Welcome to The Weekly Sceptic, episode 82! This week: -JK Rowling dares Humza Yousaf and his goons in Police Scotland to arrest her for the crime of ‘misgendering’. -A devastating new poll has the Conservatives winning just 98 seats — and Rishi’s might not be one of them! -Team GB says to the Football Association: “You think you’ve desecrated a British flag? Hold my beer.”  -Plus everyone’s favourite section, Peak Woke, and premium content on www.basedmedia.org, which this week includes: -Just 38% of American voters think Biden will remain alive long enough to see out a second term. -Matthew Parris says the quiet part about euthanasia out loud. -And in the Based Department, Nick and Toby praise the President of Guyana for putting a sanctimonious BBC interviewer in his place on the subject of Net Zero.

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