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On the latest “Mad Dogs And Englishmen” podcast, Charlie CW Cooke repeated the lie about Trump saying people should drink bleach to cure COVID. Apparently he really believes Trump said it, not that the media LIED that he said it, and it makes me wonder how many people still believe the lies about Trump rather […]

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Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections


Rigged CoverMollie Hemingway applies her talent—rigorous and thoughtful old-school journalism—to documenting the 2020 assault against America perpetrated by the evil alliance of the progressive movement, the entrenched bureaucracy, modern “journalism”, and big technology firms. Yes, the election was rigged. But the core of Rigged is the story of years of lawfare, private takeovers of election boards by well-funded progressives, ill-considered and/or uncontested consent agreements, the flouting of long-standing election law, and the shielding thereof by a twisted judiciary.

This book does not lay out specific proof that Trump won on November 3, 2020. It does show how the unprecedented surge in mail-in voting, and the suppression of the anti-fraud measures that are supposed to accompany it, made 2020 a perfect storm for untraceable fraud. Meanwhile, the media’s four-year campaign to oust Trump by any means necessary ground on, with regular assistance from an entrenched bureaucracy willing to do anything to avoid draining the swamp. Add in a huge assist by abrupt changes in the censorship practices of big social media firms, and you have the tools to lift a mediocre basement-dweller over the most energetic and energizing politician of my lifetime. (I’m 54, fwiw.)

My copy of Rigged, pictured, is festooned with Post-It flags for the statements and quotations that were new to me or struck me as particularly significant. I can’t possibly mention them all in this review—I placed 77 of these markers. But I can hit the highlights of each chapter.

A Cornucopia of Ironies


From the revelation that the whole Russia collusion narrative was the result of dirty tricks played by the Hillary Clinton campaign to the validation of the Hunter Biden laptop leaks, to the realization that the Biden administration knows nothing about how corporations make money and pay their taxes, current events are a cornucopia of ironies.

It was Trump who was supposedly a US embarrassment before the world.  Progressives wanted a leader who the world, especially Europe, would respect, and they thought that world leaders were laughing at Trump.  It turns out that it is Biden who has utterly lost the respect of the world both for himself and for the US by his feckless abandonment of Afghanistan, leaving the Taliban in charge and leaving US citizens and allies stranded there.  It is hard to describe the complete loss of status that the US has suffered in the West.  Biden has most likely destroyed NATO and has removed the US from the world stage for all intents and purposes.  Western nations will no longer look to the US for leadership and are starting to regard American cultural influence as pernicious.

Trump was supposedly war-like and would get us into more wars.  But instead, he stabilized our relationship with North Korea, started no new conflicts, and got the Abraham accords put in place in the Middle East.  Trump wanted to pull out of Afghanistan, but he never would have done so without a proper deal and a plan for withdrawal.

Jim and Greg are fascinated to see public opinion catching up with the troubling performance of President Biden, especially among independents and women. They also groan as California voters overwhelmingly vote to keep Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democrats are likely to see the results as proof of support for their radical agenda. And they hammer away at Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley following reports he told Chinese officials he would tip them off if President Trump ordered an attack against them.

Join Jim and Greg as they react to Chinese state media open talking about flying jets over Taiwan, solidifying sovereignty, and warning other nations not to recognize Taiwan. They also groan as Secretary of State Antony Blinken keeps talking about his expectations that the Taliban will allow freedom of travel and right for women and girls – even though they aren’t doing those things and never will. And they react to Larry Elder’s website and a statement from President Trump alleging fraud in the results of today’s California recall.

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In an article posted on The Daily Caller this morning challenging the shifting rules for criticizing the Commander-in-Chief since Joe Biden was certified as president, “There’s A Problem in the Upper Reaches of Our Military”, Victor Davis Hanson, makes a direct reference to James Mattis and his use of a Nazi reference to smear the […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they dissect Pres. Biden’s attempt to declare the withdrawal from Afghanistan an “extraordinary success” while also trying to blame President Trump for things going wrong and throwing out his bogus straw man arguments yet again for the decisions he made. They also welcome the scathing critique of the withdrawal from former Democratic Sen. Jim Webb, who is demanding vigorous oversight of the exit from Afghanistan. And they discuss the resignations of the two top vaccine officials at the Food and Drug Administration and how little the media seem interested in the news.

Jim and Greg are glad to see Michael Avenatti sentenced to prison for his extortion crimes and discuss how how our political environment turned a fame-seeking lawyer into a left-wing media darling. They also enjoy Terry McAuliffe’s rough week in the Virginia governor’s race and how his ties to President Trump could cool off support on the left. And they throw up their hands as Hunter Biden’s “artwork” goes on sale at ridiculous prices and the Biden administration tries to conceal who buys it.

Jim and Greg separate fact from fiction as Texas Democrats try to kill election integrity legislation. They’re also glad to see the media admit they were wrong to dismiss the Wuhan lab leak theory. And they roll their eyes as the WHO names COVID variants after Greek letters so their names aren’t “stigmatizing” to the places they were first found.

