When you turn on the TV these days, you’re bombarded with negative stories and talking heads claiming America is a no-good, very bad place. It can be hard to grow up in an environment where it seems like everyone thinks America’s best days are behind her.

Many young Americans believe such dark prognostications about the evil of America, and are convinced that their country is a lost cause.

But rapper, podcaster, and life coach Zuby disagrees.

“You should be hopeful, because what is the alternative?” Zuby asks. “The alternative is being pessimistic and negative and black-pilled, and that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you don’t think you can win the game, why would you even play?”

He adds: “If you live in the Western world, you’re American, you’re British, you’re Canadian, and you exist in this time period, in 2022, you have it immediately, off the bat, better off than at least 90% of people who have ever walked the face of this planet.”

Zuby joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss why it’s so important to remain hopeful about the nation’s future.

We also cover these stories:

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  • Twitter introduces new moderation policies designed to combat so-called misinformation on the social media platform before the midterm elections in November.



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