Cuomo says he has “big hands” … and you know what that means. Wink wink. Or does it. The Chicks ponder that myth. WaPo got “some splainin’ to do” and The Batchelor hullabaloo just got more woke and crazy.

Meghan Merkle wants to be your next President, Fauci wants Trump’s help, and the Chicks faith is attacked, which doesn’t go over well.

Mock is apoplectic after Biden’s speech. Michelle Obama says she’s going to retire, FROM WHAT! The side effect from covid most guys might not mind getting.

Piers Morgan has the biggest ….. of them all, Biden and Al Gore have an “eloquent” conversation (cough cough), Susan Sarandon is looking for a new boyfriend or girlfriend, or non-binary friend or something. Cuomo has some wandering hands according to the latest accuser. All the things on the Mock and Daisy Show today!

PIers Walks From Woke, Mock gets weird fanmail from crazy person, The French PM is hairy and weird, the queen speaks out against the brats and more fun on today’s ChickCast!

How Daisy celebrated International Women’s Day, Biden’s dogs sent packing, Brian Stelter in his underwear, The CDC and their new rules and more more more ok the ChickCast today!

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O.M.G. Did you guys see the Oprah interview w Megan and her boy toy Harry? If Cuomo assaults just one more woman …. then maybe the left will do something. Maybe. Pepe Le Pew is canceled. Can’t have rapist cartoon skunks! The Tiger Woods “cover up” and more on the podcast today!

Mock has a joke for ya. Joy Reid make the most outrageous statement about white people. Cuomo should be in jail. Get ready for the Oprah pre show tailgate party with the Chicks!

Mock’s dog is doing some funny stuff in bed, Cuomo has a presser and gets all soap opera-ey on us, Biden’s presser wasn’t much better, you HAVE TO hear this crazy Starbucks drive through audio, and Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah is going to be crazy. We are having a tailgate party for it!

Dr Seuss books are selling for crazy money on eBay, Ashley Judd gets her hair washed by her sister (weird), Crazy Q People, Daisy has “technical difficulties” and more fun and hilarity on today’s Chicks Cast!

Special! Special! Read all about it. In an early release of this weeks podcast Mock and Daisy sit down with AMAC Spokesperson Bobby Charles to talk about the urgent issue of the H.R. 1, For The People Act. The Chicks are tired of greedy politicians feeling like they can deceive the public while they play around with our freedoms, and they know you are too!

Taylor Swift is upset about her sex life being talked about on Netflix, Gay Republicans don’t get a fair shake and more fun stuff!

CPAC, Trump is back, Kristi Noem is a bad ass, Cuomo is still a jerk, the royal family is a circus and of course, singing dogs. Because it’s Monday y’all!

FRIIIIIDAYYYY … and Mr. Potato Head is in the news. It doesn’t have a happy ending for him. Tom Cruise Deep Fake, David Hogg is still a loser, and more Friday fun!

Male celebrities’ are taking over the news this week and Mock and Daisy are here to tell you all about it. More importantly they are here to bring attention to the stories that are getting pushed under the rug!

Mock and Daisy can handle woke people but these past few months people have taken it to an extreme. From Robin DeAngelo giving lessons about race on SNL, incorporating her “White Fragility” book into schools, and teaching a course at Cocoa-Cola; the Chicks want to know where peoples critical thinking skills have gone?!?!!

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Meghan McCain thinks she’s “special”, The Queen says “uh uh, no you dii’in’t”, teachers unions suck, Conservative TV is being attacked and more shenanigans on the show today!

How to make a cat gag, school boards on crack, and other fun info for your Monday on The Chicks Monday Fiesta!

Ted Cruz and the fallout from his Cancun trip, what a mess. Cuomo is a for real Mobster! Threatening people! Dolly Parton is a saint, y’all. And, keep good thoughts and prayers for Dan Bongino.

Chicks remember Rush, Texas is insane but Mock has a great stay warm tip, and Trump is BACK!