Today on the show the media begins it’s assault on the GOP ahead of the 2022 elections, fuel shortages begin despite media saying otherwise, the White House gets to pre-edit quotes to control narrative in a wink wink deal with journalists, the Biden administration continues to ignore the labor shortages dismissing them as anecdotal, how forgiveness and grace have no part in the cultural religion of the ‘woke’, the bipartisan infrastructure deal means big spending and big inflation plus China’s ineffective vaccine.

Today on the show Biden declares war on small business, CRT needs to rewrite history in order to keep up the lie, the Rise of Elise Stefanik, Biden continues his horrible mix messaging on the virus, It’s well past time to return to normal and the left uses Mothers Day to degrade women to just ‘birthing people’.

Today on the show Democrats fully embrace the anti-woman movement with birthing people nonsense, Caitlyn Jenner steps in it during his first interview while running for California governor, the latest jobs report was disappointing, Congressman Chip Roy stops by for the latest in DC nonsense, the whisper campaign against DeSantis has begun and Elise Stefanik has a very liberal voting record.

Today on the show more on the Liz Cheney melodrama within the GOP, a layman’s breakdown of CRT, the new CDC guidelines for children this summer are absurd, it’s beyond time to open up the country, Facebook decides to continue with President Trump’s ban from the platform and Jack White, who is running for attorney general of Virginia, stops by to talk about his race.

Today on the show Liz Cheney and the rift inside the republican party, good electoral data for the GOP, a deep dive into critical race theory after a teacher berates a hispanic cop, liberals who can’t quit covid, the CIA goes woke and in the name of equity education dumbs itself down.

Today on the show more information comes out about the investigation into Rudy Guiliani, a landslide victory in Texas for those fighting CRT, there is a worker shortage due to the government continuing to pay people to stay home, teachers unions bully the CDC to keep kids out of the classroom, Lila Rose of Live Action stops by, the fallout from Basecamp going apolitical and what’s behind the hispanic rise within the GOP.

Today on the show democrats are on day two of their melt down over Tim Scott’s rebuttal to Biden, speaking of Biden no one watched his snoozefest of a speech, Florida’s new election law gets less media coverage because Stacey Abrams isn’t running for governor there, white farmers sue over racial discrimination, a controversy erupts around JD Vance’s comments on universal childcare, the NFL draft kicked off last night and former Jeopardy contestants get triggered by the number three.

Today on the show Biden addresses congress with a wishlist of progressive wet dreams, Senator Tim Scott gives a sobering rebuttal, Senator Ted Cruz takes on the woke corporate culture, democrats unrestrained spending will have a devastating impact, Andrew Cuomo is a serial killer of the elderly plus how differently the media has reacted to both Rudy Giuliani and Hunter Biden being under investigation.

Today on the show what to expect from Biden tonight, the CDC gives permission to do things that outside, Tucker Carlson becomes the new bogeyman for the media, the left grapples with redistricting woes of their own making, the left goes after Joe Rogan for giving a scientifically factually correct answer and Congressman Chip Roy stops by to give an update on the southern border.

Today on the show John Kerry is an Iranian tool, Biden wants us all to eat grass to save the planet, blue states lose in the latest census and prepare for unfavorable redistricting, the company Basecamp firmly abandon’s wokeness, James Carville explains how progressive wokeness is harming the democrat party and teachers unions continue to screw over minority students.

Today on the show phony fact checker Glenn Kessler attacks Tim Scott and Biden’s environmental plan will make all commodities more expensive, like beef, millions are skipping vaccine doses, Caitlyn Jenner runs for governor, the wins and loses as we approach Biden’s first 100 days and the rise of violent fringe groups.

Today on the show the left’s embrace of reverse racism, celebrity input doesn’t help anything, Lebron fluffs for the communist Chinese, masks are becoming less and less necessary, the nations leading 2A reporter Stephen Gutowski joins the program to discuss the NRA, reporting around officer involved shootings and his new venture The Reload, the US Post Office is now spying on Americans and environmentalists love global pandemics.

Today on the show the Derek Chauvin verdict is in, fans in sports and pop culture control more than the billionaire owners would like, academic freedom is eroding rapidly, vaccine hesitancy is on the rise, the implication of the SALT deduction and Biden bails on another Trump administration immigration measure.

Today on the show Maxine Waters wants the country to burn, the Squads hypocrisy knows no bounds, Richard Dawkins commits the sin of stepping outside of leftist group think, critical theory is making its way thru the church like Qanon, Cornel West gets heat for defending classical literature, there’s a big bubble about to burst in the US economy, they drag poor Greta Thunberg back out to shame countries vaccine rollout and Trump sits down for his first interview since leaving office.

Today on the show Dr. Fauci is a walking contradiction and no longer helpful, Gretchen Whitmer blames Florida for her states covid problems, schools refuse to ‘follow the science’, the Pew Research has to heavily poll Democrats to give Biden a favorable job approval rating, the press is in a nasty habit of harassing private citizens, the media narrative on a topic changes depending on who’s in charge, Democrat overreach is bringing the GOP together, Maxine Waters loves racial violence and the media ties itself in knots to avoid BLM violence and focus on white violence.

Today on the show the Russian bounty story was a complete lie, social media oligarchs nuke James O’Keefe but allow CBS and 60min to continue uninterrupted, Democrats are all over the place with court packing, Biden melts progressive heads by allowing the border wall to continue to be built, the push of a climate emergency is just Democrats undermining capitalism and the leader of BLM loves fascism for everyone but her.

Today on the show Biden again follows Trumps plan, this time to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, Democrats grapple with bad polling, court packing is the lefts wet dream, tribalism instead of truth, extended unemployment has lead to a reduction in workers, climate change….I’m sorry the climate crisis and everything in America is racist apparently.

Today on the show Biden’s deceptive road map to policy initiatives, J&J pause is messaging disaster, the mob wants Breyer out, Democrats officially become the party of big corporate business, Alain Burrese author of Survive A Shooting joins the program, a city manager is fired for calling for due process, we are in the middle of a global reset with China and Russia, the Afghanistan withdrawal and the left loves racial segregation.

Today on the show government pulls J&J vaccine further damaging messaging, Texas Representative Matt Schaefer weighs in on voting laws being considered and the border crisis, the NCAA smashes head first into destroying women’s sports, the predictable hot takes from the shooting in Minneapolis, apparently student loans are racist, Brooke Rollins joins the program to talk about her new think tank and Andrew Yang goes after street vendors.

Today on the show Biden’s border czar dips after 80 days leaving a huge mess, SCOTUS back churches, woke corporations are heading to red states, BLM founder loves expensive houses in white neighborhoods, Biden’s gamble on big spending, there is a national crime wave happening, the case for strengthening voter laws, liberals hate Augusta National, lockdown states are seeing a massive rise in cases and the confusing message around vaccines.