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Black Mothers Matter


For decades, the burden of fear and grief occasioned by murder and maiming has fallen disproportionately on black mothers and grandmothers. Somehow this has not been of great concern to civil rights groups and leaders. Black lives snuffed out by the local extensions or agents of transnational criminal enterprises apparently do not matter to millionaire athletes, and are at best inconvenient to the Marxist millionaires and parlor pink billionaires behind Black Lives Matter. There are no massive marches to take back the streets, to demonstrate solidarity against the gangs. It took President Trump to finally move federal authorities to seriously target the most dangerous habitual criminals and the organizations that terrorize our fellow Americans into silence.

President Trump’s play to do well by doing real good was an existential threat to the Democratic Party and the congressional RepubliCAN’T leadership, so 2020 had to be worked the way it was. Despite their worst efforts, truth has slipped through, pointing to gains in votes, not so much because black men respected his image of strength, but because black women, along with Hispanic and Latina women, shifted significantly to support the reelection of a Republican president. He had spent his first term hammering away at jobs, better jobs, sentencing reform, and security on American city streets. He enthusiastically welcomed black women to speak to the nation from the White House. He demanded justice for grieving black mothers whose children had been gunned down, lining up federal officials and commanding them to speak and act decisively with the considerable weight of ATF, DEA, U.S. Marshal, FBI, and DOJ resources applied in Operation Legend.

Rafael Mangual joins Brian Anderson to discuss rising disorder in New York City, the city council’s just-passed package of police reforms, the causes of the crime spike, and the future of public safety in U.S. cities.

City Journal’s special issue, New York City: Reborn, is now available.

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Black Americans, even millionaire athletes, know that the real threat to black communities and all urban poor communities, is the reign of terror by criminal gangs, street-level organized crime. President Trump has turned federal law enforcement loose on these criminal enterprises, trying to fill the gap left by George Soros funded prosecutors, no-cash-bail policies, and […]

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Rafael Mangual interviewed NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea to discuss how recent legislative and policy shifts in New York present new challenges for police in America’s biggest city.

Audio for this episode is excerpted and edited from a Manhattan Institute eventcast, “The New Challenge of Policing New York.” Find out more and register for future events by visiting our website, and subscribe to MI’s YouTube channel to view previous discussions.

Rafael Mangual joins Seth Barron to discuss the surge in gun violence in New York City and other American cities, the impact of newly enacted criminal-justice reforms on policing, and the connection between “low-level” enforcement and major-crime prevention.

Kayleigh McEnany Lowers Boom on Leftist Propagandists


I noted a week ago that White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany had opened two weeks in a row with a remembrance of all the black lives that do not matter to the Marxists running Black Lives Matter, the DNC, and their media jackals. I showed that the press corps completely ignored and buried that news in their half-hour hate. I concluded that Kayleigh McEnany should continue the demonstration of real care for all black lives this Monday and then slam the trap shut when the leftists again ignore black lives lost on our city streets. She did, and it was a thing of beauty, “all black lives matter:”

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany
Issued on: July 6, 2020

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome encouraging news about coronavirus testing, vaccines, and treatments that has Wall Street feeling bullish and suggesting that the Chinese communists were wrong again. They also hammer New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for breaking up the well-attended funeral of a rabbi in Brooklyn and warning that if it happens again there will be summons or arrests. And they dig into a new poll suggesting a majority of Americans would be inclined to suspend the November elections if coronavirus is still a major concern.

Remembering the Murder of a Convenience Store Clerk


One year ago, around midnight, as Saturday turned into Sunday the 16th of December, 2018, a gunman entered a small independent convenience store. The space inside is tight, very close quarters, and the clerk decided to fight for his life and his co-workers, instead of accepting whatever fate the thug decided. The clerk, Jose Alcaraz-Hernandez, lost his life, and a co-worker was seriously wounded. The crime has not been solved in the year since that night.

The large group of prayer candles and flowers gave way in fairly short order to a permanent wooden cross. The hand-painted cross outside the store tells us that Jose Hernandez was born November 18, 1964, and was killed on December 16, 2018. From a photograph put up in the first days, we know him to have been a grandfather. We know nothing of the killer. If the police know more, they are not saying so to the public.

Visiting the site on the anniversary evening of this crime, the memorial was little changed. A few flat stones, for candles, and rounded stones to keep the cross upright in the dirt, were added. Two candles had been blown out by the wind. Perhaps someday the killer will be found in this world. Of a certainty, there is one Judge who saw, who sees, and who will give justice in the end.

Wheels of Justice Spinning?


In mid-December, I wrote about the murder of a convenience store clerk in “Drug Dealing: Not a Victimless Crime.” In that piece, you saw the rapid response of a makeshift shrine, with many prayer candles burning. Now, that temporary shrine is replaced with a permanent cross, lit by two prayer candles at all times.

The cross confirms the sparse details given in a follow-up KTAR news story, shortly after the murderous attack, or robbery attempt:

Jose Alcarez-Hernandez, 54, died in the shooting that police said may have been the result of a robbery gone bad.

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From a very compelling article about the statistics of gun ownership, homicide, and other crimes in the United States, which has way too much good stuff in it to repeat here, one tidbit stuck out for me: The United States’ homicide rate of 3.8 is clearly higher than that of eg France (1.0), Germany (0.8), […]

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