Can a white man tell Harriet Tubman’s story? … What the fall semester has in store for Glenn and John … How John makes the sausage at the New York Times … John: We now memorize rap lyrics instead of poetry … Is wokeness on the wane? … What John just doesn’t get about Carol Swain … A Democrat by any other name … John makes a wild prediction about Trump …

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  1. WilliamWarford Coolidge

    Terrific episode! Thank you. I’ll be 66 this month, so missed the rap sensation, but there are so many songs — rock, Motown, folk, classic country — whose lyrics I can recite, just the way Glenn was doing. But, as John says, we don’t have poetry. I tried and tried to memorize poems or speeches to recite for my classes (I taught 11th grade English for nine years), but it never worked. I can’t do it. Maybe it’s the music or maybe it’s the repetition of so many hearings that make the difference.

    Column writing: I was a columnist at a suburban newspaper in SoCal for 30 years, writing as many as five per week. Obviously, you need always to be on the lookout for columns. After a while you just get in a mindset, and you see the column potential in things you would never have seen before. And, yes, some of those ideas came through about three hours before deadline. But again, I agree with John — best job I ever had. 


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