A breakdown of where we get our info, how we put the show together and how we avoid the “information bubble”.

The Biden market is in complete free fall today and the left is always on the attack vilifying republicans as extremists.

The left has no grasp of the pro-life argument, progressives plan mob justice as they target the homes of supreme court justices plus reality works better at moving voters and attitudes than social media.

Clark Howard joins the program to break down how to navigate the market free fall and Congressman Ted Bud gives an update on his campaign after the Trump endorsement.

The left needs a history lesson on Roe v Wade, pro-aborts have already gotten violent at the thought of not being able to kill children and the economy sucks which is the only thing that will move the polls.

The rich are adopting an unhealthy lifestyle around drugs knowing they won’t face the same consequences of the poor plus Lila Rose joins the program to talk about what’s next for the pro-life movement.

Our interview with Josh Clark, who is running for the US Senate seat out of Georgia.

A major breach in “norms” happen with the leak of a draft opinion that could result in the end of Roe v Wade. The expected freak out is happening.

After all the emotion what do the politics in and around the potential of Roe being overturned look like and what can we expect the landscape to be going forward.

Kemp is pulling away from Perdue in Georgia and some of the founders of the Lincoln Project were instrumental in getting Justice Alito on the court.

Leaks coming out of the White House and others close to the administration affirm that Biden knew about many of the crisis we currently face well ahead of time and did nothing plus the left is still melting down over the way the masses may get their unfiltered information.

The left’s obsession with Trump continues to leave them disappointed as they try to “take him down” and it looks like Russia is still taking heavy loses in Ukraine.

Our interview with Kelvin King, who is running for the US Senate seat out of Georgia.

Both sides of the political isle are setting bad precedents, Biden sets up a sketchy new government oversight board to handle disinformation and democrats are confusing bad polling for bad messaging not bad policy.

Democrats wildly over promised what they could accomplish and undelivered in dramatic fashion plus the market is tanking so David Nicholas joins the program to give a lay of the land.

The media has pushed themselves straight into post-modernism and democrats are losing bad in redistricting.

The economy is shrinking as we head towards stagflation and as democrats push the further divide of rural and urban they will continue to lose elections.

Democrats don’t seem to be learning a single lesson as they continue to lose on education plus Matt Dolan weighs in on his campaign to become Ohio’s republican candidate for Senate.

Manchin puts another dagger in the already dead build back better legislation plus democrats are losing the abortion issue.

Student loan debt forgiveness is a nice campaign slogan for hyper progressives and the millennials with useless college degrees but it won’t turn out well in the end.