The refusal both of Columbia University officials and New York City’s mayor to confront and end the siege of the school’s campus and the open threats to Jews is the culmination of 40 years of academic rot, and we describe why. Also: The House passes aid to Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and moves to end Chinese Communist control of TikTok. Is this a new path forward or a one-off success for House Speaker Johnson? Give a listen.

Jonathan Schanzer joins the podcast for an immediate after-action report on the details of the Israeli strike on Iran, whether deterrence has been reestablished, and how last night might represent the most significant game-changing moment in recent Middle Eastern history. And what’s this? Columbia University throws the book at the Hamas-supporting tent city on its campus and has the NYPD arrest more than 100 people? Is this a game-changer too? Give a listen.

That’s the advice of podcast guest Liel Leibovitz, zooming in from Tel Aviv to discuss the Columbia hearings before the House yesterday and how the anti-Semitism revealed there has unmistakable echoes of past horrors—and threatens future horrors. Give a listen.

Joe Biden is having a good month at the polls, but Donald Trump is finding new and inventive ways to campaign for president despite his humiliating courtroom experience—will it help? And do Israelis want a strong strike against Iran or not? And what is Mike Johnson doing? Give a listen.

Yesterday’s protests in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle suggest again that the pro-Hamas Left is moving into a new and more dangerous phase, one in which they are openly chanting “Death to America” and may be readying violent acts of “resistance.” The parallels to the 1960s are unmistakable. And things are only going to get more heated as Israel does what it has to in Rafah and against Iran. Give a listen.

A full house of COMMENTARY podcasters today as we try to reckon with the many possibilities relating to Iran’s repelled attack on Israel—and the fact that America now seems fixated yet again on holding Israel back rather than making Iran pay for its aggression. Give a listen.

The death of OJ Simpson this week prompts us to discuss everything that changed in the wake of the murders he committed, the escape he bungled, and the trial at which he was acquitted. Also, what are we to make of the chatter about Iran striking Israel imminently? Give a listen.

Iran is said to be preparing or on the verge of a direct strike on Israel, and it’s not clear Americans know about it. They will when it happens, and we discuss why they’d do it and what Joe Biden has done to suggest to them it might be worth the cost. Republicans in the House continue to display paralysis. Sonia Sotomayor continues to serve on the Supreme Court despite liberal efforts to get her to quit. And the Japanese prime minister is here! Give a listen.

Joe Biden tells an interviewer Israel should do a unilateral ceasefire for six to eight weeks. Tom Friedman of the New York Times explains there’s a 5 percent chance for a Palestinian state and that we should focus on that 5 percent. People are yelling “Death to America” inside America and the president says nothing. What on earth is going on here? We try to explain. Give a listen.

Did Donald Trump help or hurt his chances in November with his statement yesterday that he did not want federal action on abortion? Did Joe Biden help or hurt his chances in November by announcing a new effort to pay off student-loan debt? Did Wolodymyr Zelensky help or hurt his nation’s future by saying Ukraine would lose the war if the American aid package stalled in the House didn’t pass? Did Bibi Netanyahu help or hurt his nation by acceding to Joe Biden’s demands over the weekend and then declaring there is a date certain for the invasion of Rafah? Give a listen.

Today’s podcast tries to make sense out of the Biden administration’s now-undeniable harsh turn against Israel and the incomprehensible behavior of the Israeli government over the last 48 hours in relation to the war in Gaza, the negotiations over the hostages, and the threat from Hezbollah. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast reels in horror from the administration response to the tragic errors that led to the Israeli attack on a food convoy and how it represents what may be the final turn of the Bidenites against the war effort to extirpate Hamas. Give a listen.

Today we talk about the increasing failure of Joe Biden’s contradictory position on Israel. He’s now all but accused Israel of a war crime but will continue to supply it with weapons of war. Israel’s supporters are fed up with his rhetoric and Israel-haters are fed up with his policy. Moreover, his incoherence is inviting Iranian aggression. We also discuss the unique success of NATO as it turns 75 and what Mike Johnson may or not do to push Ukraine aid. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast takes up the question of the Biden administration’s problematic response to the tragic strike on a food aid convoy in Gaza—something for which Israel took immediate responsibility and for which it apologized wholeheartedly at the highest levels with little effect on the condemnations that continue to pour on its head. Meanwhile, Biden’s polling continues to suggest a loss in November with no changes in strategy from Biden or his people. Give a listen.

Today we discuss unforgivable acts of Jew-hatred—including a riot outside a synagogue where money was being raised to help a Jewish burial society—and forgivable tragic events that occur during war. There is a difference. A big difference. Also, a beautiful statement by a grieving Israeli father and Donald Trump’s very good day in and out of court. Give a listen.

Today Jonathan Schanzer joins the podcast to talk about what’s been going on in public and behind the scenes between American and Israeli officials regarding a ground operation in Rafah. How much longer can Israel afford to wait? And what can we learn from the drone attack on an Israeli naval base over the weekend? But first we discuss the White House’s declaring Easter Sunday Transgender Day of Visibility. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast takes up the 25 year sentence for the $8 billion fraud committed by “effective altruist” Sam Bankman-Fried, and what his law-professor mother’s effort to excuse away his criminal conduct tells us about the mindset of the leftist elite. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast pays tribute to the life, times, and political wisdom of Joe Lieberman, who died yesterday at the age of 82. What was so special about him and why are we unlikely to see his style of politics and political interaction at work in American public life any time soon? Give a listen.

Today’s podcast talks about how the bridge collapse in Maryland may accelerate the trust crisis in the country, already accelerating because nobody really knows or understands the condition and strength of the president of the United States. Give a listen.

Eli Lake joins the podcast to discuss the American abstention from yesterday’s UN Security Council ceasefire resolution. Why is the Biden administration saying the policy hasn’t changed when the policy has changed? Who exactly is being gaslit and how does this make an Israeli operation in Rafah any less likely? We also talk about the rise in violent crime and how it relates to the larger sense of unraveling. Give a listen.