Autumn, My Favorite Season


I have always preferred Autumn to any other season. Summer heat does not agree with me, and I am always happy to feel the air become crisper, the clouds more defined, and even the days getting shorter. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, “fall colors” aren’t as widespread as in some other places because most trees are evergreen. But we do get some nice spots of color. Even my own backyard features a couple of Japanese Maple trees that turn a very pretty red in autumn. Ray nicknamed this one “Fluffy”:

Japanese maple in our backyard

Ray and I are pretty lucky that our wedding anniversary is in October, and we went to Victoria, BC, on our honeymoon in 2003. We stayed at the Inn at Laurel Point and make a point to go back there on occasion at this time of year. The Inn has (or had — last time we were there, it was under destruction) a very beautiful garden in back, with all sorts of beautiful maple trees turning various colors of red and yellow.

Recognize anyone in this picture?

When in Victoria, we sometimes visit the Butchart Gardens, which are always aglow with fall colors. We especially like the Japanese Garden, with its maple trees and water features.

Closer to home, we often go to the alpine town of Leavenworth, mostly in the summer for the Accordion Celebration. But we also like the fall, where the deciduous trees that dot the hillsides add spots and ribbons of color. Tumwater Canyon is often the site of forest fires in the early fall, and the deciduous trees and shrubs sometimes plant themselves among the evergreens.

Next week, we leave for Hillsdale in Michigan, and the assumption is that the fall colors there will be very beautiful, as there are more oak and other kinds of hardwood trees on the campus. Me being a picture-taking fool, I expect to return with some very nice photos.

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  1. Al French, sad sack Moderator
    Al French, sad sack

    I love Butchert Gardens, though I’ve only been in the summer.

    Lovely pictures.

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  2. Kay of MT Inactive
    Kay of MT

    Very lovely. And have a good time in Michigan. Looking forward to your photos.

    Northwest Montana is getting a brutal storm this week-end, strong winds, temp drop below 30, and snow up to 2 feet. I spent the day getting all my wool carpets laid out, have a new heater, and put my feather quilt on my bed.  Oh, and I took my pot of artificial flowers in so they don’t get blown away.

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  3. Ray Kujawa Coolidge
    Ray Kujawa

    I recommended the North Cascades highway (SR20) and the state route through Darrington (SR530) to a former East Coaster looking for fall colors in Washington state.

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  4. Arahant Member

    RushBabe49: Recognize anyone in this picture?

    Did you nickname him “Fluffy,” too?

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  5. Clifford A. Brown Contributor
    Clifford A. Brown

    I am greatly enjoying the variety of Autumn experiences expressed in words and wonderful photographs this month. This latest entry is sure to provoke contention with @richardfinlay, who has asked the important question: Autumn Colors: Myth or Conspiracy?

    This post is part of our Group Writing Series under the September 2019 Group Writing Theme: “Autumn Colors.” October’s theme is “Trick or Treat!” Treat yourself to a post, nothing tricky about it. Our schedule and sign-up sheet awaits.

    Interested in Group Writing topics that came before? See the handy compendium of monthly themes. Check out links in the Group Writing Group. You can also join the group to get a notification when a new monthly theme is posted.

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  6. Richard Finlay Inactive
    Richard Finlay

    Et tu @rushbabe49?

    I should be from Missouri, (I have been thru MO many times, so in a very narrow technical sense, I guess I currently am from there, among other places) I need to see it with my own eyes.  However, I admire the artistic artistry displayed, no matter how generated.

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  7. Samuel Block Support
    Samuel Block


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