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For years, the men of the mighty GLoP podcast (that’s Jonah Goldberg, Rob LOng, and John Podhoretz) provided entertainment on National Review cruises. For obvious (and some less obvious) reasons, those days are over for the foreseeable future. Or, at least, we thought they were. Now, through the magic of Zoom, we are happy to present the first Virtual GLoP Night Owl! Please join us this Saturday, March 28th at 4:30PM PT/6:30PM CT/7:30PM ET for an hour of levity, juvenile humor, Rank Punditry®, and show biz anecdotes. And fair warning: there will be drinking, so please BYOB (or scotch, bourbon, tequila, etc).


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Because of a childhood obsession with illustration and E.C. Comics, I carry with me the memory of the names and the styles of the five artists who illustrated the first issue of Mad Magazine in 1952 (actually a comic book at the time). I asked Google if it knew as much as I do.

Mais oui, bon ami! [Google also speaks French]: The five are Jack Davis, Wally Wood, Will Elder, Harvey Kurtzman, and John Severin. Ask me something difficult, simple denizen of the meat world.”


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Hello! I’m new here and you can blame @Spin for that. (Can I tag people with the @ symbol? I don’t know…as I said, I’m new here.) Anyways, I’ve spent the last decade and change wearing my county’s cloth as a Naval Flight Officer. Aviators aren’t generally known for their bookishness, so my long surname was replaced by the callsign “D12”. Facebook is my only social media outlet (Twitter is a sewer, and don’t get me started on the instaporn apps). I’m hoping to find rigorous and respectful discussions with passionately reasonable people. To paraphrase Dennis Prager, I don’t care much for consensus, but clarity is priceless. See you in the comment section!