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Third Batch of Classified Biden Documents Found in Sandy Berger’s Pants


After the discovery of two tranches of classified documents in different locations belonging to President Biden, a third batch of such documents has been found stuffed down the pants of former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger.

Berger, former president Clinton’s National Security Advisor, was convicted in 2005 for removing classified documents from the National Archives by stuffing them down his pants. Berger subsequently lied to investigators when questioned about the removal of the documents but served no jail time for either crime because Washington deemed him kind of a big deal.

President George W. Bush’s Attorney General Alberto Gonzales saw Berger for what he was – a fellow swamp creature – and so the Justice Department initially said Berger only stole copies of classified documents and not originals. It took the House Government Reform Committee to reveal that an unsupervised Berger had been given access to classified files of original, uncopied, and uninventoried documents on terrorism. Nancy Kegan Smith – who was the director of the presidential documents staff at the National Archives at the time – acknowledged that she had granted Berger access to the original materials in her office.

Join Jim & Greg as they discuss formal research into what we’ve known for years – that Russian social media memes made virtually no impact on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. They also react to reports that classified documents from President Biden’s days as vice president were discovered at his office at the University of Pennsylvania. And they pop some popcorn as Biden tries to pressure the Democrats to move Georgia up in the 2024 primary calendar, while New Hampshire and other states fight to stay at the front of the line.

Happy New Year!  Jim and Greg start the new year by closing out the awards season for last year. Today, they give our their prestigious choices for Person of the Year, with Jim focusing on the midterm elections and Greg thinking about a moment that took almost 50 years to come. Then they reveal their selections for Turncoat of the Year, as Jim zeroes in on presidential politics and Greg goes with people in government doing the exact opposite of their job description.  Finally, they offer up predictions for 2023. One of them is optimistic and one of them most certainly is not.

Thanks for listening! Our usual 3 Martini Lunch format returns on Tuesday.

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Cultural Marxism is what we have been facing in the US ever since German Marxists from the “Frankfurt School” came to US and were welcomed into Ivy League universities. From there they spread their toxic Marxist ideas known as “ critical theory.” Thanks to their “long march through the institutions,” their scheme is almost complete. […]

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Ricochet.com Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is in for Jim. Today, Jon and Greg shake their heads as President Trump’s big announcement turns into a promotion for digital trading cards of himself. They also cringe as the Biden administration prepares to make the border crisis far worse by lifting Title 42 and ending the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Finally, they roll their eyes at research suggesting people who didn’t get the COVID shot are more dangerous drivers – meaning vaccination status could impact your insurance rates.

Jim and Greg welcome the 14-year prison sentence handed down to former attorney and cable news darling Michael Avenatti for his crimes of corruption and they warn supporters of both parties not to fall in love with celebrities who happen to say a couple of things you agree with. They also slam Senate Republicans for being way too helpful in passing the Democrats’ lame duck agenda. That strategy apparently includes passing an omnibus spending bill instead of a short-term bill that would give the new House GOP majority much more leverage on appropriations. Finally, as former National Security Adviser John Bolton weighs a 2024 presidential run, they don’t believe his candidacy would go anywhere or be decisive in derailing President Trump.


Join Jim and Greg as they break down the very significant revelations about how Twitter suppressed the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020. They also unload on President Trump for demanding to be installed immediately as president or for a new election through “the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.”  And they rip on the Democrats too as incoming House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries repeatedly called into question the legitimacy of Trump’s election in 2016.

Wealthy Floridian Condemned For Feeding Mentally Disturbed Black Man


A wealthy Florida businessman received widespread criticism this week over his decision to feed a mentally-unstable African American man rather than avoiding eye contact and just getting on with his day. The black American, whose legal name has not been clearly established, was accompanied by a Hispanic white supremacist named Fuentes. 

Critics of the wealthy semi-retiree pointed out that he also agreed to sit and dine with the mentally ill black man and the white nationalist of color rather than simply making it rain from the back of his limousine as he passed the two on the street without even slowing down. 

At press time the wealthy businessman had over 88 million followers on Twitter while the psychologically impaired musician has been kicked off the platform entirely.

After a brief discussion of the Jets decisive victory over the Bears, Jim and Greg cheer on the brave protesters in China who are fed up with the CCP’s suffocating COVID policies and demanding other freedoms in the face of a repressive regime. They also wince as an Iranian paramilitary group violently confronts protesters and even blinds many of them. And they react to Trump’s dinner with Kanye West last week that also included Milo Yiannopoulos and Nick Fuentes – a trio that Jim refers to as “the Mount Rushmore of lunatics.”

