Undisputed King of Stuff, columnist, and longtime Ricochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is in for Jim today. Today, Jon and Greg tackle three lousy martinis centered on the critical issues of national security and basic economic freedoms.

First, they react to Thursday’s horrifying rush of illegal aliens towards Texas National Guard troops and our border fence in El Paso, Texas. And despite this lawlessness, many of those people were allowed into the U.S.

Next, they fume over President Biden’s EPA announcing new emissions standards that would force electric vehicles to be a significant majority of new car purchases by 2032. Not only does this strangle economic choice but it’s pure fantasy that our power grid can handle that massive surge in demand within a few years. And what if EV emissions are actually worse than those of regular cars? A new study suggests that’s actually the case.

Finally, they analyze a new poll of Palestinians which proves the Democrats’ narrative on the Middle East is a lie. Palestinians do not condemn Hamas and they don’t want peace with Israel.

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