An Open Letter to My Lungs


Whaaaat? Whyyy? For two months now, you’re trying really hard to jump right out of my chest! Stop the coughing already. Enough.

Haven’t I treated you well my whole life?  I never smoked cigarettes. Yes, yes, I did marry a smoker, but he tossed the pack in the fireplace when we had our first baby two years later — didn’t want to set a bad example. So, I’ve lived smoke-free for decades.

And, I did bring you into this world in the high Rocky Mountains where the air was so clear you could count the craters on the moon at night. I worked hard all year round, so you got plenty of oxygen circulating through every little alveoli regularly.

After that, you got to breathe in ocean air! Come on — Pacific coast ocean breezes! It was never 25 below zero; it was always moist and just the right temperature.

We did spend those years in the humid, tree-covered East Coast. I know that the pollen count was a bit much sometimes. But, again — I exercised you, I kept you out of the city smog as much as possible — we lived in the woods!

So, why am I being treated so poorly this winter? You’ve been here in the desert for over a decade without complaint until now. What is causing the persistent heaving, hacking, panting that you’ve been involved with since Thanksgiving?

I’m over it! Give me a hint of what I can do, please. Winter is on the wane. Knock it off already! Summer is coming and I need to be able to breathe freely so I can swim with the grandchildren. I want my breath back!

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  1. Jules PA Inactive
    Jules PA

    CG, I hope you’ve been to the doctor for your cough.

    I had a long lingering cough once (4 months) and a strong narcotic cough medicine that knocked me out for about a weekend, followed by several weeks with an asthma inhaler worked to heal my lungs from the chronic cough and irritation. It was a freak thing for an adult to have croup. I never even finished all the doses in the inhaler. It has never come back.

    Get better. Soon.

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  2. Front Seat Cat Member
    Front Seat Cat

    Yes – head to the doc and get some strong meds – my sister in law got pneumonia a few weeks ago and my mother in law the flu – both had the flu and pneumonia shot – this winter don’t mess around – this flu season is scary – drink lots of hot chicken soup broth and hot peppermint tea – and rest – God bless!

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  3. Arahant Member

    I know the feeling. The in is easy, the out is harder and makes funny sounds.

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  4. Clifford A. Brown Contributor
    Clifford A. Brown

    Have you tried a humidifier at night? I had a nagging sore throat and dry cough for months last winter in the desert — finally bought a humidifier for the bedroom, stopped waking up, and started feeling better. I deny age might have anything to do with membranes drying out. Stopped running the humidifier after a month of no symptoms and haven’t needed to pull it out of the closet since.

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  5. PHCheese Inactive

    I was having some problems and went to a  Pulmonologist . Seems at the age of 70 I came up with  asthma brought on by the gerd. I now use a oncea day inhaler that has me breathing easy again. Suggest you consult one.

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  6. Trink Coolidge

    I’m late to this.  How are you doing?

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