The States Take On Social Media

This week Beth and Andrew speak with Maragret Busse, Executive Director of Utah’s Department of Commerce.

Busse talks about Utah’s lawsuits against Tik Tok and Meta for the harms social media platforms are causing children. We discuss these harms and the algorithms that social media platforms use to hook children. She shares her views on the possible remedies of these lawsuits, and the state’s new proposed rules for social media including age verification and parental consent. We also talk about the role of parents in limiting social media use for their own kids.

Margaret Woolley Busse was appointed the Executive Director of Utah’s Department of Commerce in January 2021 by Governor Spencer Cox. Under her leadership, the Department published proposed rules for age verification and parental consent in order to operationalize Utah’s groundbreaking new social media law, which the department is charged with enforcing beginning March 2023.

Busse holds an MBA from Harvard University, a master’s degree in Public Policy from Brigham Young University and a bachelor’s degree in both Public Policy and Economics from Brigham Young University, where she graduated cum laude and with university honors. She is a Utah native and has five children, ages 10 to 20.

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