With Super Tuesday behind us, Election 2024 is at full throttle, and Ricochet’s Dave Carter has Talk Radio extraordinaire Brian Rust on speed dial. Talk Radio host-extraordinaire Brian Rust masters Panama City Beach’s morning drive time from his post at News Talk 101 FM. The Brian Rust Show is heard across the country, around the world and even in the corridors of power in Washington DC.

As the conversation unfolds, you’ll hear an assessment of Super Tuesday, some advice for presumptive Republican Nominee Donald Trump, what a succesfull campaign would look like, and a diagnosis on the utter inability of leftist media elites (pardon the redundancy) to understand the struggle of everyday Americans in dire circumstances of President Biden’s own making.

Then, Dave and his cast of characters get together for a laugh out loud romp through the day’s headlines. There’s plenty to think on and laugh at in this episode, brought as always with a wry smile and a compelling narrative. Grab the popcorn, pour a drink, and enjoy!

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  1. Internet's Hank Contributor
    Internet's Hank

    Good to hear from you Dave!

    I have more sympathy for the idea of nonbinary elections than I do for nonbinary genders but in both cases as soon as you start down that road things get icky quick.

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