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Join Jim & Greg as they discuss formal research into what we’ve known for years – that Russian social media memes made virtually no impact on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. They also react to reports that classified documents from President Biden’s days as vice president were discovered at his office at the University of Pennsylvania. And they pop some popcorn as Biden tries to pressure the Democrats to move Georgia up in the 2024 primary calendar, while New Hampshire and other states fight to stay at the front of the line.

This year brings an extra edition of the Martini Awards! Today, Jim and Greg offer up their choices for biggest political liabilities in both parties. Then they discuss the best non-political story of 2022 and their favorite personal stories of the year.

More year-end awards today!  Jim and Greg embark on the second half of their six-episode saga known as the 2022 Three Martini Lunch Awards. Today, they offer up their selections for the best political idea, worst political idea, and boldest political tactics for the year. Their selections range from the campaign trail to the halls of Congress to the biggest land war in Europe in more than 75 years.

Join Jim and Greg as they dissect the reversal of the Biden retirement narrative and now Democrats seem to be unifying behind an unpopular president in decline. It might be the GOP’s best chance to win, but it’s no guarantee. They also shake their heads as the Biden administration offers no response to the protests in China and Canada’s Justin Trudeau finds protests designed to change public policy to be “worrisome.” And they wade into the battle to lead the Republican National Committee, assessing the candidacies of current chairman Ronna McDaniel, New York Rep. Lee Zeldin, and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. And they bid farewell to one of the great actors from “Die Hard.”

Join Jim and Greg as they are stunned by the Iranian World Cup team refusing to sing their national anthem and the captain directly stating that the players support the protesters back home. Jim also lays into FIFA, which organizes the World Cup, for its pattern of corruption and coziness with authoritarian regimes like Qatar, Russia, and China. And they have plenty to say about how Democrats plan to help Donald Trump become the GOP nominee in 2024 because they think he will be easier to beat than Gov. DeSantis.

Join Jim and Greg as they breathe a dejected sigh of relief as NBC News projects the Republicans will take control of the House by a very slim margin. They also brace for the GOP leadership wars as some conservatives seem ready to move on from Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy. And they suffer a wave of fatigue as President Trump reportedly prepares to kick off the 2024 presidential campaign tomorrow – even as the midterm vote counting continues in several states.


The Devil You Know


I’ve always been fascinated about the reasons why people make certain choices in their lives, especially when they make terrible choices, when I think perfectly sensible and practical options are glaringly obvious. At least to me. For that reason, I’ve read dozens of explanations for why the Democrat voters made such bewildering choices in the mid-term elections. Some of the reasons of observers made sense; others made no sense (to me). Some of the writers blamed the Republicans for their poor promotions, candidate selections and naivete about how elections actually work; others were certain that fraud was at play, and the Democrats, once again, have taken us for a ride.

Some or all of these explanations may be true, at least to some degree, but I find them unsatisfactory given what I know about human nature. I think we are missing the elephants in the room—the Democrat voters—and I think we’d benefit from looking at what they were thinking, feeling and believing about their election choices. I’ve come to believe that most elections have little to do with reason and analysis, and more to do with the psyche of the Democrat voter. Let me tell you what I mean.

First, Democrats are extremely loyal to their party, whether they are legislators or voters (or both). Many of them are probably lifetime Democrats, and they believe in the Democrat party, even if they don’t understand or agree with everything they stand for. But they trust their hearts and their allegiances, and are extremely reluctant to reconsider their beliefs.

Analyzing the Midterm Mess


Some people hate Republicans. Others hate Democrats. But everybody hates polling firms.

No bones about it: the most recent midterm election is a profound disappointment to conservatives and independents hoping for a mandate for the governing class to move decisively away from the progressive base of the Democratic Party toward the center. But expectations are the enemy of happiness. It’s one thing to expect the sun to rise in the east, as it does for everyone every day; expecting pollsters to get elections right despite their execrable recent track record is something else entirely.

To reiterate: Republicans have reason to be disappointed in the just-passed election. But the pollsters have every right to respond as Otter did to Flounder in Animal House: “You ****ed up – you trusted us.”

Brace for the Red Wave (And Some Advice for the GOP)


I have long been certain, even in the wake of the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs, that the midterms were going to be a bloodbath for the Democratic Party. When some conservative (or so-called conservative) pundits began wringing their hands that Dobbs would surely spell electoral doom for Republicans, I held fast to my belief that — to quote James Carville — it’s ultimately the economy, stupid.

And the economic news is bleak, no matter how much the Biden White House tries to spin things.

Join Jim and Greg as they process polling numbers in the Arizona governor’s race and wonder whether Democrats made bad decisions about debating in two key states. They’re also horrified as the Air Force admits its personnel records about a Republican congressional candidate and her sexual assault in Iraq were leaked to a Democratic opposition research firm and got published in Politico. And Jim has zero confidence that anyone will face consequences for such a heinous act. Finally, after years of insisting President Trump and Republicans are an existential threat to democracy, a Dem-connect PAC is spending tons of money on ads saying the GOP candidates are not loyal enough to Trump and that his voters should support Libertarian candidates.

