Florida Men

The faculty lounge has been closed for repairs, and after a long absence the men of Law Talk are back with a super-sized episode. On the agenda: the rise of KBJ and the legacy of Justice Breyer; the fallout from the end of the mask mandate; the January 6 Commission’s new effort to hem in executive power; Florida tries to undo Disney World’s legal privileges; Justice Gorsuch sounds a controversial note over the treatment of American territories; and should the government give legal personhood to … bodies of water? All that plus Yoo becomes a rock star, Epstein fends off troublesome tuba players, and Senik’s got an innovative new proposal about American statehood.

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  1. jmelvin Member

    @troysenik you could have improved your commentary about the leftists screaming about the striking down of the Biden mask mandate by saying it drove them to scream into their My Pillows instead of simply into their pillow.  Random thought, but good job with these gents as usual.

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  2. Taras Coolidge

    John Yoo seems on shaky ground when he argues that the political results of elections in various states prove the public in those states supported lockdowns and mask mandates.

    People didn’t vote on the sole basis of COVID policy.  Lifelong Democrats will vote for the Democrat in the race even if they disagree with him on one or two issues.

    Furthermore, unlike in past days when everybody watched the same few TV channels, Democratic voters are largely siloed or sequestered from ever finding out what the other side really thinks.

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