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The Gift of Imperfection


The issue of transgenderism is one that has deeply disturbed me since I first heard of it. We are losing thousands of young people to this horrific ideology that is determined to convince, especially young people, that there is something wrong with them and their bodies. Even more tragic is the radical insistence that they should reject their bodies, essentially reject who they are, and become the opposite sex. A recent article in The Federalist presented a compassionate way to identify the source of these victims’ self-hatred and to help them in less radical and destructive ways.

But I would like to suggest that this self-hatred is prevalent in other areas of our society that needs to be addressed as well. In this post, I would like to summarize what people have identified as a more reasonable and compassionate approach to people who want to change their identity. Then I’ll explore how the issue is a reflection of a greater issue within the current culture.

One of the most startling factors that have been happening in great numbers is not just the number of people who make the decision to transition, but those who have decided to “de-transition.” The people who transition are often pre-teen or teenage girls who already probably suffer from identity issues. With the pressures that come from teachers, friends, and the onslaught of transgender groups and videos on the internet, young girls are barraged with the idea that the only solution to their misery is changing their identity. By the time they tell their parents what they will be doing, it is often too late; parents have either assumed that the actions that their children take to identify with the other sex are a passing phase, or in many cases, they don’t tell their parents, rather than consult them with their confusion.

Saving our Children


The resolve of the Woke community to propagandize and control our children has continued to steamroller ahead, especially in the area of transgenderism. The Left is targeting them on multiple levels and in numerous venues, and we seem to be helpless to stop them. A recent article reminded me that since the Left is so determined to “follow the science,” science is one area to focus on to make sure that our children’s wellbeing is not permanently destroyed. I’ve also identified other steps we can take to at least slow down the transgender movement; at this moment, it seems like an out-of-control speeding train. But if we want to have a generation that can carry on a future that is moral and productive and to protect this country we cherish, we must act. Now.

Medical Facts

Should a Confused Trans Bishop Be Serving a Community?


Whenever the topic of transgenderism comes up, I have multiple reactions: emotional pain, compassion, anger, and rejection. With the research I have done, I have decided that transgenderism comes out of unresolved gender dysphoria, and the results usually manifest as depression, confusion, and the inability to fit into society. Rather than treat this condition as a mental illness, it has been recognized as legitimate. Don’t even get me started about the damage the propaganda and transitions will do to children.

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According to Quillette: ” …California’s insurance commissioner has ­issued a directive to reclassify double mastectomies of healthy breasts from “cosmetic” procedures to “reconstructive,” necessary to “correct or repair the abnormal structures of the body caused by congenital defects.” The Calicommish is presumably responding, compassionately,  to the experience of transgendered persons like the one who wrote […]

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QoTD: Like a Barefoot Dash Across Fiery Coals


You don’t have to be certain you’re transgender in order to go on hormones. In fact, Kaylee adds, going on hormones is ‘probably the best way to actually tell if you’re trans anyways.’

You might have heard that testosterone comes with bad side effects— but you’ll rarely hear them mentioned here. YouTube and Insta gurus are about fun, and increased risks of various cancers and prophylactic hysterectomy are certainly not that. The most common side effect of testosterone that gurus talk about is the one that burnishes their trans bona fides: pain. The pain is acknowledged—even conveyed with relish. Like a barefoot dash across fiery coals, braving the agony of an intra-muscular injection proves you’ve moved beyond playing dress-up. You really are ‘trans.’ And you’re not messing around.

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky and Staff Editor Madeline Osburn break down the events, people, and legislation that shaped the cultural momentum to reclaim biological sex as a concept and push back on transgender politics.

Free Expression in an Age of Hysteria


Over 400 years ago, nineteen people were hanged and one pressed to death because the Massachusetts Bay Colony got it into its collective head that witches were attacking the community. This was not an idea pushed by the people at the top, though their response strengthened and prolonged the delusion. It began, rather, in the homes and meeting-houses of small communities, when teenage girls started acting out in strange and dangerous ways. This behavior spread, appearing, to the confused and alarmed citizens of the colony, as if their bodies had been taken over by evil spirits or demons.

This was a community of Christians – God-fearing, pious Puritans who had carved a way of life for themselves out of an unfriendly wilderness. So naturally, they turned to the explanation that had developed in their culture: it was witches. Since the years of the Black Plague, only some three hundred years prior to this sudden plague of possessed girls, witches had been blamed for the evils that suddenly overtook communities. And those accused of witchcraft were the people who either did not fit into their communities or were seen as a burden to their families or others: Jews, the non-pious, elderly widows, impoverished women, Gypsies.

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Already by March this year the joke had begun to fly: “If 2020 were written as a movie script, it would be rejected as too outlandish.” And that was before progressives across the nation embarked on a curious gambit of furthering minority prosperity by burning minority businesses and neighborhoods to the ground, before the West […]

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Writer Abigail Shrier joined Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss the appeal of the transgender movement in recent years, particularly among minors and young women, and the unfortunate consequences girls have to pay as a result. Shrier is the author of “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters” and is a contributing writer at the Wall Street Journal.

Shrier argued the most powerful institutions — including social media and education — impose the idea that transgenderism as an inherently good thing. This is particularly harmful for young girls in partnership with the politically correct consensus that being a white person carries negative qualities such as racism and superiority.

