We see this in the Michael Sussman trial and in 2000 Mules showing the clear smartphone geotracking evidence of illegal ballot harvesting in the critical swing states.

Now the Federalist asks why Barr sat on evidence that showed senior FBI officials lied to senior DOJ officials responsible for legal oversight of the FBI operation.

It is perplexing that no one within the FBI has been held accountable for the many lies told at the March 6 meeting. This fact is all the more perplexing as it was Durham who originally turned over the March 6 notes to Sussmann’s defense team.

A New Abolition Movement


I toyed with the idea of how the Ricochetti could craft a new “Declaration” modeled on the Declaration of Independence. It wouldn’t be a declaration for “independence”– that would be a credible claim of “insurrection”. It would be a declaration of renewed fidelity to the US Constitution. Recall that the Declaration states some overarching principles (that are not in need of updating) and a list of grievances against the then-prevailing power. And it is this section that would be interesting to “update” because of the similarities between the type of abuses then and the type of abuses now.

But as I considered it, I came back to a different parallel between then and now: slavery. That was not a topic directly addressed by the Declaration of Independence, but certainly at issue due to a proper understanding of natural rights. If the Declaration is true, then slavery cannot be countenanced. And that was the animating thought of the Abolition Movement of the 19th Century. (You could have indentured servitude as an element of contract, but not chattel slavery.) The only logical way to square chattel slavery with the Declaration of Independence was to deny humanity to the slave.

An Honest Accounting: Anti-Trumpism and the Violence Done to the American Traditions of Free and Fair Elections and the Peaceful Transfer of Power


“The most favorable posthumous history the stay-at-home traitor can hope for is — oblivion.” –- The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant, p. 43

Understanding the Anti-Trump movement here to mean specifically those active beyond the legitimate election and oversight processes in both 2016 and 2020 (and all points in between) in attempts to keep Mr. Trump from holding and executing the office per the wishes of We the People, there is an applicable adaptation to the above quote for those who conspired against the very essence of this experiment in republican governance. We must not let these traitors off the hook with the oblivion (or historical anonymity) they desire.

Film Review: Jackie Brown


Pam Grier is the best reason to see Jackie Brown. To my shame, I’ve only seen two or three of her other films prior to watching this. Even with this limited data set, I conclude this is not a rarity nor a trend, but a law: Pam Grier is the best reason to see any movie she is in. As her prime acting years were in the ’70s, she starred in the only lead action roles available to black women: exploitation movies. Were she born a decade or two later, she’d have been a star, her name as recognizable as Sigourney Weaver’s.

In Jackie Brown, she plays the titular character, a stewardess caught by the ATF for smuggling money. Agent Ray Nicolette (Michael Keaton) is on the trail of gun runner Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson) who was to be the recipient of that smuggled cash. Ray has Jackie in a tight spot. She has a criminal record which is why she works at the lowest rent airport out there for $16,000/year (even in 1997, not much). Cooperate in busting Ordell and the ATF won’t bring the hammer down on her. On the other side, Robbie is on her case to keep quiet. He’s not above killing potential rats.

Jackie could give in to one side or the other and probably come out intact. She refuses to just skate by. She instead plays both sides, machinating to get her hands on a half million dollars Ordell has sitting in Mexico. I won’t go into the details of her plan as not to spoil the plot, but also because the mechanics of the plot aren’t ultimately what’s intriguing about the movie. Strangely for a crime thriller, the characters take precedence. You can imagine a movie about these people that is just as fascinating as this one that doesn’t involve any illicit activity.

Quote of the Day: Freedom


“Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by way of inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. And those in world history who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” – Ronald Reagan Jan 5, 1967

Reagan was right about one thing: Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We are in a battle for the soul of our country; especially the principle that it was founded on individual liberty and freedom. That battle has to be won (or lost) at the grassroots. When a critical mass supports freedom, it grows like wildfire. When it does not, freedom dies.

Labor Wins Australia


The lesson here is that a fake right that doesn’t stand up for its constituents and allows leftist policies during its reign is a right that ultimately demoralizes its base and sews its own defeat. The right in Australia stood by as the harshest Covid policies were implemented. Right-wing politicians who could have done something sat on their hands for fear of being called a “grandma killer” or some such slur.

