Welcome to The Weekly Sceptic, episode 67, the second ever Weekly Sceptic Live! We had an amazing sold out show at Lola’s, at the Hippodrome in Leicester Square (the audio doesn’t capture the largeness of the crowd, but trust us, they were there, and they loved it). This week: -Nigel Farage leaves the jungle as a conquering hero, despite only making it to 3rd place -Following Robert Jenrick’s resignation, we discuss Rishi Sunak’s future  -A BBC presenter gives us all the finger (this time literally) -Boris Johnson faces the kangaroo court of the Covid Inquiry  -Joey Barton has some strong opinions about female commentators, and Japanese business strategies -We discuss the viral ‘DINKs’ phenomenon  -Alex Jones is reinstated on X, and immediately does a ‘space’ with Elon Musk, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Andrew Tate(!) -America’s elite universities show themselves up as woke cesspools by failing to condemn extreme antisemitism Plus Peak Woke, an audience Q & A, and loads more, in what was a hilarious and very special live show!

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