Beth and Andrew speak with psychologist J. Michael Bailey, Professor in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University.

Bailey speaks about his more than three decades of research on gender dysphoria, transsexualism and sexual orientation. He also shares his views on the recent explosion of gender dysphoria amongst young people, especially adolescent girls, and whether it is indeed a social contagion. We also discuss his recent experience having his research on Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) retracted and being censored by the trans activist movement, about which he recently wrote in Bari Weiss’s The Free Press.

Michael Bailey obtained his PhD from the University of Texas, Austin in 1989. His research has primarily focused on the causes and expression of male and female sexual orientation, broadly construed, including correlated traits such as gender nonconformity and dysphoria. He is the author of the 2003 book The Man Who Would Be Queen, which presaged controversy about transgenderism.

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