Did Donald Trump help or hurt his chances in November with his statement yesterday that he did not want federal action on abortion? Did Joe Biden help or hurt his chances in November by announcing a new effort to pay off student-loan debt? Did Wolodymyr Zelensky help or hurt his nation’s future by saying Ukraine would lose the war if the American aid package stalled in the House didn’t pass? Did Bibi Netanyahu help or hurt his nation by acceding to Joe Biden’s demands over the weekend and then declaring there is a date certain for the invasion of Rafah? Give a listen.

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  1. WilliamWarford Coolidge

    Thanks, Abe, for the recommendation to Real Clear Science. I knew about the Real Clear universe but was unaware of the science branch. Sounds like an excellent site. And I did love the baby race tweet, a nice change in our gloomy world. 

    Christine did a great job yesterday at AEI, interviewing Jonathan Haidt about his work on the devastation caused to young people by smart phones/social media. John was saying yesterday he still believes someone will come from out of nowhere to have an impact on the ’24 election, we can’t just collectively march off this cliff. It’s not too late: Rosen ’24! (I say this in jest because I know she has no interest, but I am serious in saying she is the type of person we need — right on the issues, firm in her beliefs, bright, well-spoken, and possessed of common sense.) 

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