A Politics Free Zone

There is a place for politics, but not necessarily every place. Convinced that some aspects of life should remain beyond that gritty business, Dave Carter sat down for a conversation with someone he describes as, “a generous, wise, and grand lady.” Ruth Allen has seen enough to fill several volumes on life’s most important lessons. A Native American Indian, Ms. Allen has served as the Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the State of Tennessee.  Her titles and accomplishments include everything from public office to being an EMT and a Red Cross Instructor who deployed to St. Thomas to provide disaster relief after Hurricane Hugo to chatting with a sitting US President and Vice President.  There’s much more, but we’ll let Ruth tell you in this fascinating and very compelling interview.  Oh yes, and Ms. Allen is also Dave’s mother in-law, so he is on his best behavior in this one.

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  1. Blondie Thatcher

    What a delightful podcast! Thank you so much Dave and Ruth! What a joy and a blessing it must be to have her in your life. Listening to you guys talk also reminds me how important it is to talk to those older than ourselves to get some record of history from their eyes. Oh the things they have seen and experienced. Thanks again for this podcast. You are a great asset to this site.

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  2. Lily Bart Inactive
    Lily Bart

    Blondie (View Comment):
    What a delightful podcast!

    I fully agree – very enjoyable.   Thank you for sharing this interview with us.

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  3. CRD Member

    Delightful! Thank you, Dave. Thank you, Ms. Allen!

    • #3
  4. Dave Carter Podcaster
    Dave Carter

    Thanks everyone.  The interview was a real treat for me as well.

    • #4
  5. Max Ledoux Coolidge
    Max Ledoux

    I enjoyed listening to Ruth talk about her life. I look forward to future episodes of you talking to “normal” people.

    • #5
  6. Ida Claire Member
    Ida Claire

    Your interview with DC Macallister was great, but this episode with Mrs Allen was truly special. You are now officially my favorite podcast. Thank you!

    • #6
  7. Arahant Member

    Thanks for sharing your mother-in-law, Dave. She was a delight.

    • #7
  8. John Park Member
    John Park

    I downloaded this one and listen when I’m driving. Thank you for introducing us to a true point of light!

    • #8
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