Australia had the harshest lockdowns and punishments we have seen during Covid barring China. The right allowed the country to drift leftward and stood for nothing there. This seems to be a particular feature of Western right-wing parties, including in this country. The right talks about lower taxes, markets, and more personal liberty, but ultimately delivers left-wing initiatives and then left-wing victories due to their base being demoralized. The left in Australia will eventually sicken the country and the right will be pushed back in to fail again as the leftward drift continues.

Busting Heads in Pre-War America


There are few things as repugnant as the Mob. Except maybe Nazis. It kind of makes sense that Jewish mobsters once took an opportunity to improve their image by punching Nazis.

“Gangsters vs Nazis: How Jewish Mobsters Battled Nazis in Wartime America,” by Michael Benson relates the story of one of the strangest campaigns of the 1930s and 40s. It shows how the Jewish community in the United States organized to fight the German-American Bund and other fascist groups in the United States in the years prior to American entry into World War II. They did it by enlisting the assistance of Jewish Gangsters.

As Benson points out, in mid-century America organized crime was big, especially in immigrant communities. They formed in every community with a large, poor immigrant population. The most famous was the Italian Mafia, but there were Irish, Polish, Hispanic, and Jewish mobs, too. They were a product of poverty and desperation.

Elon Musk: 21st Century Kosciuszko/Lafayette?


Elon Musk has made several moves that has put him at odds with Progressives that previously praised him for his leadership in “green” industries: solar power and electric vehicles. He made a tender offer for Twitter with the express intent of ending viewpoint censorship that was crippling conservative voices; he has been critical of Biden; he has defended capitalism, etc. And now he is assembling a legal team to prepare for the coming conflict with Progressives.

This announcement is bookended by Elon Musk’s deal to purchase the Twitter social media platform, a resistant internal company ideological adversary, and a warning from the political left with Business Insider publishing an alleged sexual misconduct story.  Indeed, it does appear that Elon Musk is preparing for a war that will likely include the Fourth Branch of Government as an adversary.

The Ohwyees


Oregon is much more than Portland’s political center. Within about half an hour, I can be in Oregon wine country, and in about two hours I can be in the Columbia River Gorge, well on my way to Eastern Oregon, the Big Nowhere. The Ohwyee River is about 280 miles long.

The Ohwyees and the Ohwyee River, think Hawaii, is still an isolated part of Nevada. Oregon, and Idaho.

The FDA’s War on Children


The Washington Free Beacon reports today that the FDA approved COVID boosters for children as young as five without convening the Vaccine Advisory Panel. The FDA circumvented the usual process for vaccine approval. Anyone with minimal sentience can see that these FDA vaccine approvals are purely political, and not based on any sort of “Science.”

Specifically, there is virtually no benefit to vaccinating, let alone boosting, small children. The reason for that has been recognized almost from the onset of COVID: For the virus to enter cells, activated androgen receptors are required, that is, androgen receptors in the cell cytoplasm that are occupied by testosterone. Such receptors exist in very low if any quantities at all in the cells of small prepubertal children. The activated androgen receptors move from the cell cytoplasm into the nucleus where they induce the expression of a protein, a serine peptidase that splits proteins at serine amino acid residues. That peptidase is necessary for allowing the virus to open its envelope to merge with the cell membrane and release viral materials into the cell.

Biden Domestic Energy Policy: A Math Error?!


A stunning headline from the Daily Caller: Biden Admin Quietly Admits Math Error Is Causing Massive Oil, Gas Permitting Delays. Apparently, the computer model used by the government to predict environmental impacts is badly flawed so all drilling licenses were erroneously denied. This is like a Dilbert cartoon or Babylon Bee story come to life. We are in the very best of hands and can totally trust government experts across the board. Right?

At least they admitted this one.

A Horse! A Horse! Her Virtue for a Horse!


Am I the only person on planet Earth who finds the alleged proffering, by Elon Musk to his contract employee, of…umm…a horse in return for doubling down on her sexual favors towards him, more than a little ridiculous?

Good.  I hoped not.

On the other hand, perhaps not so ridiculous (I always try to pay attention and learn from my mistakes when I can), but more about that in a moment.

