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Is it really Easter and Passover weekend already? What happened to the first few months of 2022? Time is flying by, and summer will be here before we know it. (For those of us in Arizona, we’d like to delay that dry heat for as long as possible, thank you very much.) Whether you’re spending your weekend hiding chocolate-filled eggs, attending a family Seder, or just spending time with friends and family, we hope you get some R&R.

As you’re kicking back, check out all the content we gathered for you below, including:

  • Three Member Feed posts you may have missed (two about what could put a damper on the midterms and one about the morale of Russian soldiers).
  • Our favorite Main Feed post about how you know the left has gone too far.
  • Ricochet’s upcoming live event in the Big Apple.
  • The member comment of the week.

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Top Talkers

Nanocelt TheContrarian:

Republicans seem to be sitting back waiting for Democrats to self-immolate and hand control of the House and the Senate (and maybe a lot of State offices) back to Republicans. Republicans seem to be taking a page out of Joe Biden’s campaign playbook: Hide in the basement and let your opponent twist in the wind.

So begins post regarding the November elections. Needless to say, he’s not predicting a smashing success for the Republican Party. Based on the GOP and Democratic Party’s track records, Nanocelt expects some familiar obstacles. As he notes, Republicans don’t have some key forces on their side, such as the media. Then there’s the potential election fraud, from absent chains of custody to demands to count ballots received after Election Day. We admit, it’s a bit nerve wracking to think about all of that, but we also can’t just ignore it. It’s sobering but interesting reading.

Victor Tango Kilo:

So, November 2022 is looking pretty good unless the Republican Party does something mind-boggling stupid.

Huh? What’s that RNC? You want me to hold your beer? Oh… Oh…

doesn’t see a clear path to total Republican victory in the midterms, thanks to some GOP senators joining bipartisan legislation on immigration reform. He’s concerned about what could result, including immediate legal status for those in the country illegally. Victor notes, “When even left-wing senators are saying (while not really meaning it) that border security is a problem, this isn’t a time to be looking for a way to pass the same-old ‘Amnesty Now, Border Security Later, Maybe’ scheme.” The post has generated a fair amount of discussion so far, including some interesting solutions for immigration reform.


I sense that in this war, the guy trying to surrender is just as likely to get shot, as the guy still actively fighting, so perhaps there are relatively little in numbers that either try or succeed to defect.

As the fighting in Ukraine rages on, there’s been discussion about the morale of soldiers from that country and Russia. In this short post, ponders how things are going with the Russian military based on recent reporting. He also invites discussion, specifically regarding data on prisoners of war and defectors — and what a lack of such data could mean. We love posts like this that invite conversation, as civil discussions on a variety of topics are a critical part of the community.

But Wait, There’s More

Mark Your Calendar for the Ricochet and America’s Future Bar Crawl

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Our bar crawl will start at 3 p.m. Saturday, May 14, at , located at 233 West St., New York, NY 10013.

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Bar Crawl New Member Link

Main Feed Spotlight

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Here’s one of our favorite Main Feed posts from this past week.

Dr. Bastiat:

Today’s Democrat rallies aren’t about the financial concerns of the underclass. They’re about the rights of transsexual children to take puberty-blocking drugs. That won’t gain them many votes among, well, among anybody who visits the real world from time to time.

You know the Democratic Party has swung too far to the left when you find yourself praising the common sense of Al Sharpton. shares how even Rev. Al is warning progressives that they’ve lost touch with their own base.

Comment of the Week

The Member Feed isn’t the only thing that keeps people coming back for more at Ricochet. The comments do, too, serving as the backbone of the smart, civil conversation that makes us us. This week’s comment of the week is from , pulled from about the potential consequences of Republicans joining bipartisan immigration efforts.

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