Democrats don’t seem to be learning a single lesson as they continue to lose on education plus Matt Dolan weighs in on his campaign to become Ohio’s republican candidate for Senate.

Manchin puts another dagger in the already dead build back better legislation plus democrats are losing the abortion issue.

Student loan debt forgiveness is a nice campaign slogan for hyper progressives and the millennials with useless college degrees but it won’t turn out well in the end.

A breakdown of what to expect from SCOTUS as they get ready to release their rulings on Roe v Wade plus the press and democrats continue to miss what’s happening in education.

The left’s abuse of who’s allowed to exercise “free speech” has landed its favorite tool Twitter in the hands of Elon Musk and left wing rhetoric is leading to police deaths.

As the reality of Elon Musk buying Twitter sets in, the great freakout has begun among progressives that their authoritarian safe-space is no longer plus some Trump back candidates are floundering badly.

Progressives are doubling down on losing touch with regular people as Democrats scramble try and adjust, younger progressives in the workforce have a misconception they run the companies they work for as we are seeing with Twitter and there continues to be a progressive war on police.

It is likely that Disney wins in a suit against Florida and the border is set to descend into further chaos.

Now that Florida has stripped Disney of their sweetheart deal we need to sift thru a mountain bad takes; and Kevin McCarthy is bad at his job.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is in court to keep herself on the ballot in her district, Obama really wants to help prevent disinformation, and we totally believe him, plus what to do about the menace of woke corp.

With potential loses among Trump backed candidates in the primary is the former president losing his appeal plus other news of the day.

Florida taking away Disney’s Reedy Creek tax deal is great political theater they may allow everyone a win and John Kerry says the quiet part out loud, Biden isn’t really interested in more US energy.

The hardcore progressives are doubling down on the need to each tenants of CRT as early as kindergarten and China is a precautionary tale as to why putting all your trust in government is a bad idea.

The melt down and dishonest attack on the LibsofTicToc twitter account continues and Elon Musk has found a way around Twitter’s poison pill to prevent him from controlling the company.

As problems mount the Biden administration continues to show its emended ineptitude and now that republicans are playing the game democrats have played for decades it’s a problem.

Biden goes to war with charter schools and the media goes after a single anonymous twitter account because they don’t like what that account posts.

Netflix is floundering with their content as they dig themselves further into a woke financial hole and progressives defend the devastating impact wind turbines have on bird and insect populations.

A progressive judge allows an absurd case against Marjorie Taylor Greene to proceed, we’ve traded rugged individualism for rancid individuality and the long national nightmare of forced masking is over.

Progressives have badly misjudge how their border policies would be perceived by hispanics and Disney is about to lose some of its government backed sweetheart deal handouts in Florida.

We are plowing head first into another house crisis as rates rise and shortages emerge plus Representative Kevin Brady joins the program to talk about the economy.