Gaining Ground, with Charles Murray

Charles Murray is the famous public-policy analyst whose books include “Losing Ground” (1984) and “Coming Apart” (2012). His new book is “By the People: Rebuilding Liberty without Permission.”

In this “Q&A,” Jay invites him to talk about some of the biggest issues. What is libertarianism? What is conservatism? What is Barack Obama? What is Hillary Clinton? How are race relations faring? Is America one big meth house? Are colleges worth sending your kids to these days? Do you err on the side of national security or civil liberties? Is America biting the dust?

No matter what your views, probably, you will enjoy the answers of Charles Murray, one of the most thoughtful people in this country

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  1. Benjamin Glaser Inactive
    Benjamin Glaser

    Charles Murray is the best.

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  2. Cat III Member
    Cat III

    Murray is always insightful. I hope the Madison Fund becomes more than an interesting idea. It’s clear politicians aren’t the answer conservatives are looking for.

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  3. Henry Castaigne Member
    Henry Castaigne

    Cat III: It’s clear politicians aren’t the answer conservatives are looking for.

    I know it’s like they’re droids or something.

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  4. Sowell for President Member
    Sowell for President

    Thank you for an edifying interview, which led me to buy the book (and make another donation to the Institute for Justice).

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  5. Ario IronStar Inactive
    Ario IronStar

    Extremely interesting discussion with Charles Murray which deserves multiple listenings.

    Jay broached briefly the questions of the “establishment,” and he and Mr. Murray again made the mistake of equating the foes of the establishment with the Trump supporters.  This is understandable, but serves only to demonize those who oppose the “establishment.”  Opposition to the status quo and tactics of the leadership of the Republican party is a matter of principle, and particularly to the Republican approach that sees Big Government as at least inevitable, and even preferable.  Principled conservatives see the current “surrender caucus,” as Ted Cruz puts it, as much too eager to find excuses for caving to Obama and progressives because, in the end, it is the easiest and most immediately beneficial to them.  This is a significant portion of the Republican electorate, and one which is not seduced by the opportunist positions of Trump, but supports Trump only to the extent that it sends a very effective message to the “establishment.”  These are in the end Cruz supporters, and I’m surprised that Mr. Nordlinger continues to not quite understand this.

    Having said that, I understand Mr. Murray’s preference for Marco Rubio.  Although Mr. Murray protests that one with a family cannot really be a libertarian, he maintains the preference for open borders.  As he clearly understands that the polity will determine the nature of the nation, he must believe that the de facto immigration preferences are at least as good as our current meth children.

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  6. Johnny Dubya Inactive
    Johnny Dubya

    Incredibly, the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies Murray as a “White Nationalist”!

    What a country we live in! Michael E. Mann sues Mark Steyn (for the heretofore-unknown crime of “libeling” a [fraudulently self-designated] “Nobel laureate” merely by calling his global-warming hockey stick graph “fraudulent”), thereby forcing Steyn to commit considerable time and financial resources to the case over several years.

    Meanwhile, the SPLC basically calls Murray a Nazi with no repercussions whatsoever.

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