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GMO plant in a laboratory. Photo credit:

Science has long been embroiled in food safety and labeling debates. Most recently, you’ve probably read or heard about the decades-long debate on whether to mandate labeling or disclosure that “genetically modified organisms” (GMOs) were used to grow or process certain food products.

Think of the “Arctic Apple” (which doesn’t brown when cut, thanks to a little genetic modification, or the “AquAdvantage Salmon,” which merges genes from two separate salmon varieties (Chinook & Atlantic) for a fish that grows faster and bigger (and they’re all female, supposedly). Neither of these products, despite being in development for the better part of two decades is just now, slowly, making their way into retail markets (but not Whole Foods, I assure you).


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The silent majority is pretty quiet. Go figure. The masses beaten about the brow, continuously, that they are racist, misogynist, not compassionate, bigots, xxx-phobes… The silent majority is told they are simply wrong, actually simple, ignorant, and unenlightened. We are deplorable, bible thumping, gun toting rubes. That is how the world perceives and loudly proclaims us. Of course we prefer to be silent. My Mom, G-d Bless her. She is 91 years old living in Buffalo, Holy Cow, it gets a lot of snow, NY. She is one of the silent ones for sure, but doesn’t feel like the majority people. She is not normally, nor historically, a fearful women.

She has traveled the world, taught English in Japan, was robbed while a bank teller, and testified against him despite threats that she would be killed, worked as an RN in a psych ward. She was an international tour guide and travel agent. and that is only 20% of her amazing journey. Yet she is scared to admit she supports Donald Trump. Her lifelong friends Hate (with a capital “H”) the president. In their perception he is an XXXist. and if you support him you also must be an XXXist. (there are to many xxxists to list, but be sure, that if you support Donald Trump, you are many of them! )