Join Jim and Greg as they digest the scathing House Ethics Committee report concluding that New York Rep. George Santos likely committed multiple federal offenses in allegedly defrauding his own constituents and others for his personal gain. In addition, they’re pleased to hear Santos will not run for re-election, meaning this bizarre episode will be over – at least politically – in just about a year.

They also break down the unrest Wednesday night as pro-Palestinian protesters clashed with police outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington. And Jim wonders where the outrage or even interest in this story is from the mainstream media.

Finally, they unload on the new TikTok trend where young leftists claim they just read Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America” following the 9/11 attacks and disturbingly conclude that the Al Qaeda leader who was responsible for nearly 3,000 deaths that day now seems to make a lot of sense.

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  1. Stephen Richter Member
    Stephen Richter

    On Santos, would be better if the podcast gave some specifics of what the ethics committee said.  One charge I thought was unfair is that he misled republican party officials into thinking he had more support in order to give him campaign money.   First, that is between Santos and the republican party.  Where is the criminal offense?    But second, he won the election. So obviously he had support that both his campaign and the national republican party were able to see. 

    The fact that republican establishment frequently joins in with democrats to flay a controversial republican is very disappointing.

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  2. Stephen Richter Member
    Stephen Richter

    What the podcast said about the horror of the protesters getting unruly and saying bad things is ridiculous.  People in Gaza are being killed daily. An unruly protest is kind of understandable.  Just as the Jan 6 protesters, acting out for a few hours over their grievance of a stolen election, was understandable and 1st amendment protected activity.    The establishment, will they ever understand the people??

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  3. WilliamWarford Coolidge

    Jim is correct that twentysomethings know nothing about 9/11 because they are not old enough to remember it. But we should be aware of things beyond the span of our own lifetimes.  I was born in 1957, and long before my twenties I understood the issues surrounding WWI, WWII, Korea, Hiroshima, the Holocaust, etc. Did I understand them viscerally? No, but I knew enough to discuss them because I was fortunate enough to go to school when schools still educated young people and fortunate enough to have parents who read and encouraged me to read. 

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  4. Stephen Richter Member
    Stephen Richter

    The TicToc bin laden videos has gotten traction because Osama said the Jews control the US media and politics.  What normal person disputes this? Obviously not total control. But they sure have intimidated a wide swath of politicians and the public into silence regarding the discussion of the topic.


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