Today on the show the Russian bounty story was a complete lie, social media oligarchs nuke James O’Keefe but allow CBS and 60min to continue uninterrupted, Democrats are all over the place with court packing, Biden melts progressive heads by allowing the border wall to continue to be built, the push of a climate emergency is just Democrats undermining capitalism and the leader of BLM loves fascism for everyone but her.

Today on the show Biden again follows Trumps plan, this time to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, Democrats grapple with bad polling, court packing is the lefts wet dream, tribalism instead of truth, extended unemployment has lead to a reduction in workers, climate change….I’m sorry the climate crisis and everything in America is racist apparently.

Today on the show Biden’s deceptive road map to policy initiatives, J&J pause is messaging disaster, the mob wants Breyer out, Democrats officially become the party of big corporate business, Alain Burrese author of Survive A Shooting joins the program, a city manager is fired for calling for due process, we are in the middle of a global reset with China and Russia, the Afghanistan withdrawal and the left loves racial segregation.

Today on the show government pulls J&J vaccine further damaging messaging, Texas Representative Matt Schaefer weighs in on voting laws being considered and the border crisis, the NCAA smashes head first into destroying women’s sports, the predictable hot takes from the shooting in Minneapolis, apparently student loans are racist, Brooke Rollins joins the program to talk about her new think tank and Andrew Yang goes after street vendors.

Today on the show Biden’s border czar dips after 80 days leaving a huge mess, SCOTUS back churches, woke corporations are heading to red states, BLM founder loves expensive houses in white neighborhoods, Biden’s gamble on big spending, there is a national crime wave happening, the case for strengthening voter laws, liberals hate Augusta National, lockdown states are seeing a massive rise in cases and the confusing message around vaccines.

Today on the show Biden goes after ghost guns, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner gets bounced from her case, Democrats slowly realizing they are getting nothing with Biden, fonts are now racist, white supremacy is causing minority on minority hate crimes apparently, the media coming around to Andrew Cuomo grooming young women and covering up nursing home deaths plus Stacey Abrams gets caught up in her own lie.

Today on the show Joe Manchin is the progressive’s dream crusher on the filibuster, firearms taxes and infrastructure, Biden’s attempt at a gun grab, old people love trains, Congressman Kevin Brady weighs in all of Biden’s bad ideas and scientists make an odd discovery.

Today on the show the collapse of conservatism, Governor Asa Hutchinson proves he’s no conservative, Amazon fully supports the crushing of small business, the intermingling of culture and economy, the GOP silent on Matt Gaetz, the Trump obsessed media, Utah says men have to pay for half their childs birth and 60 Minutes doubles down on their lie.

Today on the show MLB bows to the pressure of the woke mob, the Chineses are imprisoning and torturing Christians, Biden’s infrastructure bill spends little on infrastructure, the UK and Canadian police shut down Good Friday services for supposed covid violations, 60 Minutes has to drastically edit Governor DeSantis in order to run their hit piece and Raphael Warnock is a complete heretic.

Today on the show Democrats give up trying to steal an Iowa House seat, Biden’s infrastructure plan is just a gift to unions, Democrats are split on HR1, Victoria Coates calls in to talk about national security and Biden’s foreign policy blunders, SCOTUS hammers the NCAA, Democrat tax policy is for the rich, Ambassador Nikki Haley stops by to discuss the current administrations short falls and Democrats now want to boycott Georgia.

Today on the show the Asian attacks in New York, gun rights legislation in Georgia, Matt Gaetz is being investigated, Governor Noem whiff’s on protecting girls sports, CNN says science can’t tell the difference between boys and girls, Biden’s jobs and infrastructure plans, San Diego offers in person learning to illegal migrant children but not US students and Fortune 500 companies are more scared of the ‘woke’ than anything else right now.

Today on the show the left replaces religion with secularism, teachers unions still won’t teach, the push for a vaccine passport, the real fight behind Georgia’s election reform has to do with the filibuster, Joe Biden entertains tracking people thru covid apps, Governor Brian Kemp stops by to talk about election reform and the uniqueness of Christianity.

Today on the show the new Georgia election reform law, Biden’s border disaster, the Democrats stealing an Iowa House seat, the master mind behind critical race theory was a child rapist and some Democrats aren’t comfortable with Biden’s plan on taxes and guns.

Today on the show Georgia’s new voting law was signed, Arkansas’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, Biden’s press conference, gas prices on a surge and Biden’s spending could cause inflation.

Today on the show Biden wants women to be men, where you should focus your political frustration, when everything is racist nothing is, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry calls in about the coalition of 13 states who are challenging the Biden Administration’s ban on drilling on federal lands, white liberals in Austin Texas don’t want minorities hanging out together and Senator Tim Scott takes on the racism of woke supremacy.

Today on the show USA Today’s bigotry against Oral Roberts, Senator John Albers calls to talk about his political firing, Governor Kemp calls in to talk about his statewide tax cut and increased covid vaccinations, the media’s ratings crater, Democrats big spending agenda and their push for a radical legislative agenda, plus the problem with liberation theology and the religion of the woke.

Today on the show Sidney Powell admits in court she was completely full of it, the Atlanta and Colorado shootings, processed meat rots your brain, Mathew Charles calls in to tell his incredible story, more calls for gun control, media takes a hit without Trump in office, vaccine distribution, Kristi Noem is a paper tiger that serves the Chamber of Commerce and the need to pass any and all voting integrity legislation.

Today on the show the shifting narrative on the Atlanta shooting, the moral panic by white progressives, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger calls in to talk election reform, Biden’s southern border debacle, the left facts checks humor, cancel culture predictably comes for a few of its own and the anti-racist’s gain prominence.

Today on the show Biden takes vaccine credit in his speech, Governor Ron DeSantis shows real leadership, more on the border crisis, the use and abuse of ethics rules, reasonable changes to voting laws, Jessica Anderson calls in to talk about election integrity and Cuomo might actually be in trouble.

Today on the show Biden’s purposefully created crisis on the border, the nasty devil in the details of the covid relief bill, a gay throuple wants to advance past cultural norms, Ryan Anderson calls in to talk about When Harry Became Sally, forced wage increases are already causing unemployment, Congressman Dan Crenshaw stops by to talk about covid relief, HR1 and Texas reopening.