I’m on a DTD (Donald Trump Diet)


A few weeks ago, following the elections and Trump’s proclamation that he was running again, I declared that I would avoid posts that described anything Trumpian. I even requested that people refrain from bringing him up in my posts, and for the most part, people have been obliging.

I don’t hate Trump, but I don’t like him. And I am tired of having to explain and justify my positions regarding him. I felt like people were centering their worlds around him—conversations, opinions, declarations—and I wanted no part of it.

Join Jim and Greg as they are stunned by the Iranian World Cup team refusing to sing their national anthem and the captain directly stating that the players support the protesters back home. Jim also lays into FIFA, which organizes the World Cup, for its pattern of corruption and coziness with authoritarian regimes like Qatar, Russia, and China. And they have plenty to say about how Democrats plan to help Donald Trump become the GOP nominee in 2024 because they think he will be easier to beat than Gov. DeSantis.

Join Jim and Greg as they assess Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign announcement. They also applaud how Gov. Ron DeSantis responded to Trump’s criticisms of him last week. And they breathe a sigh of relief that the deadly missile strike in Poland was not a deliberate Russian strike – or even a Russian missile at all.


Join Jim and Greg as they breathe a dejected sigh of relief as NBC News projects the Republicans will take control of the House by a very slim margin. They also brace for the GOP leadership wars as some conservatives seem ready to move on from Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy. And they suffer a wave of fatigue as President Trump reportedly prepares to kick off the 2024 presidential campaign tomorrow – even as the midterm vote counting continues in several states.


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Should Trump be sent to Elba or Saint Helena? Who am I kidding? The best place for Trump is Patmos. Now everyone knows that Trump kept the nuclear secrets he was going to give to his string puller Vladimir Putin at Mar-a-Lago. Being a responsible person, they were kept in a beautiful room with the […]

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Ricochet.com Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is in for Jim. Jon and Greg start out with a tribute to our veterans before digging into why the vote counting in Jon’s state of Arizona is infuriatingly slow. Jon explains how conservatives should interpret this delay, why this process breeds distrust in the system, and why the solutions are obvious. They also react to President Trump slamming Ron DeSantis and Glenn Youngkin as his attention shifts to the 2024 campaign. However, they also notice that the Never Trump crowd seems curiously intent on derailing DeSantis more than Trump – almost as if their grifting depends on Trump staying in the spotlight. Finally, they some Marketing 101 tips to KFC after the most cringeworthy promo we’ve ever seen.

Jim and Greg shake off the surprise of of an underwhelming midterm election for Republicans to dissect why Democrats were able to win so many races that the GOP seemed to have a good shot at. They chronicle the key races that got away, cheer the big wins in places like Florida and Texas, and note that the Republicans still have a good chance at winning the House and have a path left to claiming the majority in the Senate. And they try to determine what the GOP need to do differently or better in future election cycles.

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Join Jim and Greg as they sit back and wait for election results tonight. First, they notice usually friendly media getting tougher on President Biden and suggesting another run in 2024 might not be a good idea. They also fume that voting in Maricopa County, Arizona, is suffering from malfunctioning tabulation machines and they find it completely unacceptable that it takes more than a couple days to count mail-in ballots regardless of how many there are. Finally, they groan as some Republicans struggle to keep their future ambitions under wraps until after the midterms – namely President Trump and Sen. Rick Scott.

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Join Jim and Greg as they process polling numbers in the Arizona governor’s race and wonder whether Democrats made bad decisions about debating in two key states. They’re also horrified as the Air Force admits its personnel records about a Republican congressional candidate and her sexual assault in Iraq were leaked to a Democratic opposition research firm and got published in Politico. And Jim has zero confidence that anyone will face consequences for such a heinous act. Finally, after years of insisting President Trump and Republicans are an existential threat to democracy, a Dem-connect PAC is spending tons of money on ads saying the GOP candidates are not loyal enough to Trump and that his voters should support Libertarian candidates.

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I have exchanged friendly and entertaining comments with others on ricochet over who should run in 2024. This article sounds like I could have written it even though I didn’t. It does address my points so I am recommending it to you for your consideration. https://amgreatness.com/2022/10/18/why-desantis-should-not-run-in-2024/ Preview Open

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