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Join Jim and Greg as they marvel at Israel selling an air defense system to the UAE, demonstrating the success of the Abraham Accords and best chance at stability in the Middle East. They also cringe as Russian soldiers are going house to house in eastern Ukrainian provinces, forcing them to vote in favor of leaving Ukraine and joining Russia.  And that’s on top of Vladimir Putin threatening more directly than ever that he might use nukes. Finally, they call out the “gender-inclusive” insanity at the Air Force Academy, where cadets are encouraged to stop using words like mom, dad, boyfriend, and girlfriend.

There’s No Going Back – Ever


We can never go back to the “good old days.” That was a thought that occurred to me today, and I realized how that fact—and I believe it is a fact—defines not only how we see the world, but how we see our political reality. It colors how we see those who agree with us, and those who vehemently disagree with us. I also realized that all the Trump/Never Trump arguments are not really about Trump at all. The people who get stuck on either side of that conflict are struggling with something else entirely. And realizing that truth, with honesty and sincerity, might actually bridge the seemingly insurmountable polarization that has plagued this country, particularly the Conservatives, for years.

Think about it. There is no denying that life today is vastly different from the life we experienced, say, 20 years ago. And many people have a predisposition to living lives that are relatively predictable, familiar, and consistent. When they have occurrences that disrupt that predictability, they can feel beleaguered—life has turned upside down and has let them down in a way, so that they become confused, stressed, and even angry at the new and unanticipated outcomes. They feel betrayed and disappointed, and once they wrestle down these reactions, they are ready to go to war. They can decide to fight for what they once anticipated for their lives, demand that life return to some kind of normalcy, and rebel against those who think they should be prepared to go in a new direction. Even if that direction has some merit, they will reject it because it is not the life that they expected or desired.

I propose to you that this mindset evolves from that sense of life’s betrayal, and Donald Trump has become the scapegoat for those who reject Trump and life’s demands.

Happy Labor Day! As we observe the unofficial end of summer, Jim and I present a brand new episode of us answering your questions. Today, we discuss which candidates are likely to overperform or underperform their states’ natural partisan bent in the year’s midterm elections…and we have names from both parties in both categories. We also fess up and admit some things we were wrong about in our political analysis over the years. And we’re asked what we think of college football and all of the big changes happening to the sport as we kick off a new season. Enjoy the discussion, and join us again for our usual format on Tuesday.

Join Jim and Greg as they unload on President Biden for his ugly, partisan speech accusing Donald Trump and “MAGA Republicans” for endangering our nation and then quickly labeling them as radicals for holding longstanding GOP political positions. They also fume about Mitch McConnell and Rick Scott publicly feuding about the party’s struggles in trying to win back control of the U.S. Senate, and Jim takes us into what what Sen. Scott’s mindset may be in all of this. And they hammer the Biden administration for trying to gaslight the American people about which party wanted schools to open quickly during the pandemic and which side found every excuse in the book to keep them closed.

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There is a direct correlation between the physical security of classified documents and the physical safety of our country’s most important sources of intelligence. When document security is compromised, human sources of intelligence are also compromised. We have several decades of incontrovertible evidence – dead and missing intelligence assets – demonstrating this is true. All […]

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Okay, there’s been a lotta Liz Cheney back and forth lo these last few days. Some fer, some agin’. A lot of Ricochet rancor back and forth in the comments. People getting all riled. But I want to take this outside the universe we live in, to a parallel world, much like our own., but […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they assess Rep. Liz Cheney getting trounced in the Wyoming congressional primary, her odd Lincoln reference in her speech last night, and whether she is really planning to run for president in 2024. They also shake their heads as the political left and their media allies drop the bogus talking point that their massive spending bill reduces inflation and admit it’s just advancing their big government goals on climate policy and more. And they hammer Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser for continuing to demand that all students be vaccinated for COVID before being allowed in schools when up to 40 percent of black students remain unvaccinated.

Something Just Shifted


Something just shifted in the United States of America.  A former president’s home was just raided last night by “our” F.B.I.  Trump was supposedly in New York at the time.  His former wife just passed. They just had her funeral.  He and his children are still mourning.

Something I’ve just read conveys that former presidents are off limits by current presidents. They don’t criticize or bring charges.  Is this then, a first?

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the CIA drone killing of Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan and recount the horrors he helped to inflict over the years. But they also wonder just how much Al Qaeda has reconstituted in Afghanistan. They also note the signs of a fraying relationship between the U.S. and Ukraine and whether the Biden administration is looking to end the war while Zelensky refuses. And they shake their heads as Trump endorses “ERIC” in the Missouri Senate race, since Eric Greitens is a scandal-ridden cancer on the GOP who could easily lose the general election and Eric Schmitt is a strong conservative who would win easily in November.

