A Cornucopia of Ironies


From the revelation that the whole Russia collusion narrative was the result of dirty tricks played by the Hillary Clinton campaign to the validation of the Hunter Biden laptop leaks, to the realization that the Biden administration knows nothing about how corporations make money and pay their taxes, current events are a cornucopia of ironies.

It was Trump who was supposedly a US embarrassment before the world.  Progressives wanted a leader who the world, especially Europe, would respect, and they thought that world leaders were laughing at Trump.  It turns out that it is Biden who has utterly lost the respect of the world both for himself and for the US by his feckless abandonment of Afghanistan, leaving the Taliban in charge and leaving US citizens and allies stranded there.  It is hard to describe the complete loss of status that the US has suffered in the West.  Biden has most likely destroyed NATO and has removed the US from the world stage for all intents and purposes.  Western nations will no longer look to the US for leadership and are starting to regard American cultural influence as pernicious.

Trump was supposedly war-like and would get us into more wars.  But instead, he stabilized our relationship with North Korea, started no new conflicts, and got the Abraham accords put in place in the Middle East.  Trump wanted to pull out of Afghanistan, but he never would have done so without a proper deal and a plan for withdrawal.

Biden has greatly increased the danger we and the rest of the free world face by showing the US to be weak.  We can’t even control our own borders.

Clearly, they don’t regard the US and American culture as worth defending.

As a result, China has become more belligerent, recently flying sorties totaling 80 fighters and bombers over Taiwan.

And at this desperate time, we don’t have the sort of leader that we need.  God knows that even with the divisiveness and rancor, even with the bureaucracy having a screaming temper tantrum and Antifa burning the cities down, we’d be better off now if Trump were re-elected.

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  1. Django Member

    Taiwan Says It’s Preparing for War as China Sends a Record 52 Warplanes Into Taiwan Airspace (thegatewaypundit.com)

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  2. GlennAmurgis Coolidge

    Back to the norms of DC 

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  3. I Walton Member
    I Walton

    It seems China is in charge of Biden, and the digital companies don’t mind, care, or perhaps even know, as they’re happy with access to China and are run by people who know nothing about the world other than what works in the short term for their businesses. 

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  4. I Walton Member
    I Walton

    It’s all about China because China is in charge.   Were he not President, Biden believes he or at least his son might  be in jail precisely because China could threaten to make their deals public one way or another.   God knows what’s going on in that deranged poor old brain but the deals were real and the Chinese know how to exploit that kind of power.

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  5. BDB Coolidge

    Roderic: […]even with the bureaucracy having a screaming temper tantrum and Antifa burning the cities down, we’d be better off now if Trump were re-elected

    Yes.  And by the way, those are not reasons for dumping a President.  Those are reasons for dumping a bureaucracy and for making sure that Antifa eats pavement.

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  6. Henry Racette Member
    Henry Racette

    Better off with Trump? Well, yes, I think so. In fact, better off with anyone but Biden any Democrat.

    The D.C. political parties are split in a way I think the nation really isn’t. More to the point, the D.C. Democratic Party is split from the rest of America in a way we haven’t seen in a very long time. That’s why the press downplays the crazy people in D.C. who have outsized influence in the Democratic party.

    Our own Rob Long made a comment on the flagship podcast the other day that America “is a center-left country.” I think he’s wrong, and that America is a center-right country with a left/very-left elite class that shapes the narrative so that people believe we are a left-leaning country. No conspiracy, just shared sympathies because they all think they’re smarter and wiser and, well, better than the normal people who make up our country and keep it functioning.

    We have a progressive left at war with everyone else. That should be a lopsided fight, but having the craven heads of academia, media, and government all either on board or cowering in fear that they’ll be exposed as unwoke gives the left a huge advantage.

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