Libby Emmons and Paulina Enck, joined Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss Harry Potter author and radical feminist J.K. Rowling’s stance against transgenderism. Both Emmons and Enck are contributors at The Federalist, and Emmons also serves as senior editor at The Post Millennial.

Many on the left have recently attempted to cancel Rowling for her recent essay warning against the dangers of the transgender movement. Enck, a long-time Harry Potter fan, defended Rowling’s work as valuable and impactful regardless against Rowling’s personal opinions. Emmons observed there’s a demand for artists and writers to adhere to certain ideological identities, but she argued that their work ought to remain separate. The two also dove into criticisms of cancel culture more broadly.

The Next Cultural Innovation: Throuples


OK, if you’re a naïve rube like me you might ask yourself what is a “throuple?” It turns out it’s a relatively new word formed by the blending of “three” and “couple” and it means “a long-term sexual relationship between three people” per a new entry into the Macmillan Dictionary. They must be ahead of the cultural curve from Webster’s.

You would think that the culture couldn’t sink any lower. Every day this absurdity of changing one’s gender identity takes deeper root. Today we were informed that a biological male (is there really any other kind?) will be competing against women in the Olympic trials.

The Young Americans bring their first young non-American onto the show, as National Review’s Madeleine Kearns, who hails from Scotland, discusses the ins and outs of transgenderism and young people with Jack.

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According to reliable sources, the Equal Rights Amendment has been resurrected,  with advocates demanding that, at long last, equality for women must be enshrined in the Constitution. As a teenaged feminist I dressed in suffragette-white and marched down Pennsylvania Avenue on a hot summer day, took an  impromptu and liberating dip in a  handy marble […]

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The push to foist Newspeak upon Middle America’s unconverted heathen is now in full force, as recent events in Ohio and Virginia attest. (Frankly, I’m surprised that such controversy would erupt so deep within red America. Perhaps the administrators in Portsmouth and West Point felt an extra need to demonstrate their progressive bona fides.) In both […]

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Identifying as a Champion


From the June 4th Danbury (CT) News-Times coverage of the Connecticut Girls Track Championships:

“Terry Miller of Bulkeley won the 100 meters in 11.72 seconds, beating the previous State Open record, set in 2004 by Shanea Calhoun of Wilbur Cross, by one-tenth of a second. She also won the 200 in 24.17 seconds, breaking thye (sic) previous State Open record of 24.24, which was set in 1997 by Shayla Wallace of Northwest Catholic. Miller also placed fourth in the 400 (57.61).”

Sounds like a pretty straight forward report, doesn’t it? Except for one thing. Terry Miller is a boy. He has the body of a boy. The entire body of a boy. He says he psychologically identifies as female but he has not undergone either hormone treatments or reassignment surgery.

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Senior Research Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, Ryan T. Anderson, boldly ventures into territory few scholars or pundits dare to probe much less challenge, namely the socially and politically-correct sacred space of “gender dysphoria” and transgendering in When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement (New York: Encounter Books, 2018).  While social conservatives hail […]

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Thoughts from a Former Dysphoric


When I was a little girl, I wanted badly to be a boy. Boys got to play the games I wanted to play and had an exclusive claim on the adjectives I hoped to apply to my adult self, such as courageous, honorable and adventurous. I was in the wrong body to be what I wanted to be.

I shudder now to think what would have happened to me had my parents been encouraged, by childrearing experts and the general culture, to take me seriously when I vociferously and persistently declared my desire to be a boy.

My discovery of feminism cured my gender dysphoria. The problem, as the ’70s-era feminists defined it, wasn’t that my female body and individual personality were mismatched, but that the definitions of female and male were unnecessarily and irrationally narrow and pinched.

Children: The Latest Victims of Transgenderism


I’ve written previously about the adult transgender population. I planned not to tackle the topic again, since I find it absurd and disturbing. Recently however, I realized that we have a disaster brewing, as children are being recruited as the next population to fulfill the Progressive agenda at a terrible cost.

The overall goal for all of these groups is supposedly to identify children who are confused about their sexuality; a term that is used is gender dysphoria. It’s important to point out this type of thinking in children is not unusual:

Even the American Psychological Association’s Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology admits that prior to the widespread promotion of transition affirmation, 75 to 95 percent of pre-pubertal children who were distressed by their biological sex eventually outgrew that distress. The vast majority came to accept their biological sex by late adolescence after passing naturally through puberty.

Standoff Between the President and the Military on Transgenderism


A few weeks ago, President Trump again threw the country into a tizzy by declaring a ban on transgender people in the military. Everyone was surprised, including James Mattis, Secretary of Defense. A number of factors seemed to contribute to Trump’s decision, including contradictory ones. I’d like to explore some of those here, and also explain the reasons why his decision may actually benefit not only the military, but this nation.

In studying the background for Trump’s decision, President Obama in 2011 repealed the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy but was silent regarding transgender members of the armed forces. Following that decision, however, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced that transgender people could openly serve in the military. He said:

We have transgender soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines — real patriotic Americans — who I know are being hurt by an outdated, confusing, inconsistent approach that’s contrary to our value of service and individual merit.