Peachy Keenan’s Sitcom: The Whites


Friends, I come to sing of Peachy, a lady as beautiful, accomplished, motherly, and patriotic as full of fire, raging against the Progressive evils of liberal America from her hideout in LA, of all places! If you follow her on Twitter, you know she’s the fearless Jeanne D’Arc of the 21st century on a mission from God to torch the cruel cowards that make up the media-academy-therapy unholy complex draining our children’s will to live. In case you’re not yet aware of her shining star, let me tell you this much, she began rousing the troops during the dark days of Covid madness and has since become famous. We who know her bask in her glow and can hardly wait to see her crowned president…

But that’s not why I’m writing—I’m writing to recommend to your attention her new script! It’s a comedy, a sitcom, a throwback to a more decent America, but mocking all the woke nonsense of our times—the prissy elitism, too—with harsh and occasionally eye-popping frankness! (Here’s the Amazon link!) It’s intended for readers at this point, but Peachy is looking for investors to eventually make this happen!

Clarity From a Hollywood Leader


Deadline has a great interview with Tom Rothman, Motion Picture Chairman at Sony Pictures.  He explains why the theatrical model for movies is far from dead, how streaming will help movies, and doesn’t pull any punches.  The best quote is on the Academy:

You mentioned the Academy. That was never particularly relevant to young people, but it was much more relevant culturally. Failings of the show aside, and we could talk about that forever, the Academy itself, and the pictures that it picks, has lost complete touch with the large audience. It’s become a self-defining elitist redoubt, and you’re just not going to be relevant if you’re that.

PA Primary Election Judge and Karen


There have been many excellent posts about the dubious integrity of the 2020 election which resulted in the installation of the current pResident.  There also has been a call to arms, to do more than simply write about our anger and frustration with the obvious corruption.  I heard that call.

Three weeks ago, the Pennsylvania Republican Committee put on a poll-watching seminar, which I attended, with the intent of being a poll watcher.  It was very informative, including the history of the last 40 years of Republicans being banned from observing the polls.  One item of information that I also learned from the seminar, was that Allegheny County (greater Pittsburgh) was short over 700 workers for the election. These positions are typically staffed last minute by county and government employees who are conveniently given Election Day off.  It was suggested that the demographics of Pittsburgh government employees are almost exclusively liberal Democrats, which meant that the people working the polls would typically be all liberal Democrats.  This underscored the importance of having poll watchers, and perhaps even poll workers.

Ukraine War: Putin Needed Biden


We were told that Trump was Putin’s stooge. That his election was the result of “Russian Collusion.” Never mind the sanctions or lack of evidence, Trump was Putin’s preferred president, right?

Well, according to former national security official Fiona Hill, Putin waited until Trump left office before invading Ukraine. Hill, who previously testified against Trump in his impeachment hearing, said of Putin:

Dispatch from the Demented Seattle Area


It’s been a while since I have contributed a roundup of the stories from the Puget Sound area. Now, there are a few that show how the “minds” of public officials work around here. All but one of these stories is from MyNorthwest.com.

First, we have the situation of which most of us are already well aware, the ongoing Seattle Police staffing shortage.  The City Council of Seattle has for the past few years been actively hostile to law enforcement in the city.  They encouraged the Obama administration to put in place a Consent Agreement that determined the Seattle Police were using too much force, especially when it came to dealing with criminals of color.  So the Department has been continuously monitored for nearly ten years, and this agreement was recently renewed.  Seattle police officers have been leaving in droves, due to the increasing pressure on them from all sides — the City Council, the public, and the courts.  Today, we have a story of an ex-judge who is heading a new State office of investigations, which will centralize the investigations of police “use of deadly force, the first such agency in the country”.

Posts, Comments, and Playing Dominoes


I was recently re-introduced to the game of dominoes. (Actually, there is no one game, as those who are fans know well.) But all of the games I have been introduced to share the same feature: you match one side and then send the “train” off in a different direction numerically or physically. And it is this feature that makes it fascinating (and frustrating when a plan is blocked) because of uncertainty and unanticipated opportunity.

This is what the best posts and commentary share in common: being a jumping-off point for thought and elaboration conducted cooperatively from many minds. Don’t be frustrated by the blocking moves by certain commenters. Exploit openings elsewhere in the post or commentary to pursue your line of thought. Leave the antagonists behind to stew in their own juices if they must. Just post a 😀 and move on.

If you don’t see a relevant opening for your thoughts just create your own post. And if no one plays off your thought, that’s OK. Just draw again and put another post down. Eventually, someone will engage and the “train” will begin.