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New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu joins Jim and Greg to explain why he turned down persistent GOP efforts to get him to run for U.S. Senate this year and why he strongly prefers to run for governor again. Gov. Sununu also talks about where he sees the Republican Party heading, and what it will take to win in swing states this year and in 2024. In addition, they discuss what the Republican agenda ought to be for fighting inflation and dig into Gov. Sununu’s record on school choice and abortion. Finally, Jim and Greg ask whether New Hampshire should always get to bat leadoff in the presidential primary season.


Why Electing Speaker Donald Trump Would Be Best for Everyone


Let’s face it: we need to put Trump somewhere until he’s struck with dementia or he visits what Shakespeare called the “undiscovered country.”

What better position than Speaker of the House of Representatives. He doesn’t have to be a member of Congress. And, this way, he doesn’t have to run for President again. But, best of all, he gets to be at the center of attention. Who wouldn’t want to read the expression on his face as Biden is (nervously, to be sure) giving a SOTU address? Now, lest you think this is purely tongue-in-cheek or fanciful thinking, keep in mind that at least 4 groups benefit.

Let’s walk through it:

Barabbas and the Swamp


Have you ever wondered why, when Pontius Pilate gave voters a choice between Jesus and Barabbas, the voters chose Barabbas? More than that, when Pontius Pilate asked the crowd what he should do with Jesus, the crowd yelled, “Crucify Him!” (Matthew 27:22)

It was only a week earlier that Jesus had entered Jerusalem with throngs of people cheering for Him. The crowd was shouting “Hosanna” and laying palm leaves before Him as He entered the city on a donkey. (Matthew 21:7-9)

Join Jim and Greg as they congratulate the Virginia legislature and Gov. Glenn Youngkin for passing common sense, bipartisan bills that outlaw formal or informal quotas on arrests and tickets by Virginia police. They also continue to be surprised at the messaging failures of the Biden White House, often with the President himself out of the loop, with transportation masking as the latest example. And despite no obvious constituency or hope of beating Donald Trump or Governor Ron DeSantis, Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger floated his name as a potential candidate in the 2024 presidential race.

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With thanks to Jonathan Swift, Anglo-Irish cleric-satirist, for the title of this piece, I would like to make a “modest proposal” for the Republicans for 2024: a Trump/DeSantis ticket. Our current government is a disaster. The heavily-Democratic Deep State and corruption at DOJ and all major government agencies will take decades to fix.  Preview Open

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Join Greg and Rob Long as they’re glad to see Elon Musk becoming the largest shareholder of Twitter and they analyze how it will shake up the social media landscape. They also cover the Biden Administration’s decision to rescind the “Remain in Mexico” policy which would more than double the number of illegal immigrants entering America each month. And Vice President Kamala Harris struggles with boilerplate Democrat talking points in an interview with BET, adding to the lengthy list of verbal mishaps that have plagued her term.

Jim and Greg welcome Byron York, host of The Byron York Show podcast and chief political correspondent for The Washington Examiner to preview the 2022 midterm elections. They examine the many factors suggesting this could be a big year for Republicans – from President Biden’s deep unpopularity to the many issues breaking in their favor. They also look at potential stumbling blocks for the GOP and how this year of great political potential could end up as a disappointment. And they consider what wildcards could impact this election season.

‘When You’re a Star, They Let You Do It’


We all learned a valuable lesson from last night’s Academy Awards presentation. President Trump was right when speaking to Billy Bush, “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

Now, from the Billy Bush tape, I believe President Trump was referring to victims of assault letting the perpetrator off scot-free or even consenting to the illegal behavior for some mutual benefit. But as was shown by recent events, not only the victims of assault may excuse a celebrity’s behavior, but the elite and well-heeled might even give you a standing ovation. You don’t need to look much further than the Academy of Motion Pictures Art and Sciences members giving Will Smith a standing ovation and awarding him an Oscar even after his illegal behavior last night was witnessed by millions.

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An interesting observation on the current situation in Ukraine by Lee Smith in Tablet.  While my general opinion of Zelensky during this war remains high, it confirms my low opinion of the Democrat-DC establishment.  It’s interesting how short-sighted messianic tribalism can cause great destruction.     Preview Open

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Join Jim and Greg as they analyze the sinking support for President Biden among Democrats and what it means for his re-election chances. They also cover a new report that suggests Russia may not be ready to invade Ukraine. And a new filing by Special Counsel John Durham raises questions about the Clinton campaign’s culpability for spying on Donald Trump – even in the White House.

Donald, Don’t Do it


This is precisely the kind of petty behavior that confirms my belief that Trump should not be elected again. He’s decided that certain key people should state that they will step down if Trump decides to run for President in 2024. And he has Ron DeSantis in his sights.

