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  1. Boethius1261972 Coolidge

    Solipsistic Noah pounding his fists repeating over and over that populists are bad, bad, bad, while demonstrating why so-called experts have no clue about the real world…And someone please find the tape where John was all in on mask and vaccine mandates and stay-at-home orders thereby endorsing the insane spending of the last two years.

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  2. WilliamWarford Coolidge

    Great ending, Noah! Righteous anger. Sadly, most people will just hear that “Biden is solving the baby formula crisis” and go on with their lives. The ineptitude of this administration is way beyond anything I feared. I suspect the NYT-WaPo-networks will turn on him after the midterms in hopes of boosting a Dem challenger who could win in ’24. 

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  3. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Alrighty the podcast died mid play back and I lost the post I was writing… Refreshing the page never fixes it, but I try it every time anyhow…

    No abortion will not be a driver in the mid term elections when gasoline is $6-$7 a gallon. Single issue voters on that issue are very small minorities (in both parties) the vast majority of people will be much more concerned about the gas price than any other single issue. SO let democrats focus on that issue – it’ll be a disaster for them.

    The Airing of Grievances is the first step in having them addressed. You have to realize that this political class have no idea what the grievances of the general public are. So if we have a congress that just Aires the Grievances for its first 6 months, or year – maybe they can get around addressing some of them… Inflation, Crime, Supply Chain crisis, all of these problems have all been downplayed by the administration for the last year… Inflation is transitory, Crime is a non-story, Supply Chain is a first world problem…etc etc… They address every problem solely as a messaging problem – That they only need find the right catch phrase to explain it all… Putin’s Price Hike, Ultra MAGA…

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