Dems trying to pack the court, what should you do? Cuomo used to say some really dirty things to his staff and Biden described his man parts like this once …. plus what’s the PC term for Mistress now?

Your favorite Rock Star thinks you are a flat earther if you don’t feel comfortable getting the vaccine. CNN TOTALLY exposed and who wouldn’t want kitten fur slippers! More fun and info on today’s ChicksCast!
The Chicks are back full time this week and they are ready to talk about all the tings. They discuss all the money being thrown at the border issue, hysterical Tik Toks, and even tell you about a Twitter feud Mock got herself into!

Mock and Daisy are out this week on Spring Break but they didn’t want ya’ll to miss them to much so, here’s a mash up of some of their most iconic moments from this year so far. We hope it helps gives you a laugh, gets you thinking, and helps you relax. Remember to check in daily to see The Chicks do their Daily Dish. We’ll see ya’ll next week!

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also the must click Google link of the day! The left is ruining our major cities and more on today’s Chick Cast!

Will the new California Gov be a he or she? Maybe both! Immigration and covid are a mess and here’s the latest craziness.

What In The Hell is Jill Biden wearing? Now we know why Hunter is a mess … he talks about his addiction and his “hard life”. The Chicks aren’t having any of it. Mock is on vacation and cannot follow one simple rule!

Mock is on vacation but the fun and games must go on! Cher all of a sudden thinks she “can turn back time” and save the world, Woke Coke and Baseball are out of control, THE BEST … alarm clock ever and tons more fun stuff!

The Chicks discuss why it took Nike so long to sue someone over this Satanism shoe and how they feel about Cuomos new victims coming forward. Plus, did you know there’s a guy on tiktok who makes songs out of dog and cat noises? Did you care? Probably not but it’ll defiantly make you smile after talking about all these crazy news stories!

Apparently kids are aspiring to be influencers and content creators these days and Mock and Daisy are scared for our future generations. Who will the doctors, teachers, CEO’s and essential workers of the world?!??! This week The Chicks dive into what has happened to the asportations of our younger generations and how much money these “influencers” make.

Happy Monday y’all! But seriously what is going on in the world, kids cartoons are getting cancelled but celebrities can sell shoes idolizing the devil?!??! The Chicks talk about everything from Lil Nas X spreading Satanism , to snakes, and the COVID vaccine.

WHAT. THE. HE!!. WAS. THAT? Did you all see that trainwreck of a Biden press conference? You have to hear what’s happened to Jane Fonda. Best listener letter EVER and more on today’s show!

How do you think Joe will do during his press conference tonight? Will he have an ear piece? Will the press be nice or are they starting to get upset with Lunch Bucket Joe? We think he’s in for some trouble! You will not believe what the Mayor of this town posted about her own city! Dogs, bacon and more on today’s ChickCast!

Mock and Daisy are back this week and they’re ready to talk about the border. They give you everything from a quick list of where Biden is going wrong to what could happen in the near future. They know you care about our country and it’s safety and they do too!

Ok so here we go again on the gun debate, The Chicks discuss how to handle it. You will not believe the tweet a Democrat sent Candace Owens and Twitter ignored. Totally racist against her. Meghan McCain has drifted to the other side, forever. How should the Chicks dress on TV?

The Chicks discuss the tragic shooting in Boulder and its likely effect on the new gun law just passed in Colorado. Biden is still absent on the border and apparently, Kamala has no interest in going either. Here what she said when asked about going. Plus, did you know a group of wild rabbits is called a “fluffle” Did you care? Probably not but more funny names of animal packs will have you crying.

Happy Monday y’all! Today is full of insanity from the border, to Biden falling UP steps and the coverage, or lack of it, to Claudia Conway, and an epic response to those in the woke community!

There’s so many fights going on this week and we’re not talking about boxing! So grab your popcorn and tune in with the Chicks. Rand Paul and Fauci get into a heated debate, the Chick’s are fighting back against China by not buying their products, and what’s going on at the border?

Another elitist Democrat leader who doesn’t have to follow their own rules they make for us. Strange right? Candace and Cardi have a knock down drag out on Twitter, Deep fake chearleader videos, The Chicks tik tok would be all llamas and fainting goats and more shenanigans on today’s COTR Podcast!

You’re tired of seeing people get cancelled because of fake news, and so are Mock and Daisy. We have all scene or heard about Meghan Markle’s interview bashing the royals, but how much of it was actually true. The Chicks discuss the flaws in some of Meghan’s statements, the people getting cancelled for going against her and how she’s dragged The Royals into a PR stunt.