As Chad Benson’s week of sitting in for Greg comes to a close, everything is coming up roses for the Republicans in the midterms – the GOP gubernatorial candidates are enjoying a well-timed late surge of momentum, a slew of Senate seats that once seemed out of reach are now in play, and not only are Democratic candidates avoiding Joe Biden, they’re keeping their distance from Kamala Harris and the Clintons.

Join Jim and Greg as they eagerly welcome news that national Democrats are “retrenching” their financial strategy for keeping the House of Representatives, which is the fancy way of saying they are pulling money from races they no longer think they can win. On top of that, a major pollster says there is no doubt that Republican candidates are looking stronger and stronger over the past few weeks. They also discuss the bizarre decision by Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs to refuse any debates with Republican Kari Lake, even as more polls show Lake winning. Finally, they defend NBC reporter Dasha Burns as Democrats and their media allies savage her for sharing her honest observations of how poorly Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman holds up in casual conversation. They also blast the Fetterman campaign for keeping his health records under lock and key and blasting any honest assessment of his health as “ableism.”

Democrats Hide from Republicans and Themselves


In race after race, Democrats are refusing to debate their Republican opponents despite how the media will stack any debate in their favor. The Democrat candidates for governor in Pennsylvania and Arizona refuse to debate their opponents, likewise the Democrat senate candidates in New Hampshire and Washington State. The unelected Democrat governor of New York only grudgingly agreed  The Democrat Attorney General in Michigan also refuses to debate.

On the one hand, Democrats don’t have to debate because their media allies will give them cover whereas a Republican would be hounded. Look at the Democrat Senate candidate in Pennsylvania. A charlatan who cosplays as blue-collar, refuse to debate, can barely make it through a five-minute public speech,  and once pulled a shotgun on an innocent black jogger. And all the media can talk about is how clever his memes are.

Biden: World Will Freeze If We Don’t End Fossil Fuels By 1977


Is there a gaffe so preposterous that it can’t plausibly be ascribed to President Biden? Because I’ve been trying to generate one since he got elected and I’m starting to give up hope.

Look, I get it: he’s been logorrheic throughout his public life and at 110, he’s nuttier than Grandpa Simpson’s dad. But I ask the question seriously: are there no limits? When he’s not popping off about Armageddon, he’s getting lost exiting a stage or falling off a stationary bicycle or (up!) the stairs of Air Force One.

If there’s a positive takeaway, it’s that Biden’s decline from a mere mediocrity to a logy lunatic removes any last shred of doubt to independents and undecided voters — themselves nutters —  that Democrats are nuttier than a redheaded stripper named Tiffany (if Tiffany was 80.) Every day the news gets battier. When Oregon isn’t prosecuting cocaine users for possessing plastic straws, gender clinics are throwing in a free lobotomy with every castration. What’s next, making DC and Puerto Rico part of NATO? 

Despair and the Difficulties of the Enemy


I see a a lot of posts and comments from people who have concluded that the 2022 election is hopeless–that election fraud, combined with the huge Democrat funding advantage and the dominance of Democrat-advocating media, will make it impossible for any Republican candidate to win (any Republican candidate other than those who aren’t a challenge to the Democrat-desired status quo, at least).

I’m reminded of a passage in the book Infantry in Battle, written between the world wars–it contains numerous individual-experience monographs (American, French, and German) along with some rather philosophical thoughts about conclusions to be drawn from these experiences.  (The book was edited by then-colonel George C Marshall)

Member Post


Your “Rule of Law, pro-Democracy” Party, Ladies and Gentlemen. Democratic leaders like Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, want (David Ferriero – Archivist of the United States) to simply publish the ERA in the Federal Register as a ratified amendment. It isn’t, of course. However, these Democrats insist that a […]

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Credentialist Privilege and Snobbery, and Student Loan ‘Forgiveness’


In late 2020, I wrote a post titled Living in the Hate of the Common People, and in early 2021, I wrote a sequel.  I think these posts, and the general pattern they describe, are very relevant to the current issues about student loans and the overall topic of education funding.  In summary:

Someone at a social media site, who I will not dignify with a link, wrote, “I think we need to find a way to stop the working class from voting altogether.”  An example of this attitude appeared on MSNBC back in August 2021, with anchor Chris Hayes and Washington Post writer Dave Weigel avidly agreeing about the characteristics of Trump supporters (of whom they don’t approve) … men without a college degree who have enough income to buy a boat (Hayes qualifies it as white men). Personally, I tend to admire people who have managed to do ok or very well for themselves without the benefit of a college credential. (And anyone believing that a college degree necessarily implies that an individual has acquired a broad base of knowledge and thinking skills hasn’t been paying much attention of late.)

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news that Democrats in Florida admit being “fatalistic” in knowing Republicans are very likely to win statewide races. They also unload on the Biden administration over it’s plan to “forgive” $10,000 in student loans and pass the bill over to people who never took out the loans or responsibly paid their bills. Finally, they discuss Rep. Jerry Nadler’s surprisingly easy win in a member vs. member New York House primary and Rep. Carolyn Maloney blaming her loss – at least in part – on misogyny and a sexist system.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the upcoming retirement of Anthony Fauci and they chronicle his soaring ego and willingness to lie when it suited his agenda. They also pop the popcorn as longtime Democrats in the House get ugly in their member vs. member primary in New York City. And they shake their heads as Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg tries to talk tough to airlines over their serious delay problems but it’s obvious he really has no solutions.