Jim and Greg comment briefly on the news that President Biden tested positive for COVID Thursday morning. Then they dive into the New York Times series on columnists admitting things they got wrong. They welcome the admission from Bret Stephens that he was very wrong about Trump voters and they had many, many good reasons to be thoroughly fed up with politicians who stiffed them culturally, economically, and otherwise for decades. They also slam Gail Collins for her self-serving column about writing too much about Mitt Romney’s dog during the 2012 campaign. And they hammer Paul Krugman for saying he was wrong about inflation but then spending the rest of the column trying to explain how he really wasn’t.


Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently declared that “China is the only country with both the intent to reshape the international order and, increasingly, the…power to do it.” By contrast, Blinken’s predecessor, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, said during the last year of the Trump administration, “Securing our freedoms from the Chinese Communist Party is the mission of our time.”

Prof. Andrew Nathan, distinguished China expert, longtime human rights advocate, and professor of political science at Columbia University, cautions against any China panic and describes the China threat as significant, but not existential.

Join Jim and Greg as they follow up on the Colorado Senate race and how Democrats wasted $4 million trying to influence the GOP primary. They also discuss Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony before the January 6th committee and how two Secret Service agents strongly deny her account of President Trump’s behavior after the rally that day. And they welcome the sentence of Epstein madam Ghislaine Maxwell but lament that the many clients who violated underage girls will apparently face no consequences whatsoever.


Join Jim and Greg as they breathe another sigh of relief that Ron DeSantis is governor of Florida after yet another scandal for Democrat Andrew Gillum, who came within a whisker of winning in 2018. They also shake their heads as Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan is trying to play the “I’m not like those other Democrats” card as he tries to win a U.S. Senate seat – and Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly is trying the same lame strategy. But there’s just one problem!  And  they sigh as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen seems to be trying to redefine a recession.

Join Jim and Greg as they chronicle the Washington Post finally running out of patience and firing Felicia Somnez after she publicly condemned colleagues and the leadership of the paper for a week. They also cringe as inflation numbers are worse than expected and worse than any time since late 1981. And in the wake of the Dems’ prime time January 6th hearings, they react to Bill Kristol’s ridiculous call for Congress to impeach Donald Trump yet again.

Join Jim and Greg as they dissect the importance of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager admitting under oath that Hillary was fine with the campaign disseminating unproven allegations about Trump and Alfa Bank to the media. And after breathless collusion coverage for years, the media seem very uninterested in this revelation. They also cringe as residents in at least 14 states are being told to expect blackouts because supply cannot keep up with demand – while dozens of coal-fired power plants are being taken offline with no good plan to pick up the energy production load. And they react to the Biden administration correcting President Biden on his own policies again – this time over we would respond militarily to defend Taiwan.


New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu joins Jim and Greg to explain why he turned down persistent GOP efforts to get him to run for U.S. Senate this year and why he strongly prefers to run for governor again. Gov. Sununu also talks about where he sees the Republican Party heading, and what it will take to win in swing states this year and in 2024. In addition, they discuss what the Republican agenda ought to be for fighting inflation and dig into Gov. Sununu’s record on school choice and abortion. Finally, Jim and Greg ask whether New Hampshire should always get to bat leadoff in the presidential primary season.


Why Electing Speaker Donald Trump Would Be Best for Everyone


Let’s face it: we need to put Trump somewhere until he’s struck with dementia or he visits what Shakespeare called the “undiscovered country.”

What better position than Speaker of the House of Representatives. He doesn’t have to be a member of Congress. And, this way, he doesn’t have to run for President again. But, best of all, he gets to be at the center of attention. Who wouldn’t want to read the expression on his face as Biden is (nervously, to be sure) giving a SOTU address? Now, lest you think this is purely tongue-in-cheek or fanciful thinking, keep in mind that at least 4 groups benefit.

Let’s walk through it:

Barabbas and the Swamp


Have you ever wondered why, when Pontius Pilate gave voters a choice between Jesus and Barabbas, the voters chose Barabbas? More than that, when Pontius Pilate asked the crowd what he should do with Jesus, the crowd yelled, “Crucify Him!” (Matthew 27:22)

It was only a week earlier that Jesus had entered Jerusalem with throngs of people cheering for Him. The crowd was shouting “Hosanna” and laying palm leaves before Him as He entered the city on a donkey. (Matthew 21:7-9)

Join Jim and Greg as they congratulate the Virginia legislature and Gov. Glenn Youngkin for passing common sense, bipartisan bills that outlaw formal or informal quotas on arrests and tickets by Virginia police. They also continue to be surprised at the messaging failures of the Biden White House, often with the President himself out of the loop, with transportation masking as the latest example. And despite no obvious constituency or hope of beating Donald Trump or Governor Ron DeSantis, Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger floated his name as a potential candidate in the 2024 presidential race.