Inez Stepman of the Independent Women’s Forum and host of the “High Noon” podcast is in for Jim. Today, Inez and Greg discuss discerning voters, a thoroughly dishonest mainstream media, and the Dems getting awfully defensive about Kamala Harris.

First, they welcome a new poll showing 60 percent of likely voters opposing the Biden administration flying hundreds of thousands of migrants into the U.S. who have no legal justification for being here. And 46 percent strongly oppose it. They also take time to slam Senate GOP leadership for being so out of touch with the public and even their own members by thinking the Senate immigration bill would be acceptable to most Republicans.

Next, they dissect the absurdly dishonest media reporting that Donald Trump promised a “bloodbath” for this country if he is not elected in November, when the context of the quote makes it painfully obvious he was saying the auto industry would see a bloodbath if Biden gets four more years. They also discuss how there are a dwindling number of places to find the truth in situations like these.

Finally, they get a kick out of the left excoriating anti-Trump Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker for suggesting Vice President Kamala Harris should step down from the ticket because the VP’s deep unpopularity creates another liability for a president who has quite a few already. The response to Parker’s suggestion consisted of the typical accusations of racism, misogyny, and everything except the actual merits of the argument. Inez explains why she finds it “beautiful” to see the left coming face-to-face with the reality that Harris was hired based on diversity instead of competence and the results are disastrous.

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  1. Chris Bogdan Member
    Chris Bogdan

    Even with the full clip, it’s not clear to me what Trump’s “bloodbath” comment means. I’ll grant that it doesn’t seem to be a  call to violence but what does it mean in terms of the auto industry? If he’s saying that it’s going to be a bloodbath for the American auto industry, then I’ll suggest that there some implications in that assertion that aren’t the sort of thing that MAGA can, or should, be saying out loud, if this has been thought-through (spoiler alert: this has not been thought through). Or is the “bloodbath” about consumers? Who knows?

    It’s bad enough that he chooses to use over-the-top language but it’s worse that said language isn’t even clarifying. 

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  2. Eustace C. Scrubb Member
    Eustace C. Scrubb

    FWIW, I’m not excited about 100% tariffs on auto imports.

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  3. La Tapada Member
    La Tapada

    I understood Trump to mean that the economy will be a bloodbath if he is not elected.

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  4. kedavis Coolidge

    I’m sure Inez Stepman is a great person, very smart etc, but her glass-scratching sibilant voice makes it very difficult for me to listen to her.  Or maybe it’s how she gets mic’d and EQ’d and whatever, but if that’s the case they aren’t doing her any favors.

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