Spencer Klavan, host of “The Young Heretics” podcast, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky for a conversation focused on the philosophy of the modern left, from Nietzsche to Foucault to Darwin. Klavan also contextualizes this moment of cultural anxiety from a historical perspective and discusses how unprecedented technology is influencing our politics and culture.

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  1. Mark Alexander Coolidge
    Mark Alexander

    Excellent conversation! Can’t wait for Spencer’s podcasts on the great Russian writers!

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  2. Aaron Miller Member
    Aaron Miller

    We need to stop excusing people for refusing to take risks for their freedoms. The fewer people who stand for truth and justice, the harsher the penalties and the bolder our opponents. If only a few will risk much, then much will be on the line. We need everybody in this fight. 

    All can be called to courage without eagerly accusing our fellows of cowardice. 

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  3. Aaron Miller Member
    Aaron Miller

    In Portland, the response to attempted murder, assaults on police, and arson has been to hide behind defenses and seek arrests later. Violence was met with reservation, so the rioting continued for months. 

    Likewise, the public, regular, and forceful denial of such basic realities as the two immutable sexes is a barbarism which defies the polite nuance of civilized intellectualism. It requires a simple and brutal response — to immediately dismiss it as idiocy and intolerable trash. 

    That’s why the less urban areas of the country where rioters and vandals couldn’t gain a foothold are the same places where gender dysphoria is rare and denied public spectacle. We don’t need cunning arguments against base corruption. We just need the will to call a spade a spade.

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  4. Tedley Member

    I’m with @markalexander, great podcast!  Following the advice of other podcasts, I just gave it a 5-star rating. 

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