Introductory Remarks

  • Mike Gonzalez, Angeles T. Arredondo E Pluribus Unum Senior Fellow, International Engagement, The Heritage Foundation

Fireside Chat

  • The Honorable Burgess Owens (R-UT), Member, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Eric Teetsel, Vice President, Government Relations, The Heritage Foundation (Moderator)

Panel I: The Capture of Higher Education Institutions

  • Jay P. Greene, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Center for Education Policy, The Heritage Foundation
  • Nicki Neily, President and Founder, Parents Defending Education
  • Sarah Parshall Perry, Senior Legal Fellow, Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, The Heritage Foundation
  • Kristina Rasmussen, Executive Director, Do No Harm
  • Lindsey Burke, PhD, Director, Center for Education Policy, The Heritage Foundation (Moderator)

Panel II: The Capture of Military Institutions

  • Earl Matthews, Former Acting General Counsel, U.S. Army (Trump Administration), and Current Judge Advocate, U.S. Army Reserve
  • Amber Smith, Former Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Outreach in Public Affairs and former Kiowa Warrior Pilot, U.S. Army
  • Will Thibeau, Director of the American Military Project, The Claremont Institute, and former Infantry Officer, U.S. Army
  • JV Venable, Senior Research Fellow, Defense Policy, Allison Center for National Security, The Heritage Foundation, and former Fighter Pilot and Commander of the Thunderbirds, U.S. Air Force (Moderator)

Panel III: Donors, the Media, and Corporate America

  • Andy Olivastro, Chief Advancement Officer, The Heritage Foundation
  • Aaron Sibarium, Reporter, Washington Free Beacon
  • Armen Tooloee, Chief of Staff of Christopher Rufo
  • Jonathan Butcher, Senior Research Fellow in Education Policy, Center for Education Policy, The Heritage Foundation (Moderator)


The successful campaign to oust the presidents of Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania has made clear that a window of opportunity has opened in the struggle against DEI and CRT. This window opened when Americans, especially those in the center, watched in horror as students – indoctrinated into a narrative of oppressor vs. oppressed – threw their support behind the Hamas terrorists who committed atrocities in Israel on October 7. We must keep this window open.


Join us to hear from experts in national defense, medicine, and education, along with journalists uncovering DEI and CRT’s capture of a wide range of institutions. From medical schools to the military and law schools to corporations, see how this pernicious ideology has made its way into every facet of American institutions and what can be done to reverse course.


This half-day event will begin with a fireside chat between Congressman Burgess Owens and Heritage Vice President Eric Teetsel.

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