Recently I heard a reporter ask Mike Pompeo, who I believe would be a very fine presidential candidate, if he would step down from a candidacy if Trump decided to run. Pompeo indirectly stated that Trump’s candidacy wouldn’t stop him from running. Chris Christie said something similar on Fox. But both of these men don’t have a high probability of being elected.

Why is Trump attacking? Ron DeSantis is a real threat.

Point to Ponder on Russia and Ukraine


Glenn Greenwald is a lefty, but lately he has been far more cogent in his analyses of events than “conservatives” like George Will, David Brooks, or David French.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the Women’s Tennis Association for following through on its threat to take its tournaments out of China after failing to see clear evidence that Peng Shuai is not being censored, not being intimidated, and that her rape allegations are being taken seriously. They also groan as Stacey Abrams runs for governor of Georgia again and wonder how President Trump’s disdain for incumbent GOP Gov. Brian Kemp could influence the race. And they dig into why the media is paying vert limited attention to the ongoing trials of Jussie Smottlett and Ghislaine Maxwell.


Coming Out of a Coma in the Time of COVID  


As many of you will know, the television series “The Walking Dead” is in its final season.  The show premiered on October 31, 2010.  At the time I wasn’t a particular fan of zombie movies or fiction, but I watched that night anyway.  It was mainly because I live in Atlanta and was curious since I was aware that it was filmed locally.  And what the heck, it was Halloween night. 

I found the first episode to be quite compelling, much of which was due to the setup.  Rick, a small-town sheriff, was shot in the line of duty and ended up in the hospital in a coma.  A few months later he woke up alone in his hospital bed.  He looked around and things didn’t seem right.  Finally, he struggled out of bed and made his way into the hall.  No one was around and everything was in a state of disarray.  Then he stumbled outside into a world that had been decimated by a zombie apocalypse. 

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On the latest “Mad Dogs And Englishmen” podcast, Charlie CW Cooke repeated the lie about Trump saying people should drink bleach to cure COVID. Apparently he really believes Trump said it, not that the media LIED that he said it, and it makes me wonder how many people still believe the lies about Trump rather […]

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Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections


Rigged CoverMollie Hemingway applies her talent—rigorous and thoughtful old-school journalism—to documenting the 2020 assault against America perpetrated by the evil alliance of the progressive movement, the entrenched bureaucracy, modern “journalism”, and big technology firms. Yes, the election was rigged. But the core of Rigged is the story of years of lawfare, private takeovers of election boards by well-funded progressives, ill-considered and/or uncontested consent agreements, the flouting of long-standing election law, and the shielding thereof by a twisted judiciary.

This book does not lay out specific proof that Trump won on November 3, 2020. It does show how the unprecedented surge in mail-in voting, and the suppression of the anti-fraud measures that are supposed to accompany it, made 2020 a perfect storm for untraceable fraud. Meanwhile, the media’s four-year campaign to oust Trump by any means necessary ground on, with regular assistance from an entrenched bureaucracy willing to do anything to avoid draining the swamp. Add in a huge assist by abrupt changes in the censorship practices of big social media firms, and you have the tools to lift a mediocre basement-dweller over the most energetic and energizing politician of my lifetime. (I’m 54, fwiw.)

My copy of Rigged, pictured, is festooned with Post-It flags for the statements and quotations that were new to me or struck me as particularly significant. I can’t possibly mention them all in this review—I placed 77 of these markers. But I can hit the highlights of each chapter.

A Cornucopia of Ironies


From the revelation that the whole Russia collusion narrative was the result of dirty tricks played by the Hillary Clinton campaign to the validation of the Hunter Biden laptop leaks, to the realization that the Biden administration knows nothing about how corporations make money and pay their taxes, current events are a cornucopia of ironies.

It was Trump who was supposedly a US embarrassment before the world.  Progressives wanted a leader who the world, especially Europe, would respect, and they thought that world leaders were laughing at Trump.  It turns out that it is Biden who has utterly lost the respect of the world both for himself and for the US by his feckless abandonment of Afghanistan, leaving the Taliban in charge and leaving US citizens and allies stranded there.  It is hard to describe the complete loss of status that the US has suffered in the West.  Biden has most likely destroyed NATO and has removed the US from the world stage for all intents and purposes.  Western nations will no longer look to the US for leadership and are starting to regard American cultural influence as pernicious.

Trump was supposedly war-like and would get us into more wars.  But instead, he stabilized our relationship with North Korea, started no new conflicts, and got the Abraham accords put in place in the Middle East.  Trump wanted to pull out of Afghanistan, but he never would have done so without a proper deal and a plan for withdrawal.

Jim and Greg are fascinated to see public opinion catching up with the troubling performance of President Biden, especially among independents and women. They also groan as California voters overwhelmingly vote to keep Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democrats are likely to see the results as proof of support for their radical agenda. And they hammer away at Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley following reports he told Chinese officials he would tip them off if President Trump ordered an attack against them.