The Republican Party’s Problem


The Liz Cheney brouhaha brought to sharp relief the problems the Republican Party faces with regard to Trump and Trump-supporters.  Liz and her crowd firmly believe that the way to deal with Trump is to rebuke and circumscribe him for his attempt to steal a second term through a campaign of lies about the election.

The problem with this is this:  There are big chunk of the Republican electorate that doesn’t trust the elite mainstream Republicans that Cheney typifies. This chunk includes not only populist white working-class people but also the black and brown people who defected to Trump. They trust Trump.

Jim and Greg welcome Sen. Joe Manchin’s announcement that he opposes the Democrats’ current attempt to unilaterally overhaul elections nationwide. They also cheer National Review’s Charlie Cooke for his excellent piece showing how the allegations that Florida was covering up the real COVID data are not only false but were simply the concoction of just one disingenuous staffer. And they sigh as dozens of Never Trumpers launch the latest fundraising operation based on the premise of being disappointed with the Republican Party.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three crazy martinis! First, they shake their heads as Charlie Crist runs for governor in Florida for the third time, the second time as a Democrat. They also unload on the CDC’s absurd mask and distancing guidelines for outdoor summer camps for kids. And they react to Facebook’s convoluted decision to keep Donald Trump off its platform.

Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy watching the Dems’ case for killing the filibuster wither away. They also discuss the House GOP fight over Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney and the impact it’s having on the party. And they shake their heads as Brookline, Massachusetts, insists on requiring masks outside despite he CDC easing those restrictions.

A Thought from Tonight’s Editor Podcast


First, I invite you all to join the Edit This! podcast hosted by our editors, Jon Gabriel and Bethany Mandel at a closely guarded time every Monday evening. It’s a lot of fun and a Ricochet podcast in which you can actually speak and badger the hosts, unlike the fru-fru flagship podcast that only the true bluebloods can attend.

Secondly, during tonight’s podcast, I had a thought that maybe hadn’t occurred to me before. We all know that the media and what I call the opinion-shaping elite (Hollywood, the universities, the newsrooms, etc.) tilt left. That’s something we’ve been battling for decades, and proof — I assert — that our 50/50 divided America is in fact much more intrinsically conservative than many believe.

The Big Lie


In recent interviews, Liz Cheney has been calling President Trump’s insistence that the 2020 election was stolen “The Big Lie.” And over the weekend the mainstream media has been beside themselves over the forensic audit underway in Arizona. Today, President Trump decided to take those words and shove them back in the faces of spineless Republicans like her, Kevin McCarthy, and others by issuing the following statement:

Free-Market Donald


Donald Trump was the most free-market-oriented president we’ve had since Ronald Reagan, and the economy showed it. Probably because of his rhetoric, many people don’t know about the Donald’s free-market proclivities. The people that don’t know about it seem to fall into two major categories:

  1. Ardent Trump supporters.
  2. Ardent Trump haters.

Protectionism prevents President Trump from being a free-market purist, but he was more marketed oriented than his four predecessors. Some, though not all, of that protectionism was justified for strategic and moral reasons.

It was the free-market side of his policies that made the economy roar. Rich, poor, corporations, workers, and people of all races benefitted. Not to mention all 37 genders. Of course, the Left will reverse it all in the name of Compassion.

Trump vs. Carter vs. George H.W. Bush


Three presidents in my lifetime were elected to one term but were not re-elected. I will leave out questions of voting fraud in 2020. My recollection is that both Carter and HW quickly became political nonentities. The Reagan administration did not fear a Carter comeback in 1984 and the same was true for Clinton and HW. Yet Trump is much discussed even though he’s much older than the other two former presidents. The Media, Democrats (yup, there’s not much difference) and NTers continue to be obsessed with him. Perhaps the reason is that Trump, pre-Covid, was a very successful president. The same could not be said for the other two. The Iran hostage crisis hurt Carter but his economic record was poor throughout his presidency. Bush alienated his base by breaking his “no new taxes” promise. The military victory in Kuwait faded rapidly when a recession hit.

The Biden presidency looks like it will be a catastrophic failure. His VP is likely to succeed him soon. Harris flamed out quickly as a candidate and has shown no particular political skills. The kudos she will get as the first female president will only carry her so far. We can’t know what physical condition Trump will be in three years from now, but he’s likely to be a kingmaker if he chooses not to run. That was not the case with Carter or HW. So Trump remains a major political force. It’s possible that three years from now even major non Bill Kristol NTers will agree that they miss him.

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See what happens when you have a mixed economy and mixed monarchy where no philosophical, intellectual, or moral principles guide the nation? You have government handing out favored legislation to private media companies, then those companies silencing political opposition, but as private companies, therefore not “censorship” per se but by proxy, then state AG’s, left […]

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