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Beyoncé is Correct: “Y’all Haters Corny with that Illuminati Mess”


shutterstock_319181906As everyone knows, one of the things that is expressly forbidden here at Ricochet is trafficking in conspiracy theories. Beyoncé herself takes the “haters” and conspiracy theorists to task in her most recent video. Case closed, obviously.

But what makes people believe in these kinds of things? Why do people insist on vast conspiracies, whether they’re “right wing” ones (thanks, Hillary!) or the “new world order” direct from the Trilateral Commission? (Don’t click on the second link, by the way … Life is too short.)


Is Harry Reid All There?


At what point do Democrats admit that Harry Reid, well, isn’t all there?

The 74-year-old former boxer has often tossed around unsourced smears to gain a brief political advantage, but now one wonders if he took too many blows to the head. Reid’s current obsession with long-time libertarian donors Charles and David Koch is downright nonsensical. He’s making increasingly bizarre allegations with little apparent benefit.