Black Mothers Matter


For decades, the burden of fear and grief occasioned by murder and maiming has fallen disproportionately on black mothers and grandmothers. Somehow this has not been of great concern to civil rights groups and leaders. Black lives snuffed out by the local extensions or agents of transnational criminal enterprises apparently do not matter to millionaire athletes, and are at best inconvenient to the Marxist millionaires and parlor pink billionaires behind Black Lives Matter. There are no massive marches to take back the streets, to demonstrate solidarity against the gangs. It took President Trump to finally move federal authorities to seriously target the most dangerous habitual criminals and the organizations that terrorize our fellow Americans into silence.

President Trump’s play to do well by doing real good was an existential threat to the Democratic Party and the congressional RepubliCAN’T leadership, so 2020 had to be worked the way it was. Despite their worst efforts, truth has slipped through, pointing to gains in votes, not so much because black men respected his image of strength, but because black women, along with Hispanic and Latina women, shifted significantly to support the reelection of a Republican president. He had spent his first term hammering away at jobs, better jobs, sentencing reform, and security on American city streets. He enthusiastically welcomed black women to speak to the nation from the White House. He demanded justice for grieving black mothers whose children had been gunned down, lining up federal officials and commanding them to speak and act decisively with the considerable weight of ATF, DEA, U.S. Marshal, FBI, and DOJ resources applied in Operation Legend.

President Trump put the career RepubliCAN’T politicians to shame, showing what they could have done for decades. Never mind the Democrats who have taken black women’s votes for granted. Now, we see “the rising body count of liberalism.” Even the corporatist collaborators on the news pages of the Wall Street Journal have taken note, reporting “murders are rising the most in a few isolated precincts of major cities.” You may be sure that these precincts do no include the homes of, say, Peggy Noonan, Bloomberg, or any network newsreader.

You may also be sure that the rising blood tide is drawn by the opportunity created as a police retreat. After all, “combating violent crime is risky business in the age of BLM.” The Washington Post, where the republic dies smothered by a Post pillow, willfully deceives readers and provides false headlines for leftist-controlled social media and politicians, pretending that air pistols and accurate replicas of modern firearms are “toys.” Some of us are old enough to remember when the big push from the left, as well as law enforcement organizations, was to drive stores and manufacturers to clearly mark fake guns, actual toy and plastic pellet guns with florescent tips on barrels, if not the whole replica. The reason was to increase safety in encounters between kids and armed adults, especially police.

Biden-Harris and every other national, state, and local politician know that significantly more black lives are lost after so-called civil rights investigations of police departments. The DOJ, freed to be itself under Biden, is “likely to make things worse” driving the surging murder rate into an even steeper increase. The organized left designates one of the extremely rare deaths by cop a martyrdom and affirmation of pervasive police perfidy, piously professes great care and concern for the lost and the dead man’s mother. We see the ability to mobilize great numbers into persistent street action. So we know the progressives have the power to fill city streets in the name of black mothers and their murdered sons and daughters.

As President Trump weighs backing candidates in the 2022 election cycle, he should make this civil rights issue central, demanding demonstrated action. He should get back on the road, not to MAGA rallies but to Black Mothers Matter marches, starting in Cincinnati, where 2020 was the deadliest on record. He should demand justice for black mothers from the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Meet with parents and grandparents in churches. Offer to walk with them to take back their streets. Shame Republicans and even a few Democrats into taking a stand against the attempts to strip these communities of the armed protection they deserve every bit as much as the elite. Juneteenth would be a perfect kickoff date, invoking history and appealing to black patriotism, declaring “this land is your land” and urging full exercise of the exceptional rights the U.S. Constitution affords Americans. Go to Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland, all in the top 20 most deadly cities. Then move on to the City of Brotherly Love, challenging both Republicans and Democrats to walk with communities long held hostage by gangs, in the city with the “second-highest murder rate among the 10 largest cities” in 2020. Go to Detroit

Amidst the terrible news, there have been some bright spots. As a Florida resident, President Trump should travel to Miami to learn how murder has been sharply reduced in what was once the murder capital of America. Governor DeSantis would do well to join Trump in learning what works from both the government and citizen perspectives. Work the battleground states to try driving both major political parties into action, while hitting the most deadly cities regardless of the current political balance. Prayer vigils and marches should be the order of the day all summer long. Politicians should act like they really believe black mothers matter.

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  1. Jack Shepherd Coolidge
    Jack Shepherd

    0bama’s DOJ hamstrung the Albuquerque police to an extraordinary degree. The result has been record levels of property crime and violence.



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  2. RushBabe49 Thatcher

    So should black babies.  Note the percentage of black babies aborted each year.  Higher than the number of black births.  In 2018, I did a post on my own blog about Kermit Gosnell, the black abortionist.

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  3. Doctor Robert Member
    Doctor Robert

    Bravo.  From your keyboard to God’s eyes.

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  4. Sam Thatcher

    Fantastic post! I would attend such a march

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  5. Clifford A. Brown Contributor
    Clifford A. Brown

    Thanks to a Ricochet member for pointing out that Columbus, Ohio is not in the top 20 for murder. That is Columbus, Georgia. Columbus, Ohio, is ranked 20th among Ohio cities. Columbus, Ohio, is the scene of the police officer shooting a knife-wielding girl as she attacked another unarmed girl. That is a different situation than the casualties of criminal gangs.

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  6. RushBabe49 Thatcher

    Isn’t it interesting that attacks by black girls are rising.  A bad sign of “gender equality”.  The girls who attacked and killed the Uber driver were black.  They seem to be learning from their brothers (fathers are absent).

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  7. Clifford A. Brown Contributor
    Clifford A. Brown

    RushBabe49 (View Comment):

    Isn’t it interesting that attacks by black girls are rising. A bad sign of “gender equality”. The girls who attacked and killed the Uber driver were black. They seem to be learning from their brothers (fathers are absent).

    I wonder if girls, more generally, are becoming more lethally violent. Are “empowering” images of women engaging in gun fights and hand-to-hand combat on screens, large and small, normalizing violence?

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  8. Casey Way Inactive
    Casey Way

    Black Life Matters

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  9. Jack Shepherd Coolidge
    Jack Shepherd

    Oh. Gretchen is on Team Destroy America.

    What a surprise.

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