Is Harry Reid All There?


At what point do Democrats admit that Harry Reid, well, isn’t all there?

The 74-year-old former boxer has often tossed around unsourced smears to gain a brief political advantage, but now one wonders if he took too many blows to the head. Reid’s current obsession with long-time libertarian donors Charles and David Koch is  downright nonsensical. He’s making increasingly bizarre allegations with little apparent benefit.

Over the past few months, the addled Senate Majority Leader has blamed the Brothers Koch for everything from the stalled minimum wage debate to the crisis in Ukraine. But Reid’s most recent rant blamed these two private American citizens for climate change itself.

With even liberal reporters scratching their heads over Reid’s outlandish accusations, one assumes many Democrats are as well. Voters expect politicians to shade the truth, but at this point the cartoonish conspiracy mongering only harms the party’s credibility. These are the rants of an addled old man hollering from his porch.

Reid’s highly paid staff couldn’t have written that the Kochs “are one of the main causes of [climate change]. Not a cause, one of the main causes.” The Majority Leader is obviously wandering off script, thinking he is helping his argument. At what point do Democrats and Reid’s constituents begin to worry about the Senate Leader’s mental health?

For those wondering if I’m being serious, a quick exit question:

Imagine that the Majority Leader’s office announced tomorrow that Harry Reid had been diagnosed with early-stage dementia. What would your first reaction be?

A) “That can’t be!”

B) “Oh, that explains it.”

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  1. Fredösphere Inactive

    I’m afraid the question Dems ask themselves is not, “Is Harry Reid All There?” but rather, “Is Harry Reid Useful?” On his current trajectory, Reid will eventually become too crazy to be useful, but in the topsy-turvy imperatives of Democratic party politics, Reid apparently has not yet reached that point.

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  2. EJHill Podcaster

    Useful. Idiot.

    Steyer Circus

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  3. DocJay Inactive

    I know for a fact he had a mild stroke.   I also know for a fact that he has periodic memory lapses.

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  4. WI Con Member
    WI Con

    Though I don’t like the ‘rush to the courts’ prevalent in modern American society, this is getting beyond weird. Do the Koch’s have any kind of legal recourse?

    Oh, answer #2

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  5. user_82762 Inactive


    Have you no heart Jon?!  Old Harry, why he’s just a little lost.  Did you know he had an acting career when he was young.  Just so you realize the depth of this man, I’m posting one of his stellar performances below.  He plays Donald in this sequence.  What a range of emotion he displays.  I wonder why he gave up acting for politics.  There’s a story there somewhere.



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  6. user_10225 Member

    Perhaps the thinking here is

    1. Harry really believes all this Koch nonsense
    2. We’re going to lose the Senate in 2016, so burn, baby, burn
    3. Harry is just lending voice to what the left really believes
    4. He’s 74, it won’t be long until he retires
    5. Corruption charges are on  the way, start working on an insanity defense
    6. Harry has an unrequited  Koch bromance, and ink wells no longer abound for pigtail dipping

    Fare thee well, Harry.

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  7. user_129440 Member

    I’m no doctor and I don’t play one on TV, but it’s obvious that Reid is not all there. Any political party that keeps a mentally impaired person in a position of leadership is simply not serious about governing.

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  8. tabula rasa Inactive
    tabula rasa

    My late mother experienced some serious dementia the last three years of her life. That said, she was never as delusional as good old Harry.

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  9. user_519396 Member

    Reid takes full advantage of the “speech or debate” clause every time he opens his mouth. If he were not a Senator, he’d be defending himself in a defamation suit. Many of his bizarre, slanderous and malicious statements are actionable. Starting with the accusation that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes.

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  10. J Flei Inactive
    J Flei

    This would be great material for an SNL-type spoof (which of course will probably never happen).  

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  11. Nick Stuart Inactive
    Nick Stuart

    He’s simply repeating what the voices tell him.

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  12. concerned citizen Member
    concerned citizen

    I think there is something else at play here, too.  Democrats know that they simply will not be held accountable for what they say.  So they relish throwing fuel on the partisan fire, accusing their GOP opponents of hating women, being evil, being felons, you name it, even if it is completely made up.   Anything goes.   They are never called on it.   It’s got to make Democrats a bit cocky to have that kind of free rein. 

    With Harry Reid you take that arrogance, and add to it his (obvious)  intellectual laziness.  Then add to that his probable declining mental acuity, and you’ve got the despicable, embarrassing human spectacle that is Harry Reid.

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  13. user_138562 Moderator

    The last couple of years Harry Reid reminds me more and more of this guy.

    Yes, J Flei, Saturday Night Live should do a sketch of Harry Reid accusing the Koch brothers of everything from the Nigerian girls school mass kidnapping to hiding his car keys.

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  14. user_7742 Inactive

    A former boxer? Obviously was and still is a super lightweight. The only thing more amazing than someone of Reid’s (cough) intellectual prowess who was able to achieve his position as Senate Majority Leader is that Nancy Pelosi actually was once Speaker of the House and in the line of succession for President of the United States. It’s enough to give someone nightmares.

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  15. Michael S Inactive
    Michael S

    I was told by an extremely credible source that he has not taken his meds for 10 years.

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  16. Wordcooper Inactive

    I was told by a very credible source that the Koch brothers are beaming stupid rays at him every time he steps outside.

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  17. Pilli Inactive

    If Harry proposes nothing of substance, He can’t be held responsible for hurting any Democrat constituent.  But Harry needs to talk.  So he just keeps stirring the pot and keeps the focus OFF the poor job the Dems are doing.

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  18. Hydrogia Inactive

    It is true that nothing can be located there, however it can be verified that the squirrel in his head is running very fast.

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  19. user_75648 Thatcher

    The Left’s primary technique is framing indictments.  They really don’t care about what they pretend to care about–otherwise they would repudiate Islamists over clitoridectomies, Bill Clinton for serial sexual harassment, using “disparate impact” as a basis for  affirmative action because it commits the federal government to enforcing racial preferences and so on.  The Left only uses these indictments as weapons against their true enemies: traditional Americans who prefer a limited government.

    I read somewhere–can’t recall where–that as a practical matter in a court of law that “truth” is effectively somewhere between that which will be accepted to be true and that which cannot be disproven.  I think that is why Harry Reid is making these wild claims: because he feels that enough people will be unable to tell that he is lying and vote accordingly in November.

    I do not believe that Harry believes what he is saying.
    I do not believe that Harry expects his comments to be accepted by anybody with critical thinking skills or a modicum of understanding of how the world works. He isn’t talking to these folks; he’s talking to–trying to persuade–the low informational voters. 

    You’re not watching a man who’s past his dotage.  You’re watching battle-space preparation.

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  20. user_199279 Coolidge

    John Hendrix:

    You’re not watching a man who’s past his dotage. You’re watching battle-space preparation.

     I think we’re seeing an aging guy who doesn’t know any other way, and you’re right, he’s prepping the field.  Democrats are better at this.  They push, we respond – in other words, they’re always on the offensive.  It’s easier to be this way if, at core, you’re for expanding something.  If you’re conservative, you want less, so you hold back, and restrain where you can.

    Jim Jeffords was a Vermont rep and senator for many years, and he “retired” in 2005.  From what I understand, he was seriously incapacitated with dementia and despite the public statements, his staff was running the show.  This from a guy who flipped from R to D in 2001 (called himself an “independent” but yeah, ok).  

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:  It requires dynamite to get these addicted-to-power clowns out of office.  They do not live in the same world we do.

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