Join Cherise and Lathan Watts from Alliance for Defending Freedom as they discuss a huge win in the U.S. Supreme Court last month in the case 303 Creative v. Elenis. Many of you know that June was a big month in the U.S. Supreme Court for higher education and free speech. With Biden’s unconstitutional tactic to buy votes by forgiving student loan debt without the approval of congress, or the Court finally calling out affirmative action practices in the universities for being down-right discriminatory. There was another great win for free speech and a big loss for government compelled speech. Here in America, an individual’s right to free speech is just as protected by the First Amendment as is their right not to espouse ideas or be forced to speak things they do not believe. Cherise and Lathan delve into the bigger questions this case answers and has brought to the forefront of policy discussions regarding protected speech.

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