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Autumn, My Favorite Season


I have always preferred Autumn to any other season. Summer heat does not agree with me, and I am always happy to feel the air become crisper, the clouds more defined, and even the days getting shorter. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, “fall colors” aren’t as widespread as in some other places because most trees are evergreen. But we do get some nice spots of color. Even my own backyard features a couple of Japanese Maple trees that turn a very pretty red in autumn. Ray nicknamed this one “Fluffy”:

Japanese maple in our backyard

The Colors of Autumn Break My Heart


It is fall at Toad Hall. The summer growth of weeds has slowed down and I can finally get ahead of them. The lawn no longer needs to be mowed every five days. The peaches have all been harvested and either eaten or frozen. The sunflowers loom at every corner, many still in flower but others laden with their massive ripening seed-heads that will feed many birds this winter.

The day-old chicks we brought home in April began laying eggs a week or so ago. Although they are glorious looking birds, we all agree they are the stupidest flock of chickens we have kept in more than a decade of keeping chickens. Their eggs are on the small side, but at least a quarter of them